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Excel file format created by Microsoft is used in keeping the track records, data entry, and for maintaining the financial positions.

These documents are stored under Microsoft Excel file as XLS. The data stored for the office document files are collected in a series of fixed-size streams. The location of the data stored in an excel file includes meta-data information, such as the author name, subject, and individual sheet names. XLS files can also be accessed through the Microsoft Excel Viewer, and OpenOffice.

PDF, on the other hand, stands for Portable Document Format. This open standard document viewer is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The file format is widely used to present and exchange documents unfailingly through different devices and operating systems. One of the key elements of PDFs is that it has the capability to include links and buttons specifically for audio, video, and business logistics. PDF documents can also be signed electronically via a stylus or a hand-drawn signature and is easily accessible using free Acrobat Reader or through Google’s online PDF viewer.

When you save a document, for example, from an XLS format or image as an Adobe PDF, it aspects the same way you intended it to. While the traditional excel to PDF converters simply displays the pictures of pages. Even when text, visuals, or excel sheet and more are collectively converted in a single file. Now it’s easy to convert excel to pdf online.

To Edit, Share And Collaborate Securely

When converting an XLS format file to PDF, it is necessary for the PDF file to meet ISO 32000 standards for electronic file exchange. You can also create PDFs to meet a range of easy standards that enables the content more usable by a broader audience.

It is extremely crucial to make the file protected when dealing with an electronic document. Once converted from excel to PDF, you can password protect your PDF files to restrict the unwanted editing and copying of your original documents.

One of the relaxed features in PDF files is that you have the option to sign the file electronically. You can avail this feature on the desktop and on other devices as well.

Portable Document Format, or abbreviated as PDF, was established in the 1990s developed by Adobe’s co-founder John Warnock. At the early stages of computer software progress, sharing documents was quite hectic and different systems would not maintain the same format when the file was sent on each other. To overcome this highly problematic restriction, PDF was created. The initial idea was to generate a file format that would maintain and develop a fixed format across computers. Due to the exceptional functionalities, as by today, PDF is one of the most commonly used formats for the documents either in professional pursuit or general use around the world.

PDFs are predominantly valuable for many companies in documentation in the business world. When sending important memos, electronically signing purchase orders, forming official recruitment letters and drafting business objectives, PDF makes sure that it maintains the same format as developed by the author of the document and shows exactly in the same arrangement to the receiver or anyone the document is concerned for.

As Part Of Your Business Documentation

  • One of the key features of PDF is that it maintains the Document format. The problem often faced when sharing a document made in Microsoft Word or Excel is that it loses its layout. There may be fonts that are not available on some systems, or some device may have non-updated applications. This difference in formats can cause confusion between the sender and the receiver, or make you look unprofessional to your clients or customers. Therefore, converting to PDF format will display the same file on every device. It’s also ideal for sending official papers that are supposed to be printed out.
  • The universal format makes it very readable over all devices. The format is easily viewed and shared. It makes the PDF format a reliable document displayed source whether you’re sharing a document with someone professional, or just sharing some academic notes with a friend, PDF is a safe format choice to send it in.
  • PDF files have a much smaller size comparing it with other formats. The improvement in PDF file format makes it compressing high-quality files to a much smaller file size, which is ideal for the disk space and easy on your device’s storage resources.
  • Once converted, the official business documentation can be protected by a password. Managing some of your customers’ and supplier’s sensitive information and also protecting your financial positions makes PDF files give you the ability to make sure that intruders are kept away from overlaying on your important business documents.
  • PDF files work across all the devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • PDFs allow you to sustain visually-professional layouts.
  • PDFs are here to stay for long despite the rapid change in technology. The reason behind this is that the standard is so well-known that it would take a central change for everyone to adopt a different format.

Follow these four simple steps to convert your file formats from XLS to PDF and get excel in pdf.

  • Visit this Excel to PDF to land on the tool web page.
  • On the page, you’ll find an “Upload” button. From there, you can upload the desired file you want to convert from the XLS TO PDF tool.
  • Navigate the file that you want to upload in the window that pops up. After discovering your file, select it. The tool will then automatically load the file.
  • Simply, click the ‘Convert File’ button and the Excel to PDF Converter will convert it for you.