Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

The most common tactic that can help improve your website's level is the use of keywords which play a vital role. When it comes to search engine optimization of a website or a specific webpage especially if it contains content that you find necessary for others to go through, long tail keywords are a must.

We use various ways to get our site indexed on search engines servers which crawlers can miss when they hunt for quality materials over the internet. The reason is they have a tough job to do, and there is a probability, and this happens when you don’t have backlinks on keywords present on other websites. Now you know the basic requirement of the keyword the first one is the incoming links which point to your site.

Google has changed the way it looks at the queries used in its search bar. No doubt, it matches the keywords with the content of other websites, what else it does is, it looks at the similarity by clustering synonyms of the hunted words. When a search engine is done finding relevant content and matching the words to the sites that are already indexed on its servers, the results are displayed in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Let’s get in a little depth of how our sites get indexed and how is it all connected to keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

What’s essential for a website?

The first thing is to discover the keywords that best elaborate on the purpose of your website. After finding those keywords with the help of our keyword research tool you need to write content/blogs for your site. Not too long not too short but it should be around a few hundred words depending on how many headings you are positioning on your webpage. The keywords must be around ten to fifteen if it’s a five-hundred-word article but do you know short tail or one-word keywords are not much preferred by search engines anymore?

Whole SEO is based on unique and authentic content plus keywords in the title and headers that represent your content. Long tail keywords are based on two to three words, and these words can match the exact question used by the user in the search engine. For example, the price of (item name) in (area name), etc. This is beneficial for both user and the search engine because Google knows what your website contains and what the user asked for is connected or not.

The most critical part is keyword research, which should be taken care of before writing the content of your website because it gets a little difficult to adjust them later. This way you will know what you are writing about and will stick to the keyword’s explanation. If your site is about selling items, then it must contain the area where you are promoting them. Why? The answer is simple, not all the customers or online buyers trust what their eyes see but want to meet and check the items quality physically. This helps them build trust, and you get a nice review plus a good customer relation.

The relations we build in business are often important, so keep them updated by newsletters and latest product details through emails. There are some steps that you can follow to help your website to get promoted soon.

  • Internal Linking

    If you think your site gets indexed only once then no! The crawling or indexation can take several weeks, but if your website is ranked and receives the right amount of traffic, then Google will keep sending bots to update their servers. This can only be achieved if you upgrade the content of your website frequently because if you don’t then stop hoping that it will get crawled ever. The pages need to be interlinked so that when the bots crawl the site, they don’t leave any page. Bots have to go through billions of sites to find updated content and websites that are just introduced. In this process, there is a wild chance to miss a page or a whole website sometimes.

    To increase the chances of getting indexed you have to interlink your pages and work on back-linking as much as possible. So, when the bots visit other websites with good ranks and find your backlink there then for sure your site will be crawled if the page that the backlink connects to contains links to your other pages.

    You may Need SEO Backlink Tools

  • Sitemaps

    If there are no sitemaps, there is no way for a spider bot by Google to learn about the content present on your website. A sitemap contains all the necessary information required by a crawler. The sitemap includes data about when you last updated the content of your site, the name of the videos if there are any when often do you publish content, images and their titles last but not the least headings of the pages (which should contain long tail keywords). This sitemap should be updated to so when the crawlers visit again; they take back some better information like if the traffic of your site has increased since their last visit so they should crawl more often.

You can use our keyword generator tool to produce long tail keywords that best fit your content. All you have to do is follow some easy steps:

  • When you are on the page of Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool, you will see a box with the title Seed list.
  • On the right side of the box you can see various options to choose from that will help your keywords to be based on location, which search engine you wish to target, which language are you comfortable in and in the end, what type it should be like alphanumerical or just alphabets can help.
  • The last step is, of course, the easiest one all you have to do is press the “Start” suggestions button, and your work is done. You will get the long tail keywords in no time.