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Paraphrase February 6, 2019

Paraphrasing means to write the ideas and the thoughts of another author, in particular, your own words or write the thoughts in your words which has spoken out by some one’s else. Paraphrasing skills are very essential to learn by the academic students because they used to have many assignments and projects in their course so need to have the material from other sources, for paraphrasing, strong vocabulary is required, and the grip on the English is of highest level need. There are many problems which are very common when doing paraphrasing like as follows:

1) The students mostly write the main words of the source document in the same way.

2) Sometimes it happens that the students replace the words with similar words and this leads to the problem that the text looks the same as the original one.

The best student is the one who avoids plagiarism while paraphrasing. But the fact remains the same that paraphrasing is one of the types of the paraphrasing and in this type the student used to retain the idea or the thought of the author, Paraphrasing is the ethical and the legal way of copying the data from the sources. A paraphrase is full of detail as compared to the summary of the paper. Paraphrasing is an extremely effective way of writing as it helps in using the mind creatively.

Guidelines Of Paraphrasing

Following are the guidelines for creative paraphrasing:

The student must read the whole source document in a proper way so that the student can understand the meaning of the document in a real sense because if the document is not well understood then the students are not able to generate the main point in their own words. Note card is very essential and it is very essential to use the note cards. On the note card but at the top, the student must write the name or the title of the paraphrase. It is necessary for the writer to revise the paraphrase after writing and then compare it with the source document and then remove any data or words which shows duplication. If the student copied any quote or exact term from the source document then it is necessary to write those within the quotation marks.

The academic institutions are responsible for making the students learn how to carry out the this in their assignments and projects, the academic institutions are the key to build the great expertise in the students regarding rewriting, so we can say that institutions are the foundation for the learning of paraphrasing. In the examination tests, there is a great weight age of it questions, the students who are encompassed with good vocabulary can do precise and valuable writing because in paraphrasing vocabulary counts too much.

While writing the students/writers

should be free of any irrelevant thoughts regarding the topic, the students/writer should sit alone to concentrate on the topic because in noise one cannot produce creatively. Every word of the writer is like a pearl and for writing one word costs minutes of the writer so that is why the writers are very sensitive to their work. While writing, the writer should just contrite on the topic and try to avoid the barriers for doing effective writing. Paraphrasing is easier than to write the original material because in this the use of the mind is less.