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Resources For Documenting Sources In The Disciplines February 3, 2019

General Overview

The manual style develops the standard of writing among the students. Initially, the students must learn all the manual styles in order to create a professional standard.

The disciplines in which students get specialized uses different styles while citing the sources of data. It is important for the writers to use the proper guidelines to cite the information in accordance with the discipline.

Style Manual

The best source from where the writers can get the information on citing data in different disciplines. Every discipline is a having a very informative website in which updated style manuals and formatting styles are there for the writers. Following are the style manuals which are being used by different disciplines:

  • 1) For Anthropology, the Chicago manual is appropriate.
  • 2) For biology, the CBE manual style is suitable.
  • 3) ACS style is perfect in Chemistry. 

This webpage is not only helpful for the students to cite sources on the papers but also appropriate for citing electronic sources. It is a fact that the internet is one of the sources of information which is used for research purposes.

Internet is also the fastest medium to get information regarding the particular topic. For more accuracy, the students must check the style manual before consulting other sources of knowledge. If the students are still confused about how and what to gather for the research then instructors are the one through them the students can gather the relevant sources to get the data.

Guides For Electronic Sources

The students can cite the electronic sources in many different disciplines with the help of the online guides. APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago Manual, AMA Style, etc are the styles which the authors can use while citing any electronic information. WWW sites, Fora, Telnet, Gopher, FTP, Newsgroup, Email, maps, Photographs, Films, presentations, etc are the one to document with the help of the formatting styles.

Comparison Between The Citation Of Books And Internet Sources

When citing books and articles, the student must write the name of the author, title of book, publication place, name of the publisher, the date on which the book has been published, reference’s location or a number of the page.

When mentioning the internet source then the students must write the author’s name/login, name of the file or the article, menu path, protocol address, update, access date, archived at. Citing the sources is not very easy but the student must learn the techniques to cite different types of information sources.

Every university has

its own manual style which the students need to follow while doing researches, projects, and assignments and the manual style is the one for which the university is known. One way to distinguish between the top university and a middle-level university is the manual style, there are many universities which are not having any manual style and due to which the students may have found many difficulties while doing their assigned tasks.

The purpose of style manual is to help the students in writing accurate and correct information regarding bibliography and text and to encourage consistency in the works of all the students on the campus. With the help of these guides and styles, the students and the instructors can find the information very easily as the whole information is organized in a proper way.