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Text Analysis Tools (Analyzing & Writing tools)

As a website owner, it is essential to keep analyzing your site to check how well it is equipped for success. SEO is the key to your success, and the free tools listed below will show you where your website lies in the mesh of all the different algorithms out there.

All these different tools were developed for one purpose only, to help SEO developers on their mission for higher ranking. From checking the status of your server to your Alexa ranking, we have got it all. You don't need to be a professional developer to use them because all of them are extremely easy to use. Also, they're all free!

Check Server Status

DupliCheckers Server Status is a tool that allows its users to check if the website is online or offline. Compared to other similar tools out there, it is easy to use, because all you have to do is enter the domain name or sub-domain, to check its status. Another reason why this tool is used is to check the status of other websites whose links are used in your site, keeping an eye on those websites is essential because if the site is brought down or doesn't exist there is a slight chance of de-ranking.

And that brings us to an important point: why search online for an image you already have in your computer or mobile device?

The convenience of the tool doesn't only end with it being free; you can enter up to hundred URLs at a time, all in segregated lines.

Code to Text Ratio

Who likes a page that takes ages to load? No one! Your visitors will close the window and look for a similar website that doesn't take as long to load. One of the ways you can avoid this is by avoiding excessive HTLM codes. Code to Text Ratio is what shows the percentage of the exact text of a web page. The web crawlers look for unique content, and if your site doesn't have distinctive content, then you should change the way you write. The more the quality content, the better the chance of a website to show up in SERP because more content means more relevancy to the search made by the user.

If you're someone who is unsure about your code to text ratio, then you're in luck, because this tool will do all the hard work for you.

Alexa Rank Comparison

Nowadays online businesses can generate traffic from numerous sources, not just Google. A lot of popular websites have risen to the top because they had a good ranking in the Alexa ranking system. This is a system conceived by, a subsidiary of Amazon, and it focuses on commercial web traffic data. Our tool gives you the option to run a comparison of the Alexa rank of up to five websites at a time.

A websites progress takes time, not every website begins to generate traffic right after it is hosted on a server so learning about your site weekly or monthly is a better option instead of checking every day. So, make sure to get more views in 3 months because the website with the highest visitor numbers in the past three months is ranked number one in Alexa Rank.

Web-page Comparison Tool

This tool is excellent for those who have been scratching their head and wondering what their competitor's magic ingredient is. Webpage Comparison Tool allows you to analyze other websites and see what the driving force behind all the traffic they're receiving is. Webpage Comparison is a tool that basically gives your competitors a secret sauce to you. The knowledge you gain from this tool can help you make your website better especially if you just got your site developed; this tool will let you know what you need to work on the most and find out if your competitor has more knowledge than you about the same subject.

Benefits of using text comparison searching tools

Comparison Search

Do you have a feeling that your content might be copied by someone else? Comparison Search tool makes it possible for you to compare two sites by putting them side by side. This tool is convenient if you want to check two similar word documents or content from two web pages because it'll highlight all the plagiarized bits side by side. You can either take action or make changes to your work by upgrading your whole content. This typically happens when you ask cheap writers to take care of the job for you, and if you are a beginner, then you should go for paraphrasing tools available on DupliChecker.

Benefits of using text comparison searching tools

MozRank Checker

MozRank Checker does a phenomenal job of evaluating and scoring the authentic links of a website. Google gives a lot of importance to web links. Websites which have linked to other credible sites will have a higher Google ranking. The search engine also considers the traffic going to and fro from |Weblinks as well. Every link of your website or shall I say every page has its own rank based on the amount of traffic it is receiving and when a page with already a good rank, adds a link to a better-ranked site will help either in maintaining its rank or in getting a higher position in the SERP.

So, if you want to check the value of your links, then you know which tool to rely on.

Page Authority Checker

Checking the authority of a website is crucial when it comes to site ranking, especially rating aspects that are calculated for only a single page or specifically just for a unique website URL. Our free tool allows you to assess your domains authority so that you can improve its Google ranking.

Every single page if interlinked can get a better page authority, for example, a small amount of description on some page which has a link to a detailed one, both of these pages get a chance of better page authority. How much has your website progressed since it got up and running? Is the question in almost everyone's mind, well the answer lies in this Checker tool?

Google Index Checker

Worried about the indexation of your website? What another good way can you find other than this tool? All the pages of your site can be allowed to be indexed with the help of the robot.txt file. These files contain information about your website it is an instruction for web crawlers on how to index your site, which pages to index and which not to.

Our Google Index Checker allows you to check the index status of a domain. Enter the URL, and the tool will present both the status and index in the following manner;

URL: The name of the website.

Index URL: The index value of the pasted URL.

Alexa Rank Checker

If you have ever wanted to check your websites rank on Alexa, then this tool is practically perfect in every way. Enter the URL, and you'll be presented with the results. Our Alexa Rank Checker is a reality check for all SEO developers because of it you'll be able to compare where your website sits in the ranking.

Alexa ratings are based on the traffic your website received from the last three months. If your site progressed in receiving traffic, then there will be a noticeable change in your Alexa rank. So, keep an eye on the SEO team working on your website.

Redirect Checker

Paste a URL redirect link and keep track of the path of where a redirected URL drives. Redirect Checker allows you to check 301 redirect structure of your old URL's.

Spider Simulator

Dupli-Checkers sophisticated Spider Simulator shows you exactly what Googles spider can see while it crawls through your pages. This tool is great to check how well your links are working.

Link Cloaking Checker

We encourage users to check if their site has any link cloaking potential so you can avoid being penalized by Google.

Google Malware Checker

If you're unsure that a website is free from malware, you can verify its status by entering the address in the given field.

Google Cache Checker

Are you an SEO developer who wants to check if one of your pages is serving cached web pages? Our tool will let you collect data in real time, provide the date of every cache that can support you and instantly recognize any problems or issues.

Whois Checker

Whois Checker delivers complete data of a website like its Domain ID, Website's updated date and creation, Registrar WHOIS Server, Registrant city and number. If that's not enough, it'll also provide details on the admin's name, contact details, and country.

Get Your Facebook ID

This is the simplest approach to searching for the ID of any profile on Facebook. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL, and the tool will display the ID to you.

GZip File Tester

Our tester allows you to check if your web server is broadcasting GZIP compressed headers to visitors. Through utilizing our tool, you can save up to 50% bandwidth consumption.

Pokemon Go Server Status

We've all experienced Pokemon Go's servers crashing multiple times. The server outages are due to the game being a viral success and millions of people playing in real time. This handy tool lets you check if the server is working efficiently in your area before you head out.

Blog Search

To generate traffic to your blog, you need to find other similar blogs to post comments on. Our blog Search tool gives you the opportunity to search for blogs that are similar to yours, so you can follow and link your website on its page.