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IP geo-location is the coupling of an IP geo-address to a physical location. In the past, it was difficult to identify the location of web visitors. Owner of an e-commerce website finds it essential to know the location of their potential customers. By determining the IP location of users, you can decrease the chances of credit card frauds. With location accuracy, you can fight against illegal hackers and spammers. It allows you to locate the actual source of a problem.

Finding the precise location of visitors would be great. Several people think that it is impossible to find the exact location of a host with its IP location. Fortunately, you can get the advantage of tools to identify the actual location of a host. This is the best IP geo location tool to track an IP address.

You can track IP to get exact location with this tool. Geolocation (IP-based) is the mapping of a Mac address or IP address to the geographic area of the real world of the internet-connected computer or a handy device. Check my IP maps & address to a region (city), country, longitude/latitude, and domain and ISP name among other things. The accuracy of Geo-location databases may vary based on the use of the database. For the IP-to-Country database, Dupli Checker offers 98 percent to 99 percent accuracy. Geo IP Tracker is essential for you to know the location of prospective web visitors. You can trace the location of hackers and spammers on your website.

Online retailers are frequently leveraging IP locations to personalize their business experience. Geo IP location tracker provides reliable information of the site, such as currency symbol, location on maps, country code and name, longitude and latitude, area code, DMA (designated market area) code, IP status, city, and region. You may not get a street address and name of the person because of privacy concerns.

Several multinational manufacturers and retailers place a horrid landing page of countries in their e-store. It can upset the search spiders from accessing your website and create unnecessary barriers for customers. With geo-location data, you can direct customers to the right store based on their country. For multilingual countries, such as Switzerland and Canada, you can set the language of your store automatically based on the language of their browser. Moreover, you have to allow your shoppers to change their language and country manually in the footer or header of your website.

Track ip address exact location

Geolocation is a good option for travel retailers to geographically present relevant offers. For instance, airlines can present their promotional offers to targeted shoppers based on their nearest airport. For example, a person browsing from Sydney will see special offers from Sydney airports. Outdoor retails can check IP for the promotion of winter sports items to buyers in Northeast USA. At the same time, they can promote their summer sports items to people in Southwest and Florida.

IP geolocation tool provides data on the internet connection of shopper

It allows you to understand if your buyer is browsing via DSL, cable, TI, dial-up, etc. You can find out if your user is connecting through a 4G mobile gateway. With this information, you can optimize the content of your site to enhance the experience of buyers. Mobile users can be automatically redirected to a mobile-optimized version of your store. The users on slow internet connections can browse a store with low-resolution graphics.

Checkout procedure can be a challenge for new customers because they have to enter lots of personal information, such as billing and shipping address. With geo-location data, you can automate your website to pre-populate different fields like city, province, state and country. In this way, you can decrease the irritation of customers. Tax estimators and shipping can also get the advantage of geo-location data. It allows you to present estimated taxes and shipping without entering a zip code. Keep it in mind that your shopper must have the ability to change the zip code if they want to ship their parcel to a different location.

During an order processing, the retailer can utilize geolocation data to compare the IP address of shopper and his/her location.They can compare the shipping address and billing address of credit card. If you find any mismatch between a credit card and shipping address, you can flag this order for your manual review. It will decrease the risk of fraud and additional expenditures.

Publishing and contractual rights mean that media and digital content can be distributed within particular geographic boundaries. Famous music subscription sites, such as Spotify and Pandora restrict access of particular users to their websites. With the use of IP address lookup, it is easy to locate disturbing users and their countries. It allows you to prevent the access of these countries to your store. For instance, BBC online iPlayer is available for the UK only. They are doing this for the protection of commercial rights of their channels in Japan, Canada, the US, etc.

With address finder of DupliChecker, it is easy to enforce shipping boundaries between markets for the protection of distribution rights. You can have a notice or warning message in the checkout. The message may advise clienteles that specific brands are not available to ship outside the UK or the USA. Geolocation allows you to hide products from banned countries, such as American shoppers can’t see the products that are banned from shipping to America.

With the use of Geo IP Locator, it is easy to find IP location history. Anyone can use this tool to find the location of visitors. Using our IP locator is very easy; just follow a few simple steps:

  • You will need a valid IP location or address to enter in the field and click on submit button. Geo IP Locator
  • Once you hit the submit button, you will see the following results within a few seconds: Geo IP Locator

In an online environment, servers pay attention at IP address location of visitors and find out their particular locations. Servers of geo advertising maintain a vast database with IP addresses of each state, postal code and country. The information provided by Geo IP Locator helps marketers to select essential parameters depending on the nature of the advertisement.

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