A. DupliChecker.com compares your text to billions of web pages on the internet. It runs a check sentence by sentence, ensuring that complete accuracy is met with nothing being overlooked.

The software is free to use, although you need to sign up should you need to use it more than once a day. A registered profile allows you the freedom to use it whenever you want, without ever paying a cent.

DupliChecker.com is designed to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of your computer proficiency. Just copy the text and paste it into the search box, and click search. Remember that you can only scan 1000 words at a time, so be sure to split it up into smaller segments should you have a larger file.

Once your text is in the box, hit search to scan it instantly for plagiarism. Any matches found will display below with the corresponding source and matching the text.

Should there be no results found, you can rest assured that your text is 100% unique and free of any duplicate copy anywhere on the internet.

DupliChecker.com has the functionality for you to upload the document itself to be scanned, as long as it is in txt or docx format. Remember that only 1000 words can be searched per instance, so you may want to split your document into smaller segments for this purpose.

In a case where you need to check an entire website for duplicate content, paste the URL only into the search box. DupliChecker.com can scan the site in this way for any plagiarized copy on the internet. As per normal, the results will display below the search box if there are any matches.

We are bound by law and legislation which prevents us from using your personal information for any other purposes. We also cannot sell your data to third parties. Rest assured that we take your security as the utmost priority, and we will never disclose your data to anyone, under any circumstances.

To use DupliChecker.com, you will need to register. Registered users have full access to the software, whereas guest users can only use it once per day. Either way, there are no fees or charges to use the software – it is free for anyone to use.

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