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Online Word count tool, is a simple yet efficient utility to count the number of characters or words online. There are times when one would want to know the words of their own writing or the word count of their website. Gone are the days when you would worry about counting words or characters manually because now there are many tools available which fulfill the purpose. Character count online is a tool that has been developed to allow you to find out the number of words of a given content.

DupliChecker’s online word count tool is the simplest and the best tool that you may find on the internet. You either copy and paste the text into the text box or upload the document by choosing a file and clicking on “Attach” button. Then click on the button that says “Count Word”. The results are shown immediately, including the “Total Words” and “Total Characters”. Isn’t it ridiculously accessible, and guess what? Our tool is totally FREE!

This is a free online word and character count tool.

There could be various reasons for using the information.

Translators often need the word count of a web page as they usually charge the clients by the number of words on a particular web page that they are translating, and not essentially by the time they spend on translating or the number of words that they write in the translated text. Therefore, being able to quickly find out the exact number of character count in a word is important.

A reader may simply be interested in knowing how many words are there on certain web pages or articles. A writer may also want this information if she/he wants to style the writing after another writer or blogger they admire. This may be helpful for them in building a better blog or website that they desire.

How many words

If you wish to check the pages of your own blog or website. By knowing the most popular pages on your own site, you can find out their word count or character count to perform better with other topics you may write about. This can help you in writing content and optimizing it as per search engine in the future, that also attracts more traffic.

Whether it’s a letter counter, word counter, or page counter, any of these tools are of great help to the bloggers or writers. For instance, for those involved in SEO, they can see the number of words with the help of quality for popular pages on the internet on the topic that they may be writing about. Doing this, they can get hints on how they can rank better.

Regardless of the reason for which you might have decided to use this tool, it should be helpful for you with valuable information that you can use to write better. Since we are always trying to improve our tool, if you have suggestions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” page.

Right Word or letter Count for Your Content?

No doubt that the long-form content typically ranks higher and is more shareable but that doesn’t mean that the shorter content is worthless. As a matter of fact, a 500-word piece can easily do as good as a 1200-word article. Also, keep in mind that longer pieces of content like articles that have double word count than the highest-ranking, do not guarantee to do well.

Higher Word or Letter Count: The King of SEO

This online Word count is not just a number; it is also the determinant of your online success. If you are someone who has never paid heed to know, how many characters? of your articles, blog posts, and other digital marketing assets, perhaps it is time you start doing that. You must learn how the length of your content can affect everything from SEO to audience response, also figure out how you can make the most of your word count.

If you’re an SEO expert or content marketer, then SEO should always be your top priority. After all, it’s important to you to make sure that the valuable articles you post online and other assets are reaching your target audience.

Long-Form Content Is More Likely to Rank Higher

You need to think again if you are tempted to create a large number of short content pieces to enhance your SEO ranking. A comprehensive analysis of Google’s search engine rankings indicates that long-form content is given a marked preference by a search engine.

The highest-ranking content, in 2014, was slightly more than 900 word. A year later or so, the top content was reported to have an even higher word count, being an average of between 1,100 and 1300 words. If the trend continues, Google will continue to prefer even longer pieces of content in the coming years.

In Forbes magazine, Jayson DeMers explained that Google’s preference for longer content is not mere arbitrary for the number of words. However, the search engine purposely highlights the longer content that covers all the essential topics in a better and more comprehensive way. Now, one can also benefit from this distinction by taking out time to write longer and more descriptive pieces that offer value rather than the short posts that are only there to introduce a complex topic.

Using our word count or character count online tool is very easy. All you need to do is copy and paste the text for which you want to find out the word count, in the text box. Alternatively, you have the option to upload the document and click on “Count Words”.

If you face any problem with the tool or in letter count, please let us know by click on “Report Problem with Tool”.

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