Keyword Overview

Conducting a keyword search has never been more important than at this point in the internet’s development. There was a time when people relied on loyal followership to generate traffic for their websites, but not anymore. Even though loyal followership still has a place, it is more in niche blogs than in general information websites. If you want to generate enough traffic to make it all worth your while, you need to use one of the many SEO keyword tools available.

That being said, you shouldn’t use just any tool to do your research. You need the best free keyword research tool; you also need it to be able to troll and process the most searched keywords. That’s the best course of action if you want optimum results.

It is almost impossible to make any significant progress without using a keyword tracker. You’re probably wondering why this is so. To help explain this point, here are a couple of things that using a keyword can do for you.

  • It can help you keep up with your competition:

    Since the internet first became a hit in the early 2000s, more and more businesses have moved online. That, in turn, has created a lot of competition in cyberspace. This competition makes it that much more difficult for businesses and websites that aren’t knowledgeable to stay in the game. Doing keyword research can help to change that. Keywords are one of the major ways internet-based businesses draw traffic to themselves. If used right, even the smallest underdogs can keep up with the Titans on the internet.

  • It can also help you jump ahead of the competition:

    This is actually easier than you might think. Correct timing, coupled with quick action can help you skip ahead of your competition. Imagine that you beat them to the punch of a new trend on the internet. You used the keyword tracker to identify a fresh perspective; you exploited it and now rank first on Google. The traffic that keyword will generate for your website trumps anything your competitors could ever hope to achieve.

  • It can also help you jump ahead of the competition:

    At the most basic level, keyword research is all about tracking trends. The important keywords are dynamic, and they need supervision. A tool like this can help you identify which keywords are on the rise, and which ones you should stop investing in.

  • It can also help you jump ahead of the competition:

    With the right keyword research tool, you can tell what the cost per click ratio is for the keywords you search for. Knowing what the cost per click ratio can then help you make accurate projections on how much you expect to make from a certain keyword.

By now, you must have understood that whatever keyword research tool you use must be spectacular! First of all, it must be able to analyze whatever keyword you need to check, regardless of its cost. There are some keywords you can get for free, while you have to pay for some others. This is especially true for keywords with a higher pay per click ratio. As a rule of thumb, the more the traffic a keyword can generate for your site, the higher it’s pay per click ratio. You need a keyword analysis that can give you information on all kinds of keywords − those with both high and low click per ratios.

Besides being able to search through ALL keywords, whatever tool you choose must also be able to conduct a free keyword search. This is important because you’re probably going to spend some money on your advertisements or Search Engine Optimization once you finish your search. You, therefore, want to be able to conserve money wherever possible.

As you can see, this tool has a lot to live up to; and it does! Not only can it search through all keywords, no matter how competitive, it is also capable of giving you specific breakdowns of the results − giving you sufficient information to work with. You’ll also be glad to know that this is a keyword research tool free of any costs. All of these make it the perfect tool for your keyword research and analysis.

After the tool does the keyword research, it gives you two important parameters. These parameters can guide you on the nature of the keyword. These parameters are …

Cost per click:

The cost per click is simply the amount earned every time a user clicks on an Ad. Ideally, the more competitive and popular a keyword is, the higher the cost per click. In other words, the keyword search volume impacts the cost of the ads. However, the cost per click is also determined by the advertiser as some advertisers are willing to pay more than others. This cost per click metric can help you gauge your internet ad campaign.


The keyword search tool also gives you the competition level for the SEO keyword research you’re doing. As you might have guessed, keywords with a higher cost per click will also have more competition than those with less. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to circumvent paying a high price for a keyword − you are probably not going to find a keyword that nobody knows about. This is because most people also use SEO keyword research tool. However, the good news is that keywords with higher competition also have higher returns and can generally generate you more traffic for your website.

The best tools are the easiest to use. It’s true for smartphones, it’s true for Google, and it’s definitely true for this research tool. The steps are incredibly short and incredibly simple to follow. Let’s get started.

Step one: Open the tool

To open the research tool, visit

Step two: Type in your keyword

On the tool’s webpage, you’ll see an empty field labeled “Enter Keyword.” Type your keyword here and click “Check Keyword Overview” to launch the search.

Step Three: Review your results

When the tool is done processing, it will provide you with the cost per click ratio of your keyword, as well as the amount of competition the keyword has.