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Does your content sound to be written by an AI bot? Get to know the truth and check whether a piece of text is AI-generated with DupliChecker’s online AI Detector for free!

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AI Detector – How to Get Started?

The usage of the AI content detector is quite simple. You can get started on this journey to authenticate the creator of content by following the easy steps shared below.

Direct Access - No Signup

You don’t need to worry about following any convoluted procedures to access this AI detection tool, as you can start using it on the go.

Paste Your Content

Simply paste your content in the given box. The AI checker also allows you to upload content by selecting the file directly from your device. After the text is entered, you just need to click the “Detect AI” button to initiate the process.

View Results

Within no time, the Chat GPT detector will analyze your content and let you know whether it’s written by humans or AI. If some portions of your text reflect AI-written content, it will highlight and let you know about them.

Process of AI Content Detection

AI content detection is based on an advanced mechanism that possesses the capability to differentiate between text generated through automated techniques and words written by humans. Here is the process followed by DupliChecker’s AI detector.

Data Analysis

The AI detection process starts when you submit your text in the given box. As your text gets here, the process begins with analyzing the data contained in it. This tool uses NLP to analyze data that further assist in the detection of AI-written text.

Comparing Languages

After that, the AI checker utilizes machine learning techniques to make a detailed comparison of your entered text. This part of the process allows the tool to figure out any suspiciousness, like in AI text, existing in your content.

Operating Tests

The next stage in this AI detection process is conducting syntax and semantic analysis. With these series of tests, different features in your text are evaluated, such as sentence structure, layout, vocabulary, etc., to understand whether it’s written by AI.

Generate Results

Lastly, the AI content detector concludes the outcomes of the previous steps by displaying the percentage score of your text that’s either written by a person or an AI-based tool like ChatGPT. It offers ease to the users in scanning results and knowing the truth about the originality of any type of content.

GPT Model Detection
Direct Access
No Signup
Ultimate Users
Academia, Agencies, Content Moderation

DupliChecker AI Detector

DupliChecker’s AI detector is probably the best online tool you can get your hands on for the detection of text generated through AI. We understand that the widespread usage of AI, ever since it arrived, has hurt people working in various domains. Hence, to reclaim integrity and make sure no one makes a fool through AI content, our Chat GPT detector is readily available for your assistance.

Our aim is to promote creative minds and help you catch those who are manipulating work by simply using an AI chatbot. That’s the reason behind offering this AI detector for free. You don’t need to pay charges or purchase any credits to use this free online ChatGPT detector. In addition, you can access it from anywhere through any device due to its super compatibility with all kinds of devices.

AI Writing Detector Use Cases

The usage of an AI checker isn’t limited to a certain group of people, just like the creation of content. No matter whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or teacher, it’s essential for you to know where the content is coming from. The most prominent use cases of this AI writing detector include the following:

GPT Detector for Schools

Teachers have never been worried about the academic integrity of students as they have become since the arrival of ChatGPT and other AI content generators. If you wish to deal with this nuisance, you can choose this GPT detector for schools.This tool makes sure to flag the instances in text that seem to be written through an automated technique. So, whenever your students submit their homework, make sure to check it through this AI detection just like you check for plagiarism.

ChatGPT Detector for Marketing Agencies

Content marketing is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy, which is being applied quite popularly by businesses operating in this online spectrum. Marketing agencies are heavily reliant on freelance writers to produce content, and they cannot afford to deliver AI-generated content to their clients. Therefore, to keep an eye on the work delivered by writers, our ChatGPT detector for marketing agencies can come in as a handy solution. With this tool, marketing agencies can be sure of delivering their clients the best and not losing their trust.

GPT Detector for Content Moderation

Content moderation companies are hired by brands and businesses working online to review and monitor user-generated content. Their job is to save the online reputation of businesses, and AI-generated content can surely put that at stake. Hence, the easy way out for content moderators is to use this GPT detector. It allows them to examine content originality without investing any time or effort.

Asked Questions

Maybe we've already answered your question. Here's our FAQs.
DupliChecker’s AI detector is 100% accurate. This tool is based on advanced algorithms that deeply analyze your entered text and identify whether some automated technology has been used to produce it or is written by a human.
Yes! This online GPT detector can detect the content generated through GPT-4. GPT-4 is the latest AI model, and as new models come up, our tool also gets advanced to help you differentiate between AI and human-written content.
No! You don’t need to buy any credit to use the AI detection tool on DupliChecker. This web-based utility is entirely free of cost; hence, there is no need to worry about making any investment.
As AI-based chatbots are improving rapidly, the developers of our AI detector are also working continuously for the betterment of this online utility. If you have any feedback related to a particular improvement that can be made in our tool, feel free to submit your suggestions using the Contact Us form.
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