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Duplichecker's IP tools

DupliChecker introduces you the free tools for IP addresses which can be used at different times, especially if you are a networker, you are definitely going to need them. These IP tools are used to either surf the internet safely or to get information about various websites over the internet which includes where it is hosted, the name of the country, city and the owner of the site. Even you can learn about where you are with our IP address location tools.

Today if you are downloading something or sending any message over the internet, it is all because of IP (Internet Protocol). Sometimes you need to send emails, notes, and media to others in your workplace or around the world, without an IP address you can't. Learning this address, of course, is quite advantageous in local area network (LAN) as it will help in many ways like copying stuff from one computer to another.

Over the internet, this specific address is assigned to each connected computer around the world, so that information a computer is asking for is received at the same address the request was generated from. Every website has an IP address as well but mostly it is dynamic which means it keeps on changing but it doesn't affect the loading speed of the site.

What is my IP ?

Want to know your IP address? We have made it super easy for you!

Many software applications over the internet require an IP address if you want to connect with somebody over the internet. Revealing your IP address over the internet to someone is like you are permitting that person to connect to your personal life. Which is why we use IP masks over the internet which allows us to stay invisible even if somebody learns about our IP address we will feel safe and secure because it is not the correct address of the actual location of a computer.

Gamers usually share IP addresses to connect and play together, a group of people shares the IP address to copy from and to computers, and communication software's require an IP address to let your messages get through. So, what is your reason for checking your IP address today?

IP Location Finder

Want to learn about where you are right now? What other best way can there be when you have an IP locator tool. You can easily find the IP location with the help of this amazing small software online. You can find the location of websites as well where they are hosted from, what are their IP address. What you can't look for someone's IP address because of the privacy concerns over the internet to protect you from spammers and hackers over the internet.

Whether you are stuck somewhere in a small city or want to find the IP location of someone else, the best way to learn about where you are being through this handy tool present over the internet. Now not every tool is accurate so whenever you are stuck somewhere don't forget to use this amazing feature.

Free Proxy List

The Internet is a free world! But is it really with a free online proxy?

You'll be surprised to know that Facebook or YouTube might be restricted or blocked in various regions of the world at this given moment.

People over the internet might try to look into your browser's data by having its IP address which is possible when you connect or in short visit a website. These websites online gather data of the people visiting users to keep in check where they are from what their most interest is in etc.

That is why there are proxy servers present over the internet so that you can roam around websites freely; to access blocked sites or without being worried about getting traced. Proxies can be used for as long as you are online once you disconnect you are going to need a new one because an unused or vacant proxy is assigned to someone else in need.

There are many IP tracers or hackers present over the internet, who try to get into your computer and steal your important information. Get yourself a free proxy from list and stay safe!

Reverse IP Domain Check

Ever thought how many websites are hosted on one server?

Well, it is quite a possibility that the hosting service you are using is shared amongst many others. Therefore, is cheaper than many other hosting providers. It is a good thing and bad depends upon the kind of server and hosting provider. Good in a sense that it is cheaper than many others, bad is what if there are malware detected sites present on the server it might affect your link theoretically.

Class C IP Checker

Having variations or conflicts in IP addresses? It is time to check if someone is using the same Class C address. Class C addresses are used in small-sized companies, for example, internet and hosting providers. There are five categories and are used differently, sometimes a class c address is duplicated accidentally and is required to take care of the conflict. So, what you can do, check Class C IP?

A class C IP address is almost everywhere, especially at home. Who so ever your internet service provider is, it is using the type C IP address and needs to configure your network properly. The number of devices connected to Wifi at home is assigned different class C IP's to avoid any duplications.

Geo IP Locator

Own a website? It is time to track track all your visitors

It is vitally important to keep a check on your website's traffic because it helps in learning how much have you progressed since you developed your site. By learning about the IP addresses of users, your browsers can tell you about the location from where your website is being surfed the most and the least. In this way, you can ask your search engine optimizer to focus on a specific part of the world or a specific market so that you can get visitors from that area.

GEO IP Locator will not only help in learning about your last visitors, but it will let you know about your returning ones as well. Your website can hold records of people visiting allowing it to tell us about the returning visitors as well.