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A simple hit counter is a software program that tells the number of hits or visitors that a particular webpage receives. Once you set it up, the counter performs website visitor tracking itself, by incrementing every time a visitor accesses the web page in a web browser.

A visitor hit counter is a hassle-free online numerical counter that counts the number of visitors on your page. It works in the background without causing any annoying page delays. The free hit counter is usually a small box that can be placed anywhere on your page. Webmasters mostly put this box at the end or side of the page. Each time a visitor visits a web page, the counter is raised. If a visitor refreshes the page, it will not be considered as a new visitor as only the IP address is used when counting the number of a website visitor. A simple hit counter can provide you with a lot of information regarding the user data so that you may use it to fulfill various purposes.

To generate counter for a website code is used which is called counter text. This code is written in Perl, PHP, C versions or some other scripting language. However, you need not to worry about the counter text because you can leave that to a hit counter generator or tool. In addition to the internal counting code, the counter text also contains options for the graphical user interface to display the counter as you desire. The website visitor has nothing to do to ensure the website visitor tracking, but the counter data can be used for various purposes.

The rivalry in the world of internet is getting stronger and more cA simple counter will simply let you know the number of visitors of your website which you can use as an easy and quick way to boost your online presence. You can even add gadgets such as a bulletin board, a guestbook, a chat room, and much more to make your site even more interactive. Some of these hit counters come with additional facilities that are helpful in reviewing the daily page hits along with the time. Page hits and other visitor details also come in handy when you are using advertising to monetize your website, and an advanced counter can give you all the website visitor statistics.

You can customize the hit counters to show digital display or the analog. The analog functions like the country of the visitor are also available with some counters. Advanced hit counters have various options that enable you to show the counter in the regional language. This language varies when your website is accessed in different countries. This could be possible by analyzing the geographical region of the visitor. If you own an online business, then this information can serve you quite well.

The key objective of every website is to increase the number of site visitors. Webmasters use different website promotion tools to boost their website which can lead to many new site visitors. However, it is not possible to benefit from such tools without website visitor statistics. Designing a hit counter could be troublesome if you are not a programming expert. In such situation, you can get help from a ready to use free hit counter code. All you have to do is just copy and paste the code to run the counter and know the website visitor statistics.

Welcome to free visitor hit counter by DupliChecker. Our simple hit counter is being widely used all over the world. The tool is not just free but also very easy to use.

  • All you have to do is enter the URL of the page you want to generate free hit counter for.
  • Select start counting, the number of digits, and count type options.
  • Then click on “Generate Code”.

Once the code is generated, simply put the website counter code into your webpage HTML, and the free counter will start running straight away. This efficient tool doesn’t need any registration or sign up to run. You can use our free hit counter on your blogs, websites and other areas. The maximum amount of digits available for hit counter is 9. Go ahead, create and install website counter today and see the number and location of your website traffic now.

Nowadays, there are super advanced web analytics tools such as Google Analytics that allow you to track almost everything about your e-commerce clients and website visitors. Given that how can a visitor counter tool compete with such complicated and advanced tools? The answer is obviously No!

  • A website visitor counter serves an entirely different purpose. With our free hit counter service, you can easily and quickly keep track of all the visitors of your website. You will not need to log in to your Analytics account every time you want to know the details. All it takes is a user visit to your website, and you will be updated.
  • More than often it happens that you are unable to install the Google analytics JavaScript code simply because you are not allowed to. This could happen every time you use any third party web property such as Tumblr, Wix or Wordpress, etc. All these services do not let you install a visitor tracking system other than something as simple as an HTML hit counter service like this one.
  • Another reason for which you might prefer using a visitor counter is to tell your visitors how many people are visiting your website on a daily basis. Analytic services are something that enables you to analyze your web traffic thoroughly, but a simple hit counter is something that you must share with your visitors and enhance the credibility of your website. By doing this, you are indirectly conveying a message to your users about how trusted and liked your website is.

All these factors and more play a key role in the significance of a visitor counter like DupliChecker’s!