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Visual Rhetoric February 5, 2019

General Overview

Visual rhetoric is a framework that is theoretical; it expresses that how the visual image helps in communicating any message to the audience. Visual thinking, visual learning and rhetoric come under the umbrella of visual literacy.

It shows the relationship of writing with the images. Visual rhetoricians used to use the tools like the charts, web page, graph, movie news paper etc.

Visual rhetoric is a very broad subject and it includes every type of visuals which are helpful in communicating anything to the audience or among the human. Everything which has been developed or been developing have some purpose, the reason of the visual rhetoric is to persuade the readers or the audience towards the particular concept.

The instructors/teachers

used to give argumentative assignments to the students and the students used to us eth charts, pie graphs etc to persuade the audience in order to accept the claim.

In the researches published by the students in their academic career, one can clearly see that they sued to prove the facts and the figures with the help of the charts and graphs because these show clear differentiation. The style of a font also serves a very effective visual rhetoric ingredient that is why one can see varieties of fonts, like times in roman, italic, Arial in the paper.

It is essential for the writers to be careful while choosing the font style because sometimes the text and the font style of the text makes the audience difficult in reading and they used to have a difficulty in identifying the words.

Different images on the paper differentiate the type of paper from another, like if the writer pastes the pictures related to some advertisement after confirming duplication in image then it shows the paper is related with the marketing. For the web designers the most important thing is to focus on the text and the font style because if not then the after effects of the implementation would be a great loss.

The use of color again comes in the visual rhetoric because the color also persuades the individuals to perform a particular action, like the use of red color means danger, or stopping to a person to go ahead.

The best way to give more emphasis

on the important text is that the writer should use the sharp and the dull color together means the dull on the background and sharp on the dull color. Illustration, diagrams, clip arts, photographs, are very common examples of visual rhetoric. The use of mathematical formulas are the best source for the showing the mathematical facts.

The term visual rhetoric is used for the development and refinement of knowledge in logical way that will automatically persuade the audience regarding the certain claim. If the person needs to enjoy the period of writing then the visual rhetoric adds fun and pleasure with the help of music, graphics etc.

It is the responsibility

of the instructors to encourage the students to use the approach of rhetoric while writing because it can open the minds of the students and also help them to do some creativity while writing.

Other different tools used by the students to persuade the audience are the ethos, logo, pathos etc. The best university is the one which offers the students opportunities to write on different subjects lead to expressing, persuasion etc because this exercise makes them to get more skilled in the area of writing. Visual Rhetoric leads to the precise document with full facts and figures.