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This “Compress PDF” tool helps you to reduce file size without disturbing its original quality. You can shrink PDF file size below 100 kb quickly and safely.

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Compress Your PDF File Freely by using Compress PDF Tool.

How to reduce PDF file size?

Step 1: Simply upload your PDF file that you want to resize in the compress PDF tool, by clicking the “Upload file” button.You can Delete the uploaded file also.

Step 2: Now click on the “convert file” button.

Step 3: Your compressed PDF file is ready to download.

Reduce PDF size using PDF reducer:

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic format of displaying a document independent of any specific platform, device, or operating system. By using this format, you can display the same style, size, and formatting of the content on all devices such as android, IOS, or windows. Moreover, you can secure your confidential text by applying a password to your PDF. The only problem with the PDF is its size. The massive size of PDF files makes it difficult to transfer this format to other devices.

Moreover, it takes a lot of time while transmitting a PDF document from one device to another. Therefore, you may need a tool that can help in compressing the size of a PDF file. Luckily, we have an online free PDF compressor that can reduce the size of a file without disturbing the formatting or quality of your document.

Where this free compress PDF tool helps you.

Make PDF smaller with our online program instead of meddling with offline tools because it is totally free and easy to use.

Free Shrink PDF

Compress your documents with our free online PDF Compressor tool. Our free online tool shrinks your PDF without affecting the quality of the text or images. Moreover, our tool shrinks PDF document having images, text, and diagrams without disturbing the alignment of the pictures and text. You can shrink the size of your PDF document by dropping it into our PDF file reducer tool in no time.

Compress PDF in kilobytes (kb)

This PDF compressor tool shrinks your large size PDF document and reduces PDF size up to 100 kb while maintaining the quality of the data in your PDF. The sharing of PDF files becomes much easier after using our free tool as one of the biggest problems, which usually comes up while sharing a PDF file, is its “size.” But, our free tool can reduce pdf size below 100 kb that makes it very easy to share the PDF via email or uploading it to some web cloud system.

Secure PDF reducer

This free tool offers your complete security and protection of the PDF files you upload on it. We do not share or view the documents you upload on our free tool. Moreover, the PDF file you upload to our free PDF reducer tool will be deleted automatically from our server after a specific time. So, you don’t need to get worried about the privacy and safety of your PDF file while using our free PDF Compress tool.

Reduce PDF size on any device

Our free tool is equally efficient on all the platforms. You can reduce the size of your PDF file with our free tool on any device, either you are using Windows, Android, or IOS. Our online PDF compressor supports all of them. Furthermore, you can use our free tool on internet explorer, Firefox, or Chrome; our tool works amazingly on all the platforms. You also don’t need to download any software or application to your device for using our free PDF optimizer. You can use our online tool anytime, anywhere.

Compress PDF in different quality

This free PDF Compress tool allows you to shrink your PDF file in your own desired quality. You can compress your PDF document into different sizes and qualities according to your requirements by using our free tool. Moreover, our efficient tool provides you secure and virus-free compression of your PDF files in a blink of an eye. Only you need to upload your PDF file to our Compress PDF online tool, and that’s all.

Our free tool does the rest on your behalf and gives you a compressed PDF document in no time.

Our Motive:

The primary motive of our tool is to save your space, and the compression is wholly lossless which means your document will not lose its quality and will remain the same upon decompression. This technique is primarily a class of compression algorithms, and our tools utilize it for shrinking the size of your PDF, and it can be applied to every PDF document. We don’t compromise the critical data contained in the file, also the record is erased from the servers once you have optimized and downloaded it. Duplichecker also provides PDF to word tool that helps you to convert your PDF file into Word, and Word to PDF tool that helps you to convert your Word file into PDF in just 30 seconds.


How to Compress a PDF on Mac?

You can easily compress a PDF on Mac by accessing this PDF size reducer tool through the browser of your Mac device. Once you have accessed the tool, you can upload the desired PDF file and click the given button to reduce PDF size without losing quality.

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mobile?

The PDF file size reducer can be accessed on your smartphone without any hassle. You don’t need to install any application on your mobile for using this web-based tool. This online utility allows the users to shrink their PDFs by simply navigating and uploading the required file from their mobile’s storage.

Can I Compress PDF Offline?

No! The PDF compressor online utility offered on DupliChecker doesn’t allow the users to execute this process offline. The only requirement for using this tool is to have a stable internet connection. After that, you can use any browser or device to access and use this PDF size reducer facility.

How to Compress PDF without Losing Quality?

You can reduce your PDF file size on our PDF compressor without losing quality in a matter of seconds. The advanced algorithms of our online tool make sure not to compromise the quality of your uploaded PDF. Whether your file is fully formatted with fonts and bullets or contains images, the quality will remain intact when it’s compressed with our PDF compressor.