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You have landed at the accurate page if you were in search of a tool that can check if a website comprises off any types of threats, including malware, spyware, and virus. You can also utilize it to find out if a website URL comprises of any inappropriate or malicious codes that might put you at risk for visiting this website. Now if you are a webmaster or blogger, you can also use our tool to realize if there is a website infection that you need to address and fix for the security of your visitors and for the progress of your rankings.

An avg antivirus checker is an all-in-one tool that can help you check for other websites, too. It can notify you if a site is protected to use or not as this tool can help in checking and verifying for a particular website’s reputation in addition to what others say about it. By way of figuring out the security and safety of a website, you can easily get rid of any issue that might arise using a septic website and might put your privacy and security at risk.

The antivirus checker online provided by Dupli Checker is a user-friendly tool without any download involve. You can use it straightaway from this site without you having to install it on your laptop or desktop. If you are a webmaster, you can secure your web pages from being marked as spam thru fixing any threats found on it. And if you are a user, you can make certain that a website is protected before proceeding with it.

As cyber threats are just around the corner, it would be sensible to checking a site’s reputation and protection scores prior using it for downloading, browsing or buying. Thus whether you are a webmaster or simply an internet surfer, verify a website’s security and security scores for your complete safety, too.

Online data is exposed to millions of users. You can take an instance of a website, which can be accessed by millions of people online. With the increased number of individuals visiting your site, there are a lot of chances of your website getting inoculated by some spyware or viruses. These viruses can either enter your website by your computer or by a hacker. These viruses are harmful to your website, and they may lead towards a poor website health.

Dupli Checker has developed a best free malware checker called as AVG Antivirus Checker which scans your website for different types of viruses and notifies the webmaster if finds any viruses on your site.

The all you need to do is to enter complete website URL in the empty text field. Our tool provides you the facility to add more than 20 URLs in one time, make certain you add each and every URL on a single separate line.

Click on 'Submit' button and let our tool to work. Apart from other tools, Dupli Checker's virus scanner tool takes only a few seconds to generate a virus report of all the websites entered. If it founds any viruses on your site, it will notify you.

Every webmaster should take good care of their website and protect it from viruses. Some viruses can insert in the website with the website owner never familiar about them. So it is essential for every website owner to conduct a complete virus scan of their site through our highly sophisticated AVG Antivirus Checker. Viruses affect your website's health and they can not only affect the experience of the user but can also affect website rankings.

Use Dupli Checker AVG antivirus security, just because it is free, accurate, fast, and does not need any downloading. The exceptional feature of our tool is that rather than checking each website in sequence, you can perform a virus scan of more than 20 websites in one time. Our state-of-the-art tool does not need any registration and scans your website for any type of viruses and malware.

Here are some very useful guidelines to protect your website from virus or malware attacks:

  • Backup on regular basis.
  • Most viruses happen on account of an old version of plugins. So every time an update comes, make certain you don't give any reasons for not updating!
  • A number of website owners use the default username set by the admin. For security purpose, use some distinctive usernames and not the default admin.
  • Never use pirated plugins and themes because they include viruses and can spread malware to users. Always make sure that you buy plugins and themes from reliable sources only.
  • Every webmaster is well familiar with the side effects of viruses and wants the website to get protected. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you cannot completely secure your website from a virus.
  • You can though minimize the chances of viruses or malware hitting your site. To make it happen, it is necessary to check whether your website is connected to an anti-spyware database or not and if it is connected then get all the specifics of the blocked IP addresses from our AVG Antivirus checker SEO tool.
  • After you get all the specifics of the blocked IP address, prohibit the same IP addresses from your webmaster. It will not allow the blacklisted IP addresses to enter your site thus securing your website from spam. Thus, to secure your web from spam, frequently use our superlative AVG antivirus checker.

The major threat to a website is virus or malware as it can lead towards a lot of damages to the website. To minimize the risk of spam, anti-spam databases were generated so that every webmaster can utilize it to block blacklisted IP addresses from the site. This is extremely useful in minimizing the spam thereby making it safe for the visitors to access the website without obstruction. Thus, it is better to choose a trustworthy AVG internet security business so that the risk of spam can be minimized.