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It is a type of technology that can understand text from pictures. We have developed this tool to interpret text from images, but today it is being used for many purposes.

There are many online image to text tools available today for this purpose, which export the text file where you can edit text and move it back to the image format. The most common image format used for this purpose is JPG, the reason is its security, and the pictures can’t be modified; however textual content can be exported using a free image to text converter.

For a computer, the image is just filled with black and white dots which we call pixels. This method of converting an image to text, if done manually will take us ages to write especially if it’s a book. We usually use PDF format to keep such a massive amount of text because there is a possibility of losing files. If even one single file is erased or modified by someone in your absence, that individual page or file might change the whole concept of your book.

Online OCR scanner reads every single black dot present on every page of documents and matches them with letters, numbers, symbols and more. If these dots represent any of the characters present in its database, it will write it down for you. This whole process doesn’t take long; it’s just a matter of a few seconds if we are talking about one page.

Online OCR tool can be used to convert Picture to text and many motives, some of which are:

  • Transform PDF to Text

    First, you have to convert your PDF file into a JPG image with a PDF to JPG converter. Then you can use our OCR text scanner to convert photo to text format. After exporting the document, you can easily edit it using an online text editor or an offline application. The text can then be placed back into the format using a JPG to PDF converter to replace/update the original file.

  • Writers can use it to edit

    Writers use PDF formats to store their piece of work. In this one document, there are several files which might contain graphical data as well, but a picture to text converter ignores or doesn’t read the graphical ones because it is made to export text not the images. Writers can use these tools to make an edition in the document and save the file back in PDF format again but don’t forget to erase the older version.

  • Exports scanned documents

    “Do you know an OCR online tool can easily concede your handwritten text as well?”

    There are times when we need to export text from a paper in our hands. Such documents are filled by writing with a pen, but if you don’t have good handwriting then going for this option will save you from any embarrassment.

    Many postal services use free online image to text converters because they don’t have to manually type in addresses which are already a part of their databases. All they have to do is scan the document to verify the address present on the letters and packages. Most scanned documents are in TIFF format (Tagged image file format) when scanned these files can easily be converted using a picture to text converter.

    Our text scanner or we can say image to text translator is not only free but promises you accuracy as well. There are many picture to text scanners available today, but you won’t know the results until you try them. It is really hard to say that your scanned document will be hundred percent recognizable because if you are using a handwritten report and don't have good handwriting, then even an expert can misunderstand your handwritten documents.

For Image Translator Not Being Accurate

  • Quality of The Documents

    If the quality of the original paper is not high and is in rough condition. The accuracy might drop to 60 to 80 percent. So, make sure the documents you are using are in excellent condition.

  • Dot Matrix Printed Pages

    If the text was published using one of these printers (which are not widely used anymore since inkjets and laser printers kicked in), then the success rate drops to almost 60%, but still, it is just a number who knows you receive a hundred percent when you try.

  • Poor Handwriting

    This is the most common reason for not hitting the hundred percent accuracy. If you don’t have good handwriting, then the success rate varies depending on how weak your writing is. Sometimes the lines and boxes confuse the OCR tool because the tool thinks of it as text. This happens when people don’t write the alphabets correctly like “t” missing the middle line or an “I” missing its upper dot.

Using our image to text converter is very easy, you don’t have to use any external software for this motive. All you need is the file you want to convert JPG to Text. After that just follow the below given steps and you are good to go.

  • Simply you just have to Upload your image.

  • Now! Choose the language if necessary, and press the “Convert image” button.
  • Within seconds, your image will be converted into text, which you can copy and download.

You may need to Convert PNG to JPG for many purposes.