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Find DNS Records is a highly superlative tool developed by Dupli Checker to conveniently authorize our users to check for DNS records of a domain or fetch some information regarding a particular domain. Through utilizing our tool, you can search for details and precise report of DNS Records for a website. It is a super-fast and free tool that provides some useful information like Domain IP Address, TLD Server, and Name Server information.

What a phonebook is to a phone, a DNS Server or Domain Name System is to the internet. Especially, DNS server is a storeroom of domain names which get decoded into IP addresses each time someone needs to access a particular website. DNS records back this translation. They are basically mapping files that notify the server which IP corresponds to which domain on the WWW.

By DNS records might seem a bit technical and complex for an amateur to understand, they are of key significance to server administrators. The Lookup DNS Records tool can aid them to get an insight into the DNS complexities of any provided domain URL.

If you want to check for DNS records of any domain or you need to fetch some information on a specific domain, then utilize our DNS record lookup tool available at Dupli Checker. Our free and super-fast DNS Finding tool provides a precise report on DNS Records for a website and also presents some other valuable information such as Name Server Information, TLD server as well as Domain IP Address. To utilize our tool, just put the complete website URL in the text box and let our tool provides detailed information about DNS records.

The tool will help you to discover some websites DNS records along with IP numbers, among other associated details you may require finding about them. You can also learn who is hosting these websites or a special website. Some of the basic details that our tool can provide you are NS record, A records, and MX record. DNS lookup online tool has also made it easy for you to execute some queries, including SOA records, AAAA records and among others. All of these are helpful to find out more about other websites that you need to check.

Our DNS Record Finder performs a fast DNS lookup to search for all DNS records for any website, Such as Name server, current IP, Class Sort as well as the domain is hosting company name and other relevant subtle elements.

With this tool, all you need to do is to provide Website URL, and it will do the rest of work for you without anyone else's involvement. In case you want to check more elements of interest of your domain, then you can use our advanced domain hosting checker tool and “DNS whois” Checker to check for all the necessary insights regarding the domain.

It is very easy and simple to utilize our handy tool. All you need to do is to put the URL of the domain in the given text field and our tool will provide complete information about DNS Records.

Our online DNS Record Checker makes it very easy to view a complete range of DNS (Domain Name System) records. Our DNS framework is crucial all the way through today's Internet. Imprecisely set up DNS records lead towards a massive variety of issues to administrators of company foundation and web servers. Our “Find DNS Records” tool can be utilized to find different DNS records on specific DNS servers.

Our DNS records lookup can get to be helpful irrespective of the likelihood that you are not a server administration. As a client, you might want to research why are you not capable of achieving a particular website while your companions have no concerns with it. With DNS Record Finder, you can check the records of your internet administration supplier's DNS server and compare it and the data from the neutral domain's ultimate DNS server, and you realize that your ISP's server is imperfectly designed or only holds the old variant of records in its reserve. You can also uncover how frameworks work in the engine.

Fill in the IP address/host field with the IP address or domain name you want to question about. Signpost a name server of your preference in the DNS record server field, or leave "Default" approval there to utilize one of our DNS servers. At that time, in the Query sort field, choose the type of DNS records you are interested in and click on "Inquire!" catch to fetch your result.

Our DNS Record Finding tool will try to contact the genuine name server for the prearranged questions and get the conclusive response for you. The predefined domain name server will be used to find real name server. If DNS Record Checker neglects to acquire valid answer, it will, therefore, try to get no less than a non-conclusive answer from the predefined domain name server.

Apart from supporting server administrators in finding what DNS record holds, our DNS Records finding tool also aids them in verifying any significant modifications made to these records.

There are some resource records available for a DNS server. Every DNS record works an exceptional function. The resources for DNS records are:

  • Host Information Records

    HINFO (Host information records) display detail about the host. This DNS record will provide all the essential information matched with the web host. Host information records are not utilized in the general servers on account of security concerns.

  • Address Mapping Records

    These DNS records also entitled as A and this record indicates the IPV4 address for the website. The objective of A records is to modify the domain names into their resultant IP numbers. Try our tool to get your DNS records.

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