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From the design of a website to social media and everything in between, managing your web presence is crucial in today's e-commerce market. There are many reasons why you need a commanding presence online: It strengthens your brand, increases your marketing efforts, and most importantly, helps you connect with your clientele.

What if you have a small business that focuses on local clientele? Do you need to take your business online if you're a niche based brand?

The answer to this is an internet-troll-style, all-caps, a massive YES: 97% of customers use the internet to search for local businesses. If you want your small (or big) business to grow to its full potential, an online presence is a must.

The question is where do you start? After all, there are countless SEO tools out there that claim they assist with web management. So, we've put our nose to the grindstone - gross, we know! - To create the best web management tools for any business. It doesn't matter if you have a blog or a small shop that sell clothes.

Google PageRank Checker

You've probably come across this term if you're actively building your SEO ranking. A Google Page Checker is a vital web management tool because it checks Google's link analysis algorithm. The tool not only calculates the links directing towards a website but the quality of those links as well.

DupliChecker's Page Checker utilizes a numerical scale of 0-10 where 0 is the lowest PR while ten is the highest. Sometimes website owners try to cheat their way to the top by purchasing links that point to their site, hoping that it will give them a high PageRank.

The free tool allows users to check its Google Page Ranking in real time.

Page Speed Test

Those who are new to the concept of SEO sometimes confuse website speed with the speed of a page. Page speed can also be referred to as the "Page Load Time," which means the time taken for a page to display its content.

When browsing a site its essential for the pages to load quickly, because research has shown visitors prefer to opt a much faster one instead.

Our Website Page Speed Checker, makes it convenient for webmasters to get the necessary information about the page loading speed of a domain.

Website Page Snooper (HTML viewer)

Don't you love the name of this particular tool? Judging by the title what do you think it does? It displays the HTML code of any website that you choose, and it can also reveal the source code of any webpage that you want.

The Page Snooper will highlight the HTML code in three colors to help differentiate HTML from value and parameter. The one highlighted in blue will be the HTML, the red will highlight the parameter, and value will be in green.

Then you will be able to minify HTML code by a few clicks.

Website Click Counter

As the name suggests, a Website Hit Counter is a tool that tells the number of visitors that a website is receiving. Once this tool is set up, it shows visitor tracking in real time, and displaying hits every time a new visitor opens the site.

The tool works in the background without causing any hindrance to the efficiency of the website. Our free Website Hit Counter resembles a small box that can be fixed anywhere on your page.

Web owners prefer putting this box at the end or side of their domain. Every time someone accesses the site; the counter is raised. However, if a person refreshes the page, it will not be considered a new visitor because only the IP address is used when counting the number hits.

AdSense Earnings Calculator

Your goal is to make money through your website, right? So, the first thing you should do is calculate how much money you stand to make when using AdSense. Calculating the amount of AdSense money, you might generate is a tiresome job when done manually.

So, to make to make it easier for you DupliChecker has designed an AdSense Calculator tool that will crunch the numbers for you. The free AdSense calculator will give you an estimate on how much you stand to gain on AdSense based on CTR, Page Impressions and CPCP.

Twitter Card Generator

Did you know a Twitter card allows you to add highly rich content w like videos, photos, and GIFS to Tweets that are responsible for the web traffic?

Creating a Twitter Card is very easy, because all it requires you to do is add a few HTML lines in your code, and a card is created when Twitter users share your content with others, thus sending traffic your way.

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms in the world, and a lot of brands, bloggers and world leaders use this platform to gauge their audience.

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Internet speed Test

We have created a state-of-the-art tool that tests the speed of your internet. Broadband Internet Connection PTCL shows the exact speed of your internet connection. Once you press the button that says 'Begin Test' button, the tool will assess the speed of your internet that compromises of average, maximum and minimum, uploading and downloading speed.

We're going to brag a little and tell you why our Broadband Internet Connection is better than its counterparts. The tool has been created specifically to display 98% accurate results in a matter of seconds.

Open Graph Generator

Facebook created the Open Graph in 2010, to boost its integration with other sites. This allows the websites to become a richer object concerning a social graph. When using Open Graph Generator, you can easily create an open graph for a richer more interactive Facebook content.

The tool creates a code which you can then copy and add into the head section of your site.

After generating OG tags must check those are properly implemented or not.