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Compress PDF helps you to reduce file size without disturbing its original quality. You can shrink PDF file size below 100 kb quickly and safely.

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How to compress a PDF without losing quality?

The simple to execute instructions shared below will help you compress PDF with our advanced online PDF compressor.

Step 1: Upload the PDF file you desire to compress. (You can add PDF Url or directly upload your PDFs from your device/cloud storage).

Step 2: Press the compress PDF button to initiate the compression process.

Step 3: Finally a “Download” button will appear on your screen.

Click on the button to save the compressed PDF on your device or you can save it on your dorpbox directly.

You can also use other Relevant tools to perform different file operations.

Compress PDF to 50kb

Need to share a PDF below 50 KB for online submission? Upload it on our PDF compressor and reduce its size as per your need within a few seconds. The advanced PDF tool scans your uploaded file, compress PDF to 50KB, and instantly provides you with a high-quality, reduced-size file. Moreover, the alignment of the content in PDF will remain intact after the conversion.

The small size file you get from this facility can be shared or uploaded online without observing any limitations. Quality preservation is a guarantee even after getting your PDF files compressed to a relatively small size with our free online facility.

Compress PDF to 100kb

Facing problems while uploading large-sized PDF files? Try this online facility and compress PDF to 100KB. No matter how massive your PDF size is, By using our tool you can easily compress pdf online to 100kb. The best part is that you will get the same quality of content after compressing the files. The algorithm working at the backend of this PDF compressor is highly advanced that processes your uploaded file and compress pdf 100 kb without affecting its formatting. You can share reduced-size PDFs through any online medium without compromising their quality.

Compress PDF to 200kb

There is no need to install massive size software on your device for reducing the size of PDFs. The online PDF tool enables you to compress pdf 200kb without following any intricate procedure. Also, you no longer need to download any application to compress pdf online to 200 kb. Just upload your files to our fast and reliable PDF tool. It will compress PDF to 200KB and provide you with a downloadable file in a matter of seconds.

Compress PDF to 300kb

Reducing the size of PDFs has become an easy task with our tool. The efficient PDF compressor allows you to compress PDF to 300KB without disturbing the quality and formatting of the text. Our tool is quite handy for students, teachers, and individuals from the corporate sector as they can easily compress PDF to 300KB and share it with their mates or supervisors straightaway. The compression of PDF will enable them to transmit information without facing any restrictions. With this PDF tool, you can easily compress PDF to 300kb online free while maintaining its quality and formatting.

Compress PDF 500kb

Get rid of all conventional methods of the shrinking size of PDF files and get the job done with a few taps on your device. Our web-based facility is highly in-demand as it provides you with an easy way to compress PDF 500KB. The user-friendly interface of this tool offers assistance to newbies to compress PDF to 500KB online without stepping into any convolutions. A secure connection to the internet is all you need to compress PDF to 500 KB online with this web-based facility.

Reduce PDF size using PDF reducer:

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic format of displaying a document independent of any specific platform, device, or operating system. By using this format, you can display the same style, size, and formatting of the content on all devices such as android, IOS, or windows. Moreover, you can secure your confidential text by applying a password to your PDF. The only problem with the PDF is its size. The massive size of PDF files makes it difficult to transfer this format to other devices.

Moreover, it takes a lot of time while transmit a PDF document from one device to another. Therefore, you may need a tool that can help in compressing the size of a PDF file. Luckily, we have an online free PDF compressor that can reduce the size of a file without disturbing the formatting or quality of your document.

Key Benefits of Our PDF Compressor

The PDF reducer offered on provides great assistance to all its users. The advanced features of this online utility will help individuals compress PDF files without facing any ambiguity. A few major advantages of using our PDF reducer are shared below.

100% Free

You don’t need to pay anything for using our compress PDF Online facility. The utility available on allows its valued users to reduce PDF size without making any purchase. You can get assistance from this Compress PDF tool to resize as many PDFs as you desire without any limit.

Compress PDF in kilobytes (kb)

This PDF compressor tool shrinks your large size PDF document and reduces PDF size up to 100 kb while maintaining the quality of the data in your PDF. The sharing of PDF files become much easier after using our free tool. This tool can reduce pdf size below 100 kb that makes it very easy to share the PDF via email or uploading it to some web cloud system.

Secure PDF reducer

There is no need to get nervous or worry about the secrecy of your confidential information while using our PDF compress online tool. The PDF files you upload on this facility for compression will never be shared with any third party in any case. The secure algorithms working at the backend of this PDF compression tool ensure that no one can get access to your PDF file. The PDFs you upload to this facility will be erased from our servers as soon as the process is finished.

Compress PDF in Different Quality

Our PDF reducer offers you the option to select the desired quality of your compressed PDF file. Once you upload PDFs to this facility, you will be given various quality options, and you can pick any one of them as per your preference. However, there will be no compromise on the formatting of the PDF, and you will get a completely intact compressed PDF file with this free PDF reducer.

No information loss

The compress PDF utility we are offering gives you error-free compression of your PDF files. There will be no missing parts or information loss in the reduced-size PDF file with this free PDF compressor tool. Moreover, the results you get with our PDF size reducer online won’t contain any blur images.

Do you need to compress your images ?

Pro Tip : Try our Free image compressor to reduce the size of your images without distrubing the quality.

Our free tool does the rest on your behalf and gives you a compressed PDF document in no time.

All Platforms Supported

Whether you are a Mac user or have an Android device, this PDF reducer will be easily accessible to you. It doesn’t impose any restriction on getting a specific device or platform to use this PDF compressor. Only a stable internet connection is required for using our online PDF file size reducer.

Our Motive:

The primary motive of our tool is to save your space, and the compression is wholly lossless which means your document will not lose its quality and will remain the same upon decompression. This technique is primarily a class of compression algorithms, and our tools utilize it for shrinking the size of your PDF, and it can be applied to every PDF document. We don’t compromise the critical data contained in the file, also the record is erased from the servers once you have optimized and downloaded it. Duplichecker also provides PDF to word tool that helps you to convert your PDF file into Word, and Word to PDF tool that helps you to convert your Word file into PDF in just 30 seconds.


How to Compress a PDF on Mac?

You can easily compress a PDF on Mac by accessing this PDF size reducer tool through the browser of your Mac device. Once you have accessed the tool, you can upload the desired PDF file and click the given button to reduce PDF size without losing quality.

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mobile?

The PDF file size reducer can be accessed on your smartphone without any hassle. You don’t need to install any application on your mobile for using this web-based tool. This online utility allows the users to shrink their PDFs by simply navigating and uploading the required file from their mobile’s storage.

Can I Compress PDF Offline?

No! The PDF compressor online utility offered on DupliChecker doesn’t allow the users to execute this process offline. The only requirement for using this tool is to have a stable internet connection. After that, you can use any browser or device to access and use this PDF size reducer facility.

How to Compress PDF without Losing Quality?

You can reduce your PDF file size on our PDF compressor without losing quality in a matter of seconds. The advanced algorithms of our online tool make sure not to compromise the quality of your uploaded PDF. Whether your file is fully formatted with fonts and bullets or contains images, the quality will remain intact when it’s compressed with our PDF compressor.