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What is Domain Authority?

Authority of a domain is one of the SEO signals to compute the rank of any site. This is actually a scale of points typically ranged from 0 to 100.

The higher the number of points is, the higher is a Domain Authority. Thus, this aspect also plays a crucial part either you try to be on the very first page of search engine results or want natural traffic to bring in.

Some of the aspects which affect the Authority of a domain are mentioned below:

  • Site Volume
  • Age of Domain
  • Amount of Social signals
  • Amount as well as Quality of backlinks

Bearing in mind all of the aspects mentioned above, can boost DA. Even every single effort to promote page authority (PA) ultimately increases domain authority (DA). Now, do you have a weighing scale or measuring flask by utilizing which you can compute DA? Obviously Not! Thus, how would you know it?

Our highly sophisticated bulk DA checker allows you to check Domain Authority as well as Page Authority.

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Domain authority checker Moz tool measures domain authority via combining all other metrics, for example, the number of total links, MozRank, Moz trust, etc. You only need to type the URL of a particular website and click on 'Submit' Button. Our superlative tool will create domain authority report within only a few seconds. The domains are scored out of 100.

The stronger the domain is; the higher score it will attain. With our incredible Site Checker, you can check of maximum 20 websites in one time. You can utilize our tool in order to check how much higher the metric of a particular domain is. It is 100% convenient to use as it needs no signup or Captcha code.

How Domain Authority is measured?

Moz computes DA of a particular website. DA and PA of any site is updated on a monthly basis. There are over 100 factors utilized by Moz as da checker.

A few of them are as follows:

  • Age of the website:

    It indicates when the site was live in Google search engine. It does not mean that when the domain name was listed.

  • Number of Backlinks:

    Number of links pointing towards your website also one of the primary aspects for computing page as well as domain authority. With the aim of getting backlinks, you can also utilize our auto-backlinks maker.

  • Types of Backlinks:

    If you have spammed backlinks pointing to your site, then your DA will be lower even if you have millions of those backlinks.

  • Content Quality:

    The Quality of the content comprises of an average length of the text on your website pages. Moreover, Grammar and spell mistakes also fall in this category. If you have duplicated content on your site, then the Authority of your site will be considered as lower.

  • Speed of The Site:

    Loading speed of a website not only boosts your site authority also it aids you to rank well in search engines.

  • Design of The Website:

    Design of a site does not mean, how much appealing design you have, it indicates is your site is compatible with all browsing devices like cell phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc.

  • Moz Trust:

    Moz also hosts this Term. Moz Trust of a particular website developed with the passage of time and they have a number of constraints to compute it.

  • Social Signals:

    It indicates how much your website is being shared on different social media sites like YouTube, Twitter; Facebook, etc.

Maintain Page Authority & Domain Authority:

If you have attained 60 DA this month, it does not indicate this value will be identical in next months. DA and PA of web pages may decrease or increase with the passage of time. In order to maintain your website authority, you need to update your website content regularly.

Attain backlinks from other authentic sources as well as sharing your posts to different social media platforms on a regular basis.

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Both are different terms and computed with different constraints. Any webpage that exists in your site has same DA whereas PA of all web pages will be different from others. If a single post comprises of 100 backlinks, 2000 social sharing will certainly have more page authority in comparison with a newly developed page or the page having fewer links pointing towards it.

Through Utilizing DA PA Checker you can analyze around ten website URLs at once. We delivered the fastest solution for analyzing domain metrics. If you wish to check more than 20 URLs, you can utilize website authority checker tool.

  • Age of a domain means a lot. So never anticipate a significant boost in the domain authority in a shorter period. It requires patience.

  • Improve SEO structure of your website. Concentrate on quality content, website structure; create search engine friendly Meta tags, use alt tags and proper use of keywords.

  • Generate reliable and high-quality backlinks for your site. In order to boost your website authority, you should have piles of linkable content.

  • Get rid of Spam backlinks and always concentrate on gaining website relevant and quality backlinks.

  • Develop strong tactics for internal link building.