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Writing Process February 18, 2019

Writing is a very time-consuming activity because one needs to think while writing and before writing. The sequence of steps from which the writer has to go through while making an effective document is known as the writing process. The expert writers always go through the writing process for creating a unique and creative article whereas the beginners used to skip many of the processes but are for sure that the writer can learn the process by practicing the steps.

Tips To Start The Process Of Writing

Following are the sequence of steps which one needs to follow for the production of a valuable document which is fulfilling the expectations of the audience:

1. Invention Strategy

For developing a valuable draft it is essential for the writers to know about the time at which the assignment is due, and they should develop a plan of action. The author should be focused on the type of research, the style of writing, the reason for writing and the analysis of the audience. An audience is the most important factor which makes the written document success or the failure, so the writer should know about eth thinking of the audience regarding the assignment topic.

2. Prewriting Strategy

Prewriting is very necessary for the writer to adapt to generate different ideas regarding the topic. One should jot down all the main points, so here paper and pen are the effective tools. The writer should avoid the formatting problems with the text because it can create a barrier for the upcoming unique ideas. Brainstorming, clustering and free writing are the examples of the prewriting strategy, now it depends upon the author that what type of prewriting strategy should be in focus.

3. Drafting the Document

The writer should develop the draft after doing the prewriting, and at this point, one should create an outline that shows the flow of ideas and concepts present in the document. Drafting of the document should start and ends with the:

Thesis Statement





Text Analysis Tools

4. Revising/Proofreading

Revising and proofreading are the important steps in the writing because without it the writing process is incomplete. The writers should revise the document an hour late after drafting the document because to find out the mistakes it is necessary for the writers to start with the fresh mind. While reviewing the document the reviewer should put his/herself in the shoes of the readers because readers can easily find the mistakes than the writers. It is better to hire the review to revise the document because they can easily find the mistakes honestly, the reviewer could be the instructor of the student, friends, etc.

5. There are many techniques

which the writer can use to revise the document like reading the text aloud, reading the document from the end to the beginning because in this way the writer can easily find the spelling mistakes. While revising, one should focus on the following areas of the document like the spellings, punctuations, sentence structure, paraphrasing, the purpose of writing, evaluation of the audience, grammatical mistakes, etc, the errors in these areas can change the meaning of the sentences and paragraphs. Variety of sentences should be the priority of the author because similar sentences can make the audience bore and monotonous. Variety of sentences are very essential for the creativity of the article and change is necessary for regards to the content of the articles/books etc.