How does Plagiarism Checker at Duplichecker.com works?

DupliChecker.com compares your text to billions of web pages on the internet. It runs a check sentence by sentence, ensuring that complete accuracy is met with nothing being overlooked.

The software is free to use, although you need to sign up should you need to use it more than once a day. A registered profile allows you the freedom to use it whenever you want, without even paying a cent.

How Do I Use Duplichecker.com?

DupliChecker.com is designed to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of your computer proficiency. The platform is providing multiple tools for users. The tools range from SEO utilities to code authentication, website management, and a lot more.

It is quite easy to use our platform. As you will not require any programming or coding skills, but instead a common netizen can make use of the tools.

My text is too large for me to 'accurately' copy and paste it. What should I do?

DupliChecker.com has the functionality for you to upload the document itself to be scanned, as long as it is in txt or docx format. Remember that only 1000 words can be searched per instance, so you may want to split your document into smaller segments for this purpose. No matter you are using Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, or Article Rewriter.

I've launched a new website, but I suspect that someone else is using my content. How do I check?

In a case where you need to check an entire website for duplicate content, paste the URL only into the search box. DupliChecker.com can scan the site in this way for any plagiarized copy on the internet. As per normal, the results will display below the search box if there are any matches.

I'm worried about giving out my personal information when I register. Do I have to register to use DupliChecker.com?

We are bound by law and legislation, which prevents us from using your personal information for any other purposes. We also cannot sell your data to third parties. Rest assured that we take your security as the utmost priority, and we will never disclose your data to anyone, under any circumstances.

But for the convenience of our users, we do not require them to sign up or register with us. So, you need not think about your personal information, as signup or registration is required.

What are the benefits of DupliChecker for Academia?

There are many benefits for academia, as students can use multiple tools, to cross-check their thesis, assignments, and research papers. They can look for plagiarism by our Plagiarism Checker, and along with that, they can also look for grammatical errors by Grammar Checker to have an impeccable copy. Even they can use our article rewriter to meet their strict deadlines to articulate their work.

Teachers, on the other hand, can also be benefited by our site, as they can look for any plagiarized material in the work of students. As most of the academic institutions do not bear plagiarism, and our tool can provide them a lot of assistance.

Can I eliminate grammatical errors with the online tools?

Yes, you can use our Grammar Checker tool to eradicate all the grammatical errors from your content. It will help you out to have squeaky-clean content. Your content will become impeccable after using our tool. Even there will be no room left for manual proofreading. By using the tool, your content will stand out in the market because it is essential from the SEO perspective to have quality content on the website.

Can I create quality backlinks with the Backlink Maker?

Of course, we are providing the opportunity to create quality free backlinks. We ensure that your backlinks will be created on well-reputed and with good domain authority sites. We do not build backlinks on spam or malware sites, which can harm the reputation of the website. The inbound links that are created with our free tool will enhance your domain authority and search engine visibility as well. You will be able to rank your site in the search engine result page easily without indulging into a complicated process.

Can I convert PDF format?

Yes, you can convert different formats like PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, and vice versa. Even you can split, compress and rotate the PDF files. Below are some of the PDF conversions that can take place on Duplichecker.

The tools will help you out in streamlining your work, and you will also be able to manage your PDF files. The tools can be used in offices, universities, colleges, and schools.

Are my images secure with Reverse Image Search?

We do not save any data submitted by our users. Whether its images or any other form of content, our tools are developed in a way that that algorithm does not allow to save any data in the database. So, you don't need to worry, and you can use our reverse image tool without any hesitation.

What are the benefits of Image Tools for my website?

You can resize your image to publish on your website. The tool will compress the size of your image, which will increase your site loading speed. And all the search engines prefer to rank the sites with high-loading speed as the users don't have time to wait just for loading of a single image. You can also convert image formats and can also crop the images.

How your SEO Tools can benefit my website?

By using our SEO tools, you will be able to manage your website, and along with that, you will also enhance your search engine visibility as we have crafted some of the best tools in the market. Your site optimization will be improved. Many tools can assist you like Keyword Rank Checker. Even you can conduct keyword research with our free tools. The SEO tools provided by DupliChecker are efficient enough to provide you with accurate results that can help you out in articulating your search engine optimization strategy.

Are Unit Conversion results accurate?

Yes, our tools to convert units are designed according to the International Standards of Units. The tools are processing accurate results because we have developed them by bearing in mind all the current technological standards. All you need is to have a good internet connection and an efficient browser to process the conversion.

What is your result processing speed?

Our tools will fetch the results for you instantly, within seconds as it will let you have the desired results swiftly. You will not have to wait for the processing of results. Our advanced algorithm that has been designed by skilled programmers has made it possible to get the results without any delay. However, some of the tools depending on their functionality may take some time to process the results, like Keyword Research Tools.

Are programming skills necessary to use the tools? 

No, you don't need to have any programming skills, as we have developed our tools with an advanced algorithm that has a user-friendly and interactive interface. All you will need is your content and paste or enter into the given fields and press the button. Isn't is easy? So you will need not to have any coding or programming skills as the tools are easy to use.

Can I validate my programming Code?

Yes, we are offering some of the best tools to validate your programming code. All you need is to come up with your code and enter into the field. The utility will process and will eradicate all the errors that might become a bug. Along with that, you will also enhance the quality and appearance of code by using the rest of the tools.

What about the privacy of my submitted content?

We are careful about the user data and assure you that your content, whether textual, graphic or programming code, will not be saved in our database. DupliChecker respects the privacy of its user. So, you don't have to worry about the security of your content, as we are here to protect your data from any misuse.

We neither save nor share any content of our user with any other database. Our algorithm is designed in a way that it does not process to save the user data. We do not sell your data to any other third party. We know about the value of your originally produced content.

Do I need to register or sign up with?

No, you don't need to register or sign up to use the tools as we aim to provide more expeditious and swift experience to our users. Without any registration, you will be able to enjoy all the perks and privileges.

Do I need to pay for using the tools?

No, you don't need to pay a single penny for using the tools provided. As we're offering all the features free of cost, no strings are attached for using the utilities. Unlike other online tools that ask for money to get full access to the features of tools, we are offering all the premium features without any charges.

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