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About Plagiarism

In the days of the internet, there is prevailing a common practice of copying the content which is existing online. On the contrary, many people also look for various ways to secure their website and content from being plagiarized. If you are one of those people, then you’ve come to the right place because we are offering you services to detect plagiarism and protect your content from plagiarism.

Apart from our free plagiarism checker, there are also other tools that can protect your whole website along with its content from an online copyright infringement. The most useful tool in this regard is an anti plagiarism banner which you can also get for your website or page for free. Once displayed on your site, the probability of the copyright infringement will significantly reduce.

Plagiarism is a modern term, originally originated from Latin word “plagium” which means kidnapping. It is, in fact, the grave violation of an intellectual property of any kind. Plagiarism is the conscious copying of either whole work or a fragment of work, and its deliberate publication under the name of someone else without any reference. From text to an image, or even an invention, anything can be at the risk of becoming plagiarized. However, it can be hard to establish whether plagiarism or copyright infringement has occurred or not because plagiarism is an intentional action whereas it can’t be called intentional if a person doesn’t realize she/he is committing plagiarism.

Tool for the Detection & Prevention of Plagiarism

Almost all across the world, plagiarism is intolerable as the copyrights are protected and abide by the law. Today, there are specialized tools available for avoiding copyright violation which can lead to almost eliminating it entirely. DupliChecker’s latest online plagiarism software to identify and highlight plagiarism is a highly helpful anti plagiarism checker tool for countering copyright infringement. In addition to many textual and graphic plagiarism checkers, there also are many online services for protecting duplication of content such as our Anti Plagiarism Banners. You must use our services and tools if you wish to avoid plagiarism and protect your content.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

There is a Latin saying, associated with Hippocrates, “prevention is better than cure”. Rephrasing this principle, prevention of plagiarism is far better than getting penalized for doing it. Let’s have a look at some of the most efficient ways for preventing plagiarism.

  • Primary Plagiarism Protection: First things first, make sure that you are informing about your content’s copyright protection. A mere © symbol or a copyright note, even though not necessary from the legal point of view, would serve the cautionary as well as informational purpose. Copyright information is usually meant to convey a message that says “Do not steal my property”. Once a note has been displayed on a website, a thief can no longer have an excuse for not knowing that the content is protected and that any form of plagiarism will be considered as intentional and deliberate.
  • An Anti-plagiarism System: Putting a reference mark to your website is another way to prevent the content theft. Reference can be inserted in two ways, either as a footnote such as 2014© Dupli Checker or included in the content. Inserting an anti plagiarism banner stating: “Protected by Dupli Checker. Do not copy”, is also an effective method. It serves the purpose of informing users that a plagiarism detector or anti plagiarism software is protecting the content or website. The banner is available on our website which you can freely download whenever you want.
  • Unique Anti Plagiarism Banners: The third most reliable method for protecting your copyright is to indicate your work or content with a unique signature which will act as an identifier, an intimate part of your content. DupliChecker offers a service which can assign you anti plagiarism banners for your web content. These banners are extremely helpful in proving that the content is original and violation of copyright will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, none of the methods mentioned above can guarantee that your content will not be plagiarized despite all the preventive measures. However, these are the essentials to claim your rights, especially if it’s a matter of the lawsuit.

How Should You Respond to Plagiarism?

The act of plagiarism is becoming more and more frequent day by day. According to some studies, it was estimated that by 2014, over 63% of the published content over the internet would be plagiarized. In the face of growing problem of unauthorized use of text and images, it is worth learning what we as the web users and potential plagiarism victims can do when we figure out that our website and its content has been duplicated. There are various steps that you can take once you find out about plagiarism.

One of the most basic things that you should do when you discover that your copyrights have been violated is to get in touch with the plagiarist and inform him that a particular content is your property that has been plagiarized. There are chances that after your intrusion, they will take off the plagiarized content. You are advised to refer to the law in force, to emphasize the severity of it.

Anti Plagiarism Banners by DupliChecker

DupliChecker offers you a complete service correlated with comprehensive plagiarism protection, for protecting your content or intellectual property online. With the help of which, you can not only use a free plagiarism checker tool but also protect your copyrights with the help of anti plagiarism banners.

These banners will make sure that all the visitors to your website are informed that the content is being protected by DupliChecker and should not be copied in any case. By using these banners, every single of your pages will represent the integrity and authentication of data.

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