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PDF optimization becomes necessary when you are dealing with a large number of files and don’t have enough storage space for all of them.

Also, to make it compatible with requirements for uploading on websites. There are times when you add too much in a file that it becomes quite bulky; this is when it becomes necessary to reduce PDF size. Sometimes people remove the original file after compressing PDF, it is essential to focus on the consequences because sometimes the compression software you are using on your computer might ruin your data in the process. The reason is, the software on computers requires experience and basic knowledge of how to use it.

You can shrink PDF size by almost fifteen percent if you are using a compression software for creating a zip file. Offline programs have various options to choose from, and people who are amateurs don’t really know what to do at these steps. This PDF file reducer online is already packed up with required settings, so you don’t have to go through all of the hassles. All the offline tools you use are not free, and the free versions don’t offer such type of deep compression. Sometimes instead of decreasing the file, these offline tools increase it, basically, in the compression process, you are maximizing the data while shrinking the document up to ninety percent.

This free PDF Reducer is developed for everyone, so it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are located. All you need to do is go DupliChecker’s website free PDF Tools. It becomes essential when you want to transfer documents online, but the server doesn’t let you because the file size is too large. When you are done with PDF size reducer, you can attach the files to e-mail, send for printing purposes, and post it on your website.

Loss of data is not an option; there is no way that you will lose even a single character from the file. The compression is entirely secure and is processed through an encrypted connection. As PDF files have become a part of every operating system today, you no longer require additional software to view the contents of the document. Although, you cannot get past the restrictions if someone has enabled permissions.

These permissions are a different type of security with a lot of options; these settings include locking/protecting a file with a passcode, allowing or disallowing printing of the data, location access and much more. People have switched to this portable document format for many reasons, and the major one is the safety of their information contained in it.

If you are adding media that involves audio, music, and videos then without a doubt the size of the file will increase, but it can be reduced a little bit not much. Embedding such media in the documents not only makes it heavy but also it takes a lot of time to load for some old devices, and if you are using these types of documents for presentation motives then it is the right thing to do.

Before compression, this is the part you need to take on a serious note mainly if your documents involve information that you don’t want to share with others. When a PDF is locked sometimes, it is not safe, but a few things like scanning, the publication of the document and modification can be restricted. The encryption is the part where no one can access your data without the correct password no matter how many combinations one tries or attempt to crack the password. Encryption like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) doesn’t allow anyone to pass through the passcodes no matter how much they endeavor.

  • Lossless

    The primary motive of our tool is to save your space, and the compression is wholly lossless which means your document will not lose its quality and will remain the same upon decompression. This technique is primarily a class of compression algorithms, and our tools utilize it for shrinking the size of your PDF, and it can be applied on every document except for some image formats like JPG and GIF which lose a bit of quality upon compression. Whereas PNG, BMP is the most used lossless formats for images.

  • Lossy

    Sometimes people prefer lossy compress pdf online techniques for PDF, and the reason is they want to reduce the file sizes contained in the document as well. Files that consist of audio, video or images turn them into large documents and to reduce their size. It is vital that you take action on the data before adding them to a portable document format. These files upon using shrink pdf lose a bit of quality, but sometimes the difference is merely visible.

Our PDF reducer to compress pdf online the documents and doesn’t compromise the critical data contained in the file, also the record is erased from the servers once you have optimized and downloaded it. People mostly compress PDF documents for posting on websites to prevent others from downloading and altering them. In this manner, your written work remains safe, unless someone chooses to write the whole novel or material again. Most of the files on your devices aren’t safe especially if it is accessible by others, and your images can be stored in a safer environment along with other data in one document.

Reduce pdf size with our online program instead of meddling with offline tools because it is totally free and easy to use. You can lessen or how to compress a PDF size of your document by following the method given below and use it however you want.

How to Reduce PDF file size

  • After you have opened the main page of Compress PDF, you will find the option “Upload” in a rectangular window. Upon clicking, you can navigate and select the file you desire to compress and hit open.
  • After you have uploaded the file just hit the button that says “Compress PDF” located below the tool as shown in the image.