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Are you receiving the services that you are actually promised? It is no longer complex to know as there are many online internet speed meter available on the internet. Our highly devoted and dedicated team of professionals have made a free internet connection speed test tool which lets you ascertain how good my internet speed is.

We bring state-of-the-art Internet connection speed test tool which notifies you regarding the exact speed of your internet connection. On pressing 'Begin Test' button, our robots will assess your internet connection speed to check my internet speed that comprising off average, maximum and minimum, downloading and uploading speed. Apart from others, our broadband speed checker has been created to display 98% exact results in only a matter of seconds.

Suppose you are paying your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for 20 MB internet connection, but you have a few doubts whether you are receiving the actual speed or not, you can simply use our tool and get the most authentic and accurate estimation. Whether you have a Local Internet, Broadband, or a Wi-Fi enabled USB gadget, this tool at provides 100% accurate results for each type of internet connection.

Network Speed Test

What is my Internet connection speed is the most frequently asked question by users? But unluckily, no one can answer this question precisely. With hard work, the professionals at We have introduced this Internet speed test for users. Check internet speed as many times as you wish, check the speed of an ISP, it's completely free for life and needs no registration or signup fee!

Speed Test PTCL

Wifi Speed Test Online.

The feature is also covered by our broadband speed checker. If you are from Pakistan, then you are presumably be utilizing PTCL. All you need to do is to visit our website, open our highly superlative internet speed test, and start testing. Within only a few seconds, our broadband speed checker will display the analysis of your internet connection in detail. It doesn’t matter what PTCL connection you are utilizing. Whether it is a PTCL Cloud, Broadband connection, or an EVO Wingle, our tool will work as a Pro! Charter and Verizon Communications are one of the leading Internet Service Providers in the USA. Thus we have made certain that our incredible tool offers both Charter and Verizon ADSL speed test, precisely. But don't be panic if you aren't using Verizon, Charter or PTCL. Our remarkable tool is designed in such a way so that it can scrutinize any ISP connection speed.

Whether you are from Pakistan, India, UK, or the US, you must keep a daily check internet speed on your internet connection using our up-to-the-minute Internet Speed Test presented by In the case of poor internet speed, you must contact your ISP for support.

How it will Assist You

It doesn’t matter if you use a local internet connection, Broadband or Wi-Fi enabled device, and you can utilize our tool to discover if you are receiving your required internet speed and kill all your doubts. It will display the most authentic and reliable results for any type of connection that you may utilize. The fantastic thing about check my internet speed is that it is 100% free.

How to Use Internet Speed checker?

Utilizing our tool is very easy and simple, as it comprises of an easily manageable interface that makes it easier. Just visit, open this broadband speed checker and click on “Begin Test” button, and the ADSL speed test online for your internet connection will start.

How broadband speed checker actually Works?

Whenever you check your internet speed with our tool, it transmits some data packets to their local server. The transmitted data speed is computed on the basis their website & it displays your uploading and downloading speed result. Our ADSL speed test online transmits your data packets to be downloaded to your system, and it calculates your downloading speed. You can test internet speed rapidly and efficiently by utilizing our tool.

Features of Internet Speed Test online

Check your current downloading & uploading speed online

Verify that you are provided connection speed which is consistent with your data plan

Share your speed with your family & friends on Facebook and Twitter

No login or signup required

Android app is also accessible for our tool; you can also check 4G or 3D speed test utilizing our app.

The Speed Test is a valuable tool for understanding and tracking your internet connection speed. We present the fastest Internet connection speed test you can get. Play online games, Stream video, upload photos, download music and more across several devices within your home without having a compromise on performance.


One Megabit per second! You require eight megabits for each second in order to move a single megabyte file. One digital photo, for instance, might be approx. two megabytes in size.

Downloading Speed:

The rate of speed at which your internet connection transmits data to your computer is called downloading speed. This is the concentrated amount of information your system can receive from the Internet in a provided second. Download speeding is computed in terms of Mbps per second.

Uploading Speed:

Uploading is the reverse of downloading speed; it calculates the maximum amount of info that your system can transmit to the internet. It's also calculated in terms of Mbps speed test.


If your internet connection speed test result doesn't fall under the range of your existing plan, check the following:

Use a wired Ethernet connection rather than wireless connection Wi-Fi in order to avoid interference.

Close any in-progress downloads or programs using your internet connection.

Reset your router or modem and run internet speed test again.

While Talking about Speed test it’s also important to Check website speed.