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Every webmaster and SEO expert needs to know how a search engine like Google ranks websites. Our highly sophisticated MozRank Checker does a fantastic job of assessing the authentic links of a site as well as scoring it. Google provides a lot of significance to web links. The more and valuable links a website has to credible and genuine sites, the higher Google will rank it. Google also takes into consideration the traffic to a site and traffic coming from web links.

Now Google ranks and analyzes a particular website based upon over 200 metrics and not only a trickle. The webpage ranking criteria fixed by Google is a thoroughly guarded secret, and we at Dupli Checker try to make educated presumptions on how does it work. MozRank is basically Moz version of page rank algorithm.

Moz uses a little different algorithm in comparison with Google to do web ranking. You can go to Dupli Checker and from free tools section, choose MozRank Checker tool. After it runs test, it will return your site's score.

Moz will notify you the authority and importance of your website. It checks the applicability of links to the website. The more genuine links to a site the better are one part of the score. Webpage hits to the site are also counted in the score. Traffic produced by the links to your site is another. All these scores are afterward rated and combined as your MozRank.

The number of quality link traffic towards your website is the principal aspect in your MozRank score. It ranks between 10 & 1. The higher the MozRank score, the better is your web ranking. It is easier to develop your website ranking from 2 to 3 afterward from 8 to 9.

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There are a number of things that you can do to increase your score. As Moz examines your links and features them in ranking, there are authorized ways to improve your MozRank.

First of all, consider about joining a link exchange scheme - not illicit link farms. Illegal link farms may look appealing but must be avoided. Look for a program comprise of similar interests as yours and exchange web links with them.

Secondly, look for some blog websites that allow for external comments. Make certain that the blog website shares same interests as yours. Start publishing comments on these blogs from your website. Keep in mind to enter your site URL while you post a comment.

If possible do a blog post for a related and popular blogger website. You can publish blogs when you have the time.

By taking these small initiatives, you can rerun our MozRank checker and feel the difference. Your website ranking must start climbing. To answer a question what a good MozRank is? A regular website with moderate links and traffic should rank three in MozRank.

Moz page rank authority is a score that foresees how well a webpage ranks in search engine result pages (SERP). The score typically ranges from 1 to 100. Moz collects data from its sources like MozRank, MozScape web index, MozTrust and numerous other factors. It runs an algorithm particularly based on these aspects to compile page authority.

You can improve your MozRank score quite rapidly via using popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can make accounts on both these social media sites based on your domain name. Make certain that you link your web URL in your social media accounts. Generate posts for both based upon your business effort.

You can call your friends and family members to read posts on your Facebook and like it. Yes, these do get the count up in ranking your website's authority. If your family members and friends read your posts and visit your website through links, your traffic boosts.

Make your posts conversational, engaging and chatty so that viewers read them with a greater level of interest. They like your posts and start suggesting them to their family members and friends. That is how your traffic boosts. It is your target to increase traffic to your site and what better approach than connecting with masses.

Once you have your website live, you should display patience. It takes sufficient amount of time for even the most recent and sorts after sites to gain traffic and recognition. Keep on updating your site and creating new web links to it. After your website has been running for some weeks and you are getting regular traffic, you can run MozRank checker provided by Dupli Checker. The report will show website URL, Domain Authority, and MozRank.

Don’t be anxious if your website does not have a MozRank. Remember it takes sufficient amount of time for your website to generate traffic. You are in a global market on the internet and not in a native market. Thus expect the competition to be stiff. You will need lots of effort and patience to start getting Moz ranking and domain authority. For example, if you are selling leather jackets in Arizona, you are competing against all the leather jackets producers around the world.

Try to better your Moz rank and keep testing if the modifications you are making are having an effect on it? If you notice a change and your ranking moves in an upward direction, it means you are on the exact track. If over a period, you don’t notice any change, you should rethink your strategy.

Improving and gaining higher ranking in Search Engines like Google and Moz is not so simple. If your links and traffic boost, so will your popularity. You only have to indulge in this if you are competing on an international level. If your site is based upon a specific topic which is not very common and widespread, don’t anticipate excessive traffic or a higher ranking.