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I'm a blogger and also work in a SEO company. I have been using this site over last 2 years. I just wanted to say that Duplichecker is a great free tool to check duplicate content. I find this site very useful.

Muhammad Akhther, India


Hola como stan muchas gracias por el programa de duplichecker

Pedro Vicente Lema Chandi

I love Duplichecker

Firstly, I have to say how much I love Duplichecker. It's by far the best checker on the Internet and the most simple to use. It's form fits its function and is an overall great website.

Very Satisfied User

Joey Cipriano

Dupli Checker Is Fantastic!

I am a freelance writer who uses the internet like a wall of encyclopedias of days long gone! My editor sent me your site's web address and three others. I pulled them all up and tried them out. None compared to your site! Thank you Dupli Checker!!

PJ Martin, Freelance Writer

Duplichecker.com is a Working Wonder

Plagiarism, nowadays, is of prime importance in this era of globalization. Each and every website or firm therefore demands original and authoritative content. So, content writers necessarily require checking plagiarism of their content before sending it to the employers. There are many websites that offer free plagiarism checking. But, do not forget that they can steal your original content. That is why; every content writer seems to be in search of a trustworthy and the best website that can offer plagiarism checking. In this regard, duplichecker.com is working wonders. It is the easiest and the fastest platform to use and the most trustworthy website to check the plagiarism. I have been using this site for the last 2 years; it is aiming at improving itself at each step. No doubt, it did me proud and I am sure it will reap laurels in future. The best thing, it is free to use.

Medical writer, Dr. Muzammil Irshad

God bless you!

This is a wonderful web! Thank you! Wish you all the BEST!.

Vasile Granaci

Wow! What A Superb Plagiarism Checking Software

While doing my research work, I had to take some material from the net, but I had to ensure superb quality of my research work. So, after completing my work, I started searching the net for a free software that can ensure me for the uniqueness of my work. Of course, I had put all my efforts to compile my research work, but still I needed to check it for uniqueness, so that I do not have to face any allegation of presenting copied stuff. While searching the net for a free plagiarism software, I came across www.duplicheker.com. What a wonderful work you people have done! It is really remarkable that we get to avail so many features of a free software such as analysis of each sentence so that the user can know where he/she must modify.

Stella Mark, Florence.

A Big Thanks From India

Everyone knows that India is the hub of content writers, and we being Indians, proclaim to provide the best content for all sorts of websites. Our writers can tackle diversified topics and can provide high quality content. Our team of editors is also there to assure that top quality content has been delivered to our clients. For plagiarism check, our editors use Duplichecker. It is indeed the best free online plagiarism software that we have ever used. It produces statistical results of the searched text so that one can know the level of plagiarism done. Also, word to word analysis helps to identify the copied words, phrases, or passages. In my opinion, it is the best tool ever that the online writing community could have ever enjoyed. Please accept a big thanks from us.

Ram Gopal, Mumbai.


Dupli Checker is a clean, easy to use, and efficient way to check for plagiarism online. I am using it in my article website and I am going to add it to my other domains, including the one directed to India's content writers (as mentioned above by Ram Gopal, from Mumbai in his testimony above).

Personally I RECOMMEND DUPLICHECKER to all webmasters and those that have 'real' content that needs to be double checked.

Giovanni (Yoffle Article Directory)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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