Text Analysis Tools

Text Analysis Tools (Analyzing & Writing tools)

There is literally endless content available on the internet, but it is easy to differentiate between the good, bad and the absolutely ugly. How many times have you come across a piece of writing that you enjoyed reading? On the flip side can you recall those articles that made you cringe, and wondered who wrote them? Now you don't want to fall in this second category, or do you? Don't worry our free tools will help you take your work to another level.

Engaging and well thought out content is crucial for an online business. Quality writing is important to grasp your reader's attention and to keep them coming back for more. DupliChecker's free tools were created keeping in mind all these different needs.

Plagiarism Checker

To produce a well-rounded article, you need to do thorough research to present your facts and opinions across in the best way possible. While engrossed in your writing you may not realize that you might have recreated someone else's sentence(s) unknowingly.

Google will penalize you for your mistakes, whether you did it on purpose or by mistake because it detected plagiarism. So, to avoid this, we recommend that you always use This Plagiarism Checker to post content that is 100% original. Protecting the Freelance Writing Service Content needs to be original if you're aiming for high SEO performance.

Paraphrasing tool

Article Rewriter is one of the many tools that makes us swell up with pride. Why? That's because it's the ultimate hack for lazy would be writers. Heck, it's ideal for the best writers out there as well, who are we to judge? This tool recreates the content for you, by expressing it in a new way. Tips to avoid plagiarism

Creating content is not easy, especially if you're short on time. Paraphrasing is great for students, bloggers and anyone else who wishes to reword an existing piece.

Grammar Check

Punctuation, spelling or grammar. Oh my! It's so easy to miss a full stop or incorrectly punctuate a sentence, right? This is something that happens to the best of us. This corrector will check and highlight all your grammatical mistakes, proofreading gives you auto-suggestions for replacement. Go for writing tips for once.

Word Counter (character count)

OEver been asked to write 500 to 1,000 words? If you have, you know why this tool is God sent. Our letter Counter will give you a live count of how many words you've written. It takes all the hassle of counting the words yourself and presenting to you in real time the number of words left to reaching your given target. Letter Count Tool to Check Character

Spell Check

Fast typing skills are excellent, but they are also a cause for spelling errors. A lot of excellent writers may have excellent writing skills but may have a problem with their spellings. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

This Spell Check not only underlines your errors in real time but provides the correct spelling as well. Our Spell Checker is free, so it's easy for students and aspiring writers to access. With the Spell Checker, you won't ever have to make a spelling mistake again.

Avoid the Embarrassment by Taking Help from English Spelling Checker

Online MD5 Generator

OMD5 Generator helps you create an MD5 hash from a string. MD5 from a string? Sounds complicated, doesn't it? You needn't worry because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to do this. We've designed the generator to make the task extremely easy.

You have to do nothing but submit or copy/paste a string into the box. Click on the "Submit" button will result in the conversion of the string into MD5.

For privacy purposes, DupliChecker does not save the results on its servers.

Text Case converter

Another life-changing tool for writers, students, and developers. This brilliant tool can change the text case of one word or group of words. This tool allows the user to change the case of any text with a click of a button. You don't have to browse the entirety of the document to look for mistakes in the lower or upper text case, because this tool will do it for you.

Merge Words

All website owners wish to achieve high performing SEO status because it's one of the components needed to land on a search engine result page. So how does our Merge Words Online Tool fit into all this? It merges the different words that you feed it, and in return, it provides you with a unique keyword that will improve your SEO status. Merge Words Online Tool helps you to search for the concentrated keywords, footprints of your niche, Domain Names for Registration, best words suited for Google AdWords Campaign.

Image to Text Converter

How many times have you come across pictures on the internet that you wished could be into text? For years' developers had to do this task manually, but Image to Text Converter can do it in seconds. Just add the picture file into the box that says "Choose File", and then click on the language you want it to be translated in. There are a variety of languages you can convert the image into, all with just a click of a button.

Translate English To English

Reading the above heading may result in you scratching your head or blinking confusingly at the screen. Why would anyone need a tool that converts into the same language?

People in the United Kingdom and the United States might both speak English, but you might be unaware that they use different words when talking about the same thing. In the UK people say they live in a flat, on the other hand, Americans choose to call their abode an apartment. Britishers go for a holiday, and people from the States call it a vacation.

Translate English to English gives you an option to change a British English text into its American counterpart and then vice-versa. You no longer have to Google for alternatives, and manually change the document, because this life-changing tool will do all of it for you. Also, you guessed it; the tool is free.