Password Manager Tools

Password Manager Tools

Not many people put a lot of emphasis on a powerful password because they are unaware of the dangers. Answer this, have you ever left your house key laying around for strangers? No? Why? You don't want strangers to access your home and other valuables inside it, right? So why give hackers an open window to climb through and access your personal information and data, because this is exactly what a weak password is - an open window.

Over the last few years, the world has witnessed in alarm multiple breaches of data security. Airlines loyalty accounts have been hacked, credit card information has been stolen and so on.

Password protection enables you to guard yourself against unwanted threats to the best of your ability. If you think having a strong password is sufficient, you need to think again.

We give free and easy access to tools that will help you in creating a strong password, checking its vulnerability and encrypting it. What do you think about that? Yes, we know we have taken a load off your back, you can thank us later.

Password Encryption Utility

Password Encryption Utility, sounds fancy right? Well, it is, despite its' fanciness you don't have to pay for it. It is a free tool that can encrypt any password or text safeguarding you against any potential threats. If you want a website that is not vulnerable to outsiders, then you have to do everything in your power to ensure that your user's information is 100% safe and secure.

This password encryption tool online plays a vital role in encrypting your password or string into strongest algorithms for encryption.

There are groups of encryption that you need to be aware of, and those are symmetric key encryption and public key encryption

In public key encryption, the key is available for everyone to encrypt, obviously that is why it is called public. However, the decryption key is only accessible to the uploading party. On the other hand, the decryption and encryption keys are identical in symmetric-key systems.

Having a strong password is never enough. Protect your website and personal accounts by making use of DupliChecker's free Password Encryption tool. Use this in combination with our free Password Strength Checker and when you have decided on a powerful password, encrypt it straight away!

The Password Encryption tool commonly utilizes three techniques, the standard DES, sha1, and MD5. It is state of the art and is always being upgraded and evolving with time.

All you have to do is put your URL in the textbox and then click on the "Submit" button to encrypt your data. After the process of encryption is finished, results are shown in the form of a table.

Password Strength Checker

We're all guilty of owning multiple accounts on the internet, right? There is one for social media accounts, email, and different websites. Social media accounts are the easiest to hack because many users don't put a lot of thought into their passwords.

The passwords usually consist of a parent's name, pet's name, spouse name or hometown. The passwords are not very imaginative and are termed as weak. If a website gives a prompt to include digits, chances are most users will just add 1234 and be done with it. Passwords for such account should not be taken lightly, because they contain your personal information, a lot of the time's credit card information is saved as well on social media accounts as well.

To avoid being hacked or spammed everyone, whether they're a non-professional or professional should check if their passwords are secure or not before finalizing it. It will undoubtedly help you in protecting your account details from individuals who can misuse them for any potential cause.

Think of Password Strength Checker as a knight in shining armor, galloping to your rescue. This tool will ensure that your password is up to the mark and cannot be challenged by outside forces.

To use Password Strength Checker, type a password of any length on the given space and then click "Check" or "Submit" button. The tool will reveal the level of the password's complexity and strength in only a few seconds. And hey, it's all free.

Strong & Random Password Generator

Were you aware that passwords are hacked by both computers (robots) and humans? Sounds daunting, doesn't it? Now you have two evil forces to deal with instead of just one. To make matters dangerous, the probability of a computer hacking your account is even higher. You needn't be alarmed as long as you're equipped with our weapon of choice, this Strong Password Generator. This tool is life-changing for those who want to make a password that is lengthy, complex and hence becomes hard to crack.

Before turning up your noses, think of it this way. The password that you create will still be personal in some way. The Password Generator removes that obstacle and creates passwords that are impersonal. Also, it knows precisely what hackers (both humans and computers) look for when they're attempting to hack a password so it will present you with something that is impenetrable. A good randomly generated password includes upper-case letters, lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers and has a long length.

A few examples of what to expect when generating a password with the Password Generator are &-**==, /@!]=\, &1@*>: and also .!^]}#. Now, this is something that you couldn't come up with on your own, and it's not linked to your personal life in any shape or form. Notice they're all six letters, there is nothing common amongst them as they are entirely random.

When generating a password, users have the option to pick the characters that they want in their password. Choose the desired length which can be anywhere from 1-30. You can make a number password or use any character options that your heart desires.

After you have chosen your options click "Get Password" and you will be presented with the perfect, strong and random password, that will hold the fort against all rebels threatening your websites and accounts.