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The Basic Need for Websites Nowadays

Do you want to identify how much awareness your website is engendering? Adding a hit counter can convey you that and a lot more. Website counters or you can call them visitor counters are one of three types of hit statistics that measure the traffic on your website. Knowing what to measure and why will support you get on track using these counter utilities on your site.

Our website user counter is a web-based application which shows the number of visitors to a specific webpage. They can help you know popular pages of your site, how frequently people visit each page, and how their stay extended is.

If you have paid to publicize your website, counters can also convey you if you’re advertising programs are operational. Advertisers want to identify your Website’s statistics to know whether there has been a traffic upsurge, and how many inimitable visitors you are receiving per month. The number signposted by the hit counter is usually presented as numerals, although it is probable to display it as an image or text. Different fonts or styles can be used to show the details of the counter. A counter tool functions in the background and does not the reason for any commotion or deferment to visitors. They can be set up programmatically or by using free or paid widgets like ours. .

A hit, visitor, or traffic counter will permit you and other people to track visits to your website. The information assembled from a Click counter can aid you to make plans for future content, effort how effective a site redesign has been or display any growth in visitors as a result of an advertising operation. These statistics can also instill assurance in advertisers, as they can see the traffic details. It can also indirectly boost visitors/users to spend more time with the website to know why the website is so popular. The visitors will definitely think about the success and popularity of your website. If visitors can appreciate that your site is popular among others, it may inspire them to use more time traveling the content on offer or influence them to make a purchase.

With counter you can count traffic or track users to your website without presenting a public hit counter for others to see. This empowers you to monitor the admiration of your site and particular pages without revealing the facts to anyone else. There are several free website visitor counter selections accessible over the internet.

A hit counter increases by counting the single visits from IP addresses. In simple and clear words, if the same visitor/user reloads the page, the traffic counter does not rise, as it knows that it is the same visitor/user. A simple counter only count traffic and tallies the number of visitor hits associated with the website.

The goal of every website is to increase the growth of visitors on their site and become popular in the whole world. The owners of the websites are responsible for setting the standards about their websites. So, if you want to know the details of the user data, which ultimately could be used to raise the reader base or sales, website visitor counter is for you.

We are introducing a free website visitor counter tool by DupliChecker. Our unique and simple tool is very popular and used by thousands across the world. If you are you still struggling to find a counter tool for your website which leads you to the track of the success of your site? Don’t look any further!

You can use the tool in a few simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: Enter the URL of the page you want to generate free hit counter for.

Step 2: Now,select “Start Counting”, the “Number of Digits” and according to your choice select “Count Type” option.

Step 3: Next you have to “Select Style” for code and click on “Submit” button.

In no time, you will get the ready-to-use code for you website traffic counter.

When the code is generated, put your website counter code into your webpage’s HTML, and it will start working in no time. There is no registration or sign-up; you can use our tool on your blogs, websites, and wherever you need it. 9 is the maximum number of digits available for traffic count. Install hit counter today and see the traffic on your website.

As we know that technology is changing day by day, we should try to keep up with new trends. This is one of the reasons why the visitor counter is essential for websites. If you are still wondering if there is really a need of it or we are just assuming its worth; let’s have a look at some points to clear your doubts:

  • With our free visitor hit counter, you can easily keep track of your visitors and see how many visits you get on your website.
  • Sometimes there are some problems to install Google Analytics JavaScript code because you have no permission to do so. All these services do not let you install a visitor tracking system other than something as simple as an HTML click counter service like this one. This makes it different from other counter applications.
  • There is another solid reason for choosing our free visitor counter tool, as it tells about the number of visitors of your websites on a daily basis. It will also increase the credibility of your, and these will grow more effectively.

Give this tool a try, and we are sure it would prove helpful to you!