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Word counter is an easy to use tool that helps in counting the words, sentences, characters and Syllables. Just copy-paste your text or upload the file and click the Count Words button to get results instantly.









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You don’t need to go through a long process for counting words with our word counter.

This word calculator has a user-friendly interface that allows you to count words of any content by following the simple steps given below.

Step # 1: Access the word counter on DupliChecker.com.

Step # 2: Copy-paste your text in the given box or upload a textual file, such as PDF, Doc, Docx, or Txt.

Step # 3: Click the Count Words button.

Step # 4: The text counter will initiate the process and you will get the word count of your content.

100% Free

The word count checker is 100% free. The users aren’t asked to pay a penny to use this free word counter. You don’t even need to get registered on DupliChecker for using its online word counter.

Count Words Instantly

The super-fast interface and advanced algorithm of this word counter helps users to get their desired results instantly.

You don’t have to waste your time in word counting of your file, as this words counter will assist you in executing this task in a blink of an eye.

No Software Installation Required

The word counter tool is entirely a web-based utility that doesn’t need to be downloaded on your device.

You don’t need to install any special software program or plugin for accessing this words calculator. You can simply access this word count calculator by visiting duplichecker.com through your device’s web browser.

Compatible with All Devices

You don’t have to get a specific device for using this word counter.

Our words counter is compatible with all kinds of devices. You won’t face any issue to count words, whether you’re using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device.

Accessible from Anywhere

Our word count generator is accessible from anywhere around the globe.

All you need to access this tool is a stable internet connection. You can easily count words in text through our words counter.

The word counter offered on DupliChecker isn’t an ordinary tool that just lets you know about the total number of words existing in a piece of text.

This word counter is quite efficient due to its advanced and exceptional results. The outcomes offered by this word counter include the following:

Total Number of Words

Have you ever received a task that required a specific number of words?

Counting words manually in such a situation won’t be an efficient approach. Therefore, you can utilize our word counter to find the exact number of words existing in any kind of text. If you want to rewrite an already written text file, you can rely on the paraphrasing tool.

Total Characters

Character count matters when it comes to sharing any post on social media or updating meta tags of applications and websites. Our word calculator provides you with this information. It helps you to analyze whether your text’s length is within the given character limit or not.

Total Sentences

In academic writing, the students are asked to follow the given structure and layout, which also includes the limitation on the maximum/minimum number of sentences.

Duplichecker’s sentence counter will prove to be beneficial for you in this regard, as you can figure out the total sentences existing in your content with a single click. Duplichecker also helps you to eliminate all the errors existing in your sentences, as it also offers the grammar checker facility.

Show Syllables

Enhancing the readability of written content is crucial to improving its readership.

Our syllable counter shows syllables to help people know about this important aspect of writing. Syllables play an integral role in this regard, as they work as building blocks of words.

Estimated Reading Time

How much time will you take to go entirely through your content?

The exact pace at which a reader goes through your content from top till end can’t be figured out. However, you can still find an estimated reading time based on an average reader’s skills through this online word count checker tool.

Case Conversion Toolbar

Another top-notch feature of this word checker is the case conversion toolbar.

You can easily convert your text into any case, such as uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, capitalized case, alternating case, toggle case, snake case, and hyphen case by using this word counter.

While formulating a content creation strategy, you have to analyze everything regarding the content such as sentence structure, content flow and content length etc.

To make it possible, they may conduct competitors’ analysis, and the words counter will be a helpful utility to do this job in a quick and hassle-free way.

This word counter is also advantageous for SEO experts, as they need to generate meta titles and meta descriptions within the set limitation on their characters. The words counter promises to deliver 100% accurate results.

In addition, some social media platforms also impose restrictions on the number of words or characters that a single post can contain. The word counter also resolves this query for its users.


The freelancers need to manage and deliver the required letter and character count for satisfying their clients, and it could be dealt with easily by using our wordcounter.

This online solution helps freelancers in strengthening relationships with clients by avoiding all kinds of disputes.

Website Owners

The website owners may not have enough time to check the content received from freelance writers manually.

Word counter helps the webmasters to examine the content, by calculating the number of characters, words and sentences. Word counter online uses a smart and advanced method to deeply analyze the word count and other factors related to the quality and structure of content.

Students and Teachers

The word count calculator can be beneficial for both students and teachers. The students can use this to prepare assignments, reports, thesis, and many other projects. At the same time, the teachers can use it to figure out whether the students are following the given guidelines or not.

What is Word Counter?

The words counter is a web-based utility designed to help users keep track of multiple metrics related to written content, including the total number of words, syllables, characters, sentences, and more.

How Do I Know How Many Words I Have Written?

You can know how many words you have written by simply accessing the word counter and entering the text in the given field. As a result, the number of words and other information will be displayed on your screen instantly.

How Many Words Can I Count with this Tool?

This word checker allows you to check unlimited words without imposing any restrictions. In addition, you won’t face any limitation on the number of times you can use this utility.

Can I Count Words in a PDF File Using this Tool?

Yes! You can check the total number of words existing in a PDF file using this online word counter. You can simply submit the PDF file on this utility by using the upload option. The processing of your text will be completed in the same way, and you’ll get results in no time.