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SEO keyword ranking in Google’s result page is not easy but challenging, because websites need to have unique content and should change or keep the site up to date.

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This is where the role of keywords comes in where you have to think from the user's perspective that what the user is searching for and in which part of the world and how keyword rank checker will help you. Keywords are placed according to that in the content of the website, so whenever somebody uses those keywords as a query in search engine, your site gets a greater chance to show up on the results page. Google knows how many times a keyword is used in a search engine and from which area of the earth.

If you have made it this far and are about to use the tool for the first time, then get ready to expect the unexpected. The results will either amaze you or maybe shock you, but it is essential to learn what rank your website holds on the search result page. After that, we know you will concentrate on updating your website's content more often..

  • After reaching the link for keyword position checker, you will see a page containing this:
  • Tool area of keyword rank checker
  • The first thing to do after reaching this page is you have to enter the domain name, the most critical part before developing a website is keeping a domain name which should contain the main keyword, means what the website is about.
  • When you are done entering the domain name followed by HTTP:// you can see another large text box right in front of it where you will be writing the keywords that according to you the specific page of your website contains.
  • As it says it will look for your website in the first 100 places of the Google SERP, if your site doesn’t show up with that main keyword then you need to work on its SEO.
  • When you are writing the URL, and the keywords all you have to do is press the “Check Position” button below these text box. The results will be shown in a matter of seconds if you have added more than one keyword.
  • Result of keyword position checker
  • In a matter of seconds, you will get the results. If you find this tool helpful, then also try our other SEO keyword tools such as Keyword Density Checker and much more.

Many people still know little or nothing about SERPs as it is the most important page on the internet. The first page of SERP (search engine result page) consists of websites with good ranks, which keep going in descending order. A search result may consist of hundreds of pages depending on your search. There are many search engines over the internet, but the most important of all is Google which takes care of the ranks and indexes websites content thoroughly. Google is the only search engine over the internet that is accessed more than 3 billion times every day.

The content of your website needs to be intriguing so that when people search for something related to your content, Google would know that your site has the most updated content on keyword and thus will show your site in the top results of the page and Google ranking.

Adding keywords to the content of your site are the first step in SEO, so the search engines can know how unique is your content compared to others and whether to show it in the result page or not.

(Tip: The crawlers index those websites quite often who update their content regularly.)

When you are done with the SEO part and have been updating the website with useful content maybe it is time to check on which place is your site in the SERPs to know SEO ranking, according to the keywords. Results may differ from your expectations, but no need to panic as our website contains all the tools you need to work on the SEO of your website.

The page which is visited the most and gains more traffic than others you should start working on that page.

Make it as better as you can because it is a part of your website. Include links to other pages of your website on that page so that people can move around your site which will help the other pages get more traffic as well. The best way to improve visibility on the results page is by using keywords frequently in your content but make sure not to use them more than three percent because it can fall under a violation called keyword stuffing

Google rank Checker

In the early ages of search engines, Google used to search for the keywords written in the search box and match it with the keywords in the content of the websites to display Google ranking.

Searches made Semantic

Now, they use semantic search which means it understands what the keyword is about and finds articles related to the logic behind that keyword and displays results based on rationalized content over the internet.

For example, if your website contains content for a diet plan the keywords would be a diet plan for a week, diet plan for a month, diet plan according to health, etc. These are the keywords with more than two words, and such keywords are known as long tail keywords and are the best way to target more traffic because they are precise and specific.

Google won’t match the words exactly to the keywords on the site but learn what you have written about those keywords is authentic or not. This will show results based on Google’s understanding, the best place to add keywords is in the headings, subtitles, and Meta tags. Adding the keyword to your website domain name is going to help Google know your website better.

Most people after searching for a specific keyword wander over the pages of Google to find their websites link.

Sometimes you may find it on the very first page, but sometimes you have to go through a lot of pages to see your site.

As you know the first page of a Search engine is given much preference than others because almost 50% of the users on Google, click on the links of the first page. So, instead of going through pages to look for your webpage why don’t you let us do the job for you in an easy way with website rank checker? We will let you know the precise position of your website in the SERPs.