by jenna
Reading Time: 20 min
April 10th, 2013

What Role Social Media Plays in Promoting Plagiarism

The problem and tragedy of stealing content of different kinds is a major problem especially in the sector of social media management. This is found to be increasing everyday. It is important to understand what role social media plays in promoting plagiarism. Usually the problems arise when people use the quotes and texts which are property of someone else and without attributing to the original source they use these quotes and texts. This is a very criminal act on part of the persons who steal the content from others’ writings. As far as the social media and the effects of plagiarism on its development are concerned, the most probable effects of plagiarism can be seen on the social websites and networking zones like Twitter. One can find many examples on Twitter which show the deliberate examples of plagiarism and copying without acknowledgment.

There are many ways in which the social media is encouraging the menace of plagiarism to penetrate into the roots of literary foundations. There are many factors favoring this phenomenon. Among these some important factors are as follows:

There is a very wrong perception about the intellectuals and learned people. Previously it was thought that the learned people are only those who have their names spoken or written in media. This perception is even prevalent nowadays up to some extent. Among other major reasons, the most common one is that almost all of the writers who want their names to be popularized on media. However, when it comes to the working and performance of social media across the internet, it is well understood that many people can be heard and read across the globe. But in these cases the copying and sharing of the similar idea also occurs and this makes one original text or idea vulnerable to be copied and to be produced many times.

Most of it actually happens in case of the pictures, images and signs. This is even more easily possible on the social media and networking websites where the communication is pacing at a faster speed and there is not time and hence no system of check and balance to stop this. In this way the social media on internet has been rendered to a highly casual form of communication. Moreover when any content or idea is stolen from the social media links, there is no accountability to that.

There should be some heavy duty features launched in order to check for any kind of such forgery going on especially in the social media. Other than websites and internet links, a lot of plagiarism practice is being observed in the print and electronic media as well. However several methods can be adopted to curb the practice of plagiarism and the online empires like Google can play a great role in stopping this. The easiest way to penalize such a website containing plagiarized content is that it is ranked low in the grading and ranking of search engines. It is not only social media which is facing the extreme consequences of plagiarism. Basically the academia is also suffering a lot because many of the sources of academic works and assignments come from the social media sources.