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If you are aware of SEM (search engine marketing) then you are already halfway there, all you need now is one of the best-paid keyword research tools, and we have it. Paid keywords are the search terms people use in search engines to find the best answers to their related queries. Search engines picked a different method of how they need to look at what people are hunting for. Let’s say there is a keyword “Men’s hat” but your site will also show up for “buy boy’s hat,” it’s one of the few perks you get when you go for paid keyword search.

The terms you never opted for will also be a part of your site. It will not only help your business grow but is useful for search engine optimization. There are a few keywords that cost a lot and their PPC (Pay per Click) rate is quite high, which is why you need to do a little more research before finalizing. It will enable you to find keywords which have less cost per click with low competition. For example, if your site is about selling, then you must go for long tail keywords to elaborate your sites purpose, location, and type.

The higher the competition, the more the CPC, now the question arises, won’t such keywords require more optimization? Well, no but you need to keep one thing in mind, the keywords must be relevant to the material on your site. If it isn’t then no one can save you from the penalties of Google, not only your website will de-rank but will also poof from the SERP.

Keyword research is a technique used by all the SEO specialists to look for keywords that people enter into the search engines. This allows them to learn about keywords that will best fit their site’s content, and our keyword planner alternative can find keywords for you with low competition. The keyword analyzer gives all the marketers an edge by letting them know the demand of a particular keyword and how difficult would it be to compete with others who fall in the same category of organic search results.

Keyword suggestions not only let you know their current status like how many searches are made on that keyword, but it also gives an idea of how much effort is required. Also, it isn’t the only thing you need to boost the rank of your site, although it sure is the primary element for marketing motives today keyword research is all based on relevancy so let our free keyword generator find the hidden keywords for you.

Paid keywords or paid advertising is a method used to display the services or products you provide on the internet when a relevant search query is used in a search engine. The cost is based on the way you choose, if it’s a keyword, then the price will be pay per click, and the cost per click is decided either by the person who owns the business or the search engine. If it’s graphical the value still is per click on an image and per view but it is lesser than CPC for keywords.

  • PPC, CPC

    It is a cost the owner of the business has to pay to the search engine whenever someone clicks on their link. If you check into keywords like SEO agency, the CPC of this keyword is more than twenty-five dollars, and any agency who is getting a good business can easily afford it.

  • Graphical

    There is another way of advertising; for this, you will need to have images or videos for your business. The illustrations can be used on various sites with good ranks that have enabled content uploading like YouTube is the second search engine where most of the queries are made. People pay the video sharing services for displaying their ads, and these ads are placed on videos with relevant material.

Adds Ease to Your Marketing Strategy!

The way our free SEO keyword tool works are quite easy plus the keywords can help you learn about your rival’s website. Keyword finder tool will find all the keywords your competitor is using in his site. This will allow you to learn about how you are going to beat the site in competition, what steps you need to take, and what keywords you need to choose. Our best keyword finder will let you know about the positions, the cost per click rate, and the competition of the keywords.

Whenever you are looking to build a new website or up for writing content for some blog post, it is up to you if you want to promote a specific service or all. The content present on your website should accomplish in satisfying the needs of a visitor which is why it is necessary to have keywords according to the content. If, for example, people are searching for shoes, you need to add the price, brand name, where you are selling (location info), along with a short description about the product to help them learn more about it.

If you think it’s a task that can be performed once and you are done, then no you are wrong. The foundation of your site is based on keywords, and it requires maintenance every now and then. Our free SEO keyword research tool can help you out whenever you are adding or writing new content for the site, like a blog post, description, product, service and more.

Our keyword search tool free has no hidden costs or extra requirements. All you need is the link to the keyword suggestion tool, perhaps where you already are right now and follow some easy steps.

With the help of backlinks, you can conveniently get referral traffic. This type of targeted traffic has a lower bounce rate. It allows you to increase your conversion rate and gain loyal customers.

  • On the page of paid keyword checker tool, you will see a field with the title Enter Domain. This is where you are going to provide the URL of the website you want the keyword research finder to work on.
  • After entering and hitting the “Check Paid Keywords” button, the results will be displayed below the free keyword search tool.

In the results, you will find all the necessary information regarding the keywords used in the site which includes their CPC (cost per click), previous and current position plus its competition.