Similar Page Checker

Healthy for SEO?

Similar Page Checker is an excellent tool by Dupli Checker which checks your web page against another web page you specify for duplicate content.

The most SEOs recognize that Search Engines commonly penalizes sites that comprise of too much of duplicate content. Thus, it is significant for webmasters to compose unique content instead of copying from other sites.

Our highly sophisticated tool will help you to check the fraction of similarity between two web pages. The fraction of duplicate content allowed by a search engine is not recognized as it shows a discrepancy from search engine to search engine, your intention must be to keep your webpage similarity as low as possible.

Google frown on duplicate content. A big chance is that you may look for some similarities between your and another webpage. If you are uncertain that your content is being copied, you must run our similar page checker tool.

Search engines like Google have installed new filters in order to avoid plagiarized content. Duplication of content has been a greater annoyance for content writers as well as website owners. Numerous websites have been wrongly penalized as their content was spammed and duplicated across sites.

Google tries to index and display web pages with unique information. In rare cases in which Search Engines perceives that duplicate content may be displayed with the aim of manipulating our rankings and mislead our users, we’ll also make proper adjustments in the ranking and indexing of the websites involved. Consequently, the ranking of a website may suffer, or the website might be eradicated from Google index, in such a case it will no longer show in search engine results."

It is another kind of scam that owners of original content should face. Scrappers take the original content and repackage it in order to make it appear different. Indeed, it is not it’s the similar content with a new look. A number of nefarious developers also introduced packages that would take content and spit out 5 to 6 versions of it.

All website owners should stop posting similar or duplicate content on their sites. No one tells exactly after what proportion of duplication Google penalizes a website. But there should be a number of rules which only the 2000 PhDs engaged by Google should know. But then again only a minor percentage of them should be handing this particular metric in search engine's ranking algorithm.

With lots of content being written and published across several websites, it is not impossible to avoid duplication. Numerous free and paid websites check duplication like If you are a website content writer, you should make use of a plagiarism checker tool prior you post content on the website. If you are a webmaster and are receiving content by a third person; you should make sure that content is unique by conducting a plagiarism test.

With thousands of websites existing there are possibilities that plagiarism will occur and webpages will seem similar. Page similarity can occur across numerous websites or on your website. If your site is concentrated on a sole subject, the likelihoods of similarity occurring are greater. You can check every single page for plagiarism and afterward upload. Then check for next one. If there is any plagiarism with the first one, it will be confined and displayed. Or you can check many pages utilizing Dupli Checker’s similar page checker tool.

You enter your website URL with a specific page address and in the second field again enter your URL with the secondary page address. By doing this two pages on your site will be likened.

Numerous free online SEO tools websites provide similar page checker tool. Though, Dupli Checker has an exceptional page checker tool. All you have to do is open the website in your web browser and scroll down tools until or unless you spot this tool. Click it and enter both URLs. It will work and display results.

From results, you can get if there are any similarities. Get in touch with the webmaster of the other website and asking them to modify their content will be almost impossible and only a wastage of time. Thus, change the content on your site. Rerun the tool and make sure that similarities for webpages exist no longer.

There are a number of free online checkers to check page authority along with domain authority. Moz has introduced domain and page authority scoring system. This notifies you on a 1-100 scale how well your webpage or domain score will rank in Search Engine results.

Numerous search engines specifically Google provides a higher ranking to webpages that are genuine, pertinent with the command authority and topic. It is similar as would you read books that involve similar content. Obviously not you would see which one has got the finest publications and reviews read and sold that.

This is what exactly search engine will do while checking for page authority. It will check which one has excellent content and has the maximum links and traffic to it. It will rank this page higher than others.

You want to publish content across the internet on your site. Read the content on other websites with similar interests. If you don't do this, the risks of your website having duplicate content enhance. Research your particular topic well and afterward write content for it. Being a student, then you should make certain that your essays, thesis, and other papers are unique. They know search engines can penalize them and fail for copying content.

Google and other search engines follow similar guidelines; thus, make it a habit of publishing original content. You can run a free domain authority checker and website authority check. Running these tests will make sure that you are scoring right and your website is visible to search engines.