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DupliChecker is for everyone.

Change a PDF file into a modifiable Word document with the best online PDF to Word converter.

Save the PDF files' lists, paragraphs fonts, tables, and columns to Word format.

Convert PDF to Word which allows you to edit the file, extract its contents after converting it PDF to doc and re-publish in PDF as a new document.


DupliChecker PDF to Word tool allows users to upload their PDF's on our platform by clicking the button or dragging and dropping the file.

Once the file has been uploaded on the tool, click on the button and wait for the magic to happen. All you have to do is pause for the file to convert, which takes a couple of seconds you can download your doc file right afterward.

Converting PDF to Word without the help of a tool is difficult.

However, the converter tool has a user-friendly interface which allows people with basic computer skills to utilize it.

Word to PDF Converter

Word to pdf converter can be beneficial for many purposes.

Documents, can be opened on most computing systems whereas not format compatibility problems.

The layout and elegance of a doc to PDF is preserved even once sent.

This could be not the case with Word documents (.doc): if the receiver incorporates a very totally different version of Word, or uses another program like you can use word to pdf converter, there square measure generally data and layout discrepancies.

There could also be complications with the show of images and fonts. Conversely, the primary data of doc to pdf converter typically save, so it's going to be displayed specifically as you want.

Lock PDF

Do you have a PDF file safely hidden in the depths of your computer?

Sorry to burst your bubble but that PDF may not be as safe as you might think.

To ensure that such a file secure from unauthorized access, you should lock it with password protect PDF.

Now a PDF file can't be locked without a little help from our tool.

Lock PDF online tool secures your PDF files by adding a password by encrypting it. Once the password is set, it limits the functionality of the PDF protect as well.

Which means it can be accessed by only those who are authorized.

Don't worry about how to password protect a PDF once the file is encrypted there is no way others can access it or hack it.

Watermark PDF

What exactly is a watermark? It is a visible overlay of copyright information (usually in the form of an image or a text) added to photos or other digital documents like a PDF.

The watermark appears behind or at the front of the report, for example, on a PDF with sensitive information you could apply a 'Confidential' watermark.

With our tool users have the option to specify the page or range of pages on which they want to add the watermark?

Merge PDF

Have you ever wanted to combine multiple PDF's for an important presentation but didn't know how to?

Our combine PDF tool is the perfect tool to merge many PDF's into one.

Again, like all the other tools and converters mentioned above, this too is extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is select the PDF files in the desired order and click the tab that says 'more files' to combine five files or more into one document.


Convert PPT (PowerPoint) to PDF

When you save an important PowerPoint file as a PDF file, it restricts the formatting and layout.

Others can open the slides even if they don't have PowerPoint, but they can't make changes to it.

Isn't that what you want though?

Sometimes you email presentation slides to other team members, and at the end of the day, many changes have been made to it without your authorization.

Convert PPT (PowerPoint) to PDF

When you convert PPT to PDF, this removes that one option from your file.

No one changes the formatting or the layout of the presentation.

Also, no other changes can be made without your approval so now it's so easy to convert PowerPoint to pdf.


PDF files are a great way to store images because they do not take up too much disc space and can be easily opened.

However, there are a few drawbacks to them as well, and convert pdf to jpg them to JPG eliminates them.

One of the disadvantages is they are difficult to integrate into websites pages and are difficult to edit. The latter can turn into an advantage if you are looking for a safe way of storing data and protecting the data from changes by a third party.

The JPG format is usually used for photographs, while PDF, on the other hand, is a document standard developed by Adobe.

It doesn't matter how much you want to enlarge your PDF file, the text it contains will look bright and sharp with the tiny details visible.

On the other hand, when you expand a JPG file because this format is not suitable for pictures containing unique colors, lines, and small details.

Our free PDF to JPG online Converter is the best online converter to change PDF's into optimum quality JPG images.

Our converter stands out from its counterparts because it retains the quality and the resolution of the PDF. No worries about, How to convert pdf to jpg?

Users have the option to easily extract every single embedded image in the PDF file into JPG format.

Unlock PDF

This little handy PDF tool is created for the sole purpose of pdf password remover is unlocking your password protected files and extract pages from pdf.

If the file doesn't have strong encryption, then it will be opened and ready to download within seconds.

PDF's with a password can be unlocked instantly.

However, if the file is entirely encrypted, you can only access it by providing the correct password.

If you want to know, how to remove password from pdf?

All you have to do is upload the PDF, and the password will be removed instantly.

A downloadable link will appear once the PDF is unlocked. The link will allow you to save it on your device.