Avoiding Plagiarism at School

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Avoiding Plagiarism at School December 20, 2018

Most of the schools do not accept plagiarized content and may detain the students from the school who are caught having done so. Hence, it gets very critical to avoid plagiarism in such circumstances.

Below are a few tips on how to avoid plagiarism at school:

Use Your Own Words:

Not everyone is an Einstein, nor is it expected by the teachers. You have to get the information from “somewhere” at least. Ok, do search through the web but only to get information and not the content. Creative writing is not expected but you should at least be able to put things in to your own words after reading it from the online source.

Provide Source:

Some hard core data like dates, quotations, theories and facts cannot be changed. In such cases, mention the source and make sure you do In-Text Referencing or mention the source in some form. You can search online on how to do in-text referencing.

Most of the academic institutions globally give their teachers access to plagiarism checking softwares or websites, which are paid. Students, on the other hand, always have an option to check the content on one of the many freely available plagiarism checking websites.