Plagiarism Can’t Let You Build a Writing Career

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Plagiarism Can’t Let You Build a Writing Career December 5, 2018

If everyone in the world goes blind even the machines and crawlers used by search engines, you will definitely have a good career in the writing field with your plagiarism techniques. However, with all the advancement in technology to catch plagiarism, it is clear that plagiarism can’t let you build a writing career. Furthermore, the issue of plagiarism is addressed more often from an ethics’ point of view. Therefore, if you believe in ethics and want to be an ethical gentleman, you will definitely have troubles in earning your living out of writing while plagiarizing the content of others.

The first thing that will stop

you from becoming a professional writer if you plagiarize is the fact that you are not a writer. That’s true: if you are not writing the content and only gathering content from others and then presenting it to the public as yours, you are not a writer. You could name yourself as a content collector, information gatherer, articles’ filcher or downright plagiarism.Even if you are not a creative writer, you need to think of things from various different angles and if you are a plagiarist, you don’t have an angle of thinking, to begin with.

Secondly, if you are aiming a career

in writing and you don’t want to quit the habits of copying and plagiarizing what belongs to others, you will not be let into the field at all. If you are thinking of writing anything that will go on the internet eventually, you will not succeed in your tries and attempts. There are high chances that your content will get caught by search engines and it will be thrown down into the trash bin of the search engines. All the big search engines on which the internet searches rely the most have very strict rules against plagiarism.

Now let’s suppose

that you were able to evade the scrutiny from various search engines of your content and now you are working for a company. Do you know that this company’s name could be completely abolished from the search results because of plagiarism by search engines? Who do you think will be responsible for that? Of course, no company would ever want you working for it. At the same time, the company that has lost all of its credibility, ranking and reputation because of your plagiarized content, will tell other companies about you and your career will be in the bin.

Even if you are using software

to spin the content and turn someone else’s material into yours, you are not far away from getting caught. Most of this software isn’t very good at changing words and repositioning the words in the articles. In addition to that, even if you are safe today, you are only playing on a chance here. The day you get caught for plagiarism content you will be fined heavily and your employer will have his own rules to deal with you. Eventually, you will not be having a career you were aiming at, at least in the writing field.