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Using Fonts With Purpose January 21, 2019

Importance Of Fonts

While reading the audience used to focus on the content of the paper rather more on the fonts and its sizes but the fact is that fonts are playing a very essential role while writing.

The content of the paper is no doubt very important but the visual appearance of the words is also playing an extraordinary role in the appropriate presentation of the paper.

The fonts are helpful in

making soothing reading atmosphere and mood. In the paper, there is so much to read but the reader mostly doesn’t have much time to read word by word so these fonts help them to focus on the most important part of the paper. It can control the reading time of the audience.

There are types of fonts available for the students/writers like the times in Roman, Arial, Arial black, etc. Mostly in an academic circle, the students used to use the “Times in Roman” As we know that the content of the paper is the most important aspect while writing but the importance of the fonts and other layout tools of the paper could not be avoided.

Guidelines For Using The Fonts

Following are the guidelines which should be important to follow while writing the paper:

The size of the font should be appropriate because the clarity of the words are very important for the audience to read, there are some fonts which look very odd in a smaller size.

The use of italic can give a different touch to paper; the bolding on fonts could easily emphasize the importance of the words.

There are many different options of fonts are available than the traditional fonts but the person should use the font which is appropriate for the type of and purpose of writing.

Different window programs

have different font’s options so it is suitable for the writer to know about all the programs so to choose the best option.

The writer can change the font of the text from where the transition starts so that it can become more obvious and shows the differentiation.

The size of the font matters a lot in writing, the writer should make sure that the size should be readable and understandable to the readers because otherwise the paper would be of no use and will not achieve the purpose of writing. The students who are doing professional studies should be very careful about the choice of the font size, 14 and 12 is the most appropriate for the academic studies.

The writer should be

skilled enough to make the paper more presentable in front of the audience and the writer can easily learn these skills with the help of guides available on the internet sites.

The writer should enough knowledge about where to use different fonts in the paper like to differentiate between the paragraphs, for headings, for quotations, for important word, etc. The font’s choice, color choice, etc are the most important factors for creativity. If the background color is very sharp then it is necessary for the writer to use a very clear font like the Times in Roman, The color of the background should be according to the font so that the writer can avoid the invisibility of the content.

The writer should know about two things like about the writing techniques and layout techniques because these two aspects can lead to the achievement of the purpose of writing.