Email Etiquette For Students

Importance Of Email Etiquette 

Now the technology has so advanced that the people don’t need any paper and pen to send the message to the recipient; one only needs the computer and the internet connection to send the message via email in a second. Emails are used not only by the teachers but mostly the students used this technology to send and receive messages. In the organizations, the use of email is very common, and mostly the work done through the emails. Continue reading

Article checker

In today’s world, many people are copying articles from a different web. Students or writers usually do this for their work completed in the shortest time span and make themselves rested. Most of the students do this for their assignments and research; they think that their teacher doesn’t know about their plagiarism but the teacher is a teacher, he can easily identify the copied work and students own creation. Continue reading

Unemployment Articles

Unemployment occurs:

When most of the people in the country don’t have jobs. Almost every developing and developed country of the world is facing this macroeconomic problem. Studying and discussing this topic is therefore very important. Unemployment has a strong connection with various other social problems. Continue reading

Short Science Articles

We live in a world surrounded by the latest of all time science and technology. In current times, science is at its most organized and highest form. There exist thousands of disciplines of science, today. The word science in its simplest form refers to knowledge but more formally is defined as a systemic activity that organizes knowledge in a form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Continue reading

Persuasive articles

Persuasive articles, also known as argument essays, use logic in proving that one idea is more legitimate than the other. They convince readers to adopt a particular viewpoint or take a certain action. These articles are not blarney but they use sound reasoning and evidence by stating facts, citing examples, quoting experts and giving logical arguments. Persuasive writers employ techniques and writing styles that improve the quality of their claim. Continue reading

Astronomy Articles

Astronomy is the field of science that depicts about the motion and evolution of stars, moon, sun, planets and galaxies. Astronomy article aim to give comprehensive knowledge about the astronomical phenomenon and their applicability to our everyday lives People read these articles because they are interested in knowing about astronomy because it is playing major role in our daily life. This knowledge enables us to explore more resources for energy, devise new mechanisms and think about the betterment of our own planet Earth. Continue reading

Basketball Articles

People try all kinds of things to stay healthy, some watch what they eat, most don’t much, while others spend countless hours in a gym trying to get lean. However, one of the easiest and fool-proof method to get in shape is something that mankind discovered at the begi8nning of time. That’s right people, it is sports! No huge formulae and no obsessive calorie counting. You want to stay in shape and be healthy? Then sports are just the thing for you! Continue reading

Biology articles

As the name suggests biology articles are written on biology. Biology is a branch of science which deals with the living organisms such as human being, animals and plants. We study different things in biology like nature; mechanism of living things etc. Biology is divided din to two branches, zoology which marks for study of animals and botany which contain the study of plants. Biology is very important subject because it provides the knowledge of living things. It also accounts for living organism which we cannot see from our naked eye. It also describes about the beautiful creation of the nature such as colorful and blooming flowers, different types of trees from which wood can be taken to make furniture. Continue reading

Cancer Articles

Death rate of our world has increased enormously over last few decades. One major cause of this is the deadly disease cancer. It is a leading, only second to heart diseases cause of death worldwide, accounting for 7.6 million deaths in 2008. Cancer is an over growing disease specifically since the age of industrialization. It has more prevalent now because our society routinely uses tens of thousands of unregulated industrial chemicals with absolutely no idea of what affect they may have on our biology. Continue reading

Color Theory

Concept Of Color Theory 

The color theory provides rules to the writer to use the best possible colors and gives different choices of colors while making presentations. The students usually doing business studies frequently give presentations to their instructors related to different assignments and topics and there is high percentage of the students who like to five documented assignments very colorful to the teachers. So it is better for the students to know about the blend of best colors which are suitable and near to esthetic sense. Continue reading