Page Size Checker

Website Page Size Checker, as the name may give you a hint, is one of the extremely handy SEO tools that are available today. By using this tool, you no longer have to worry about how to check web page size. It works like a magic tool that you can use to check website size online in a matter of only a seconds.

Nowadays, webmasters pay special attention towards the loading speed of their website because the internet user always prefers websites that take less time to load over the websites that take much long. As per some surveys, conclusions have been drawn that if a website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, the users are likely to exit. So a webmaster or web admin should make sure that the website doesn’t take a very long time to load. Improved loading time will eventually lead to better ranking in search engines and lower bounce rate.

Do you have a website that takes longer than usual time to load? This is a sign that you need to worry about the size of your website. But how to know the total size of a website or a page? Your web page size might be the reason for high bounce rate because visitors usually don’t have the patience while the page is loading. That is why you first need to know how to find the size of a website. You can easily find the page size with the help of a website page size checker or page size inspector. The average small web page size of approximately 12 KB usually loads very quickly. However, the heavy media on the page results in increased page size and hence in more time to load.

For the good health and performance of a website, you must know how to find the size of a website. This purpose can be served by any website page size checker or page size inspector tool.

Today, high internet connection rates are available which make webmasters think that they don’t need to bother much about the web page size and its load time. On the contrary, the factor remains essential both from the usability and the SEO point of view. According to researches, 16% of people will leave the page if it takes longer than 10 seconds for the page to load and only a very few people will wait for more than 15 seconds. Therefore, overlooking your page size and page load time can make you lose half of your visitors.

The key rule is to keep your page size up to 150K because search engines will not fully cache pages with greater size than this. To put it simply, the longer the search crawler has to wait, the less it will like to visit your page.

The page size inspector or the website page size checker offered by DupliChecker is very simple and easy to use. Our website page size checker allows you to check website size online without any trouble. It is a great SEO tool to find out about your website page size. It gives you the valuable information about how big your website is in KB. This website total size checker has been designed exclusively for people who want to know how big is their website and whether they need to work on its size or not.

To use this excellent tool, just enter the given page URL which you want to examine in the text field and click on the button that says “Check Page Size”. Within only a few seconds, results will be displayed to you including the size of the page in KBs.

If you update your website regularly with updated content and media, then it is recommended for you to perform the page size check on a regular basis, using a quality website page size checker. A good page size and fast loading speed not only provides an excellent user experience and lowers the website bounce rate but also enhance the website ranking in search engine results considering that speed factor which is now a part of Google’s top ranking criteria.

There are many ways in which you can minimize the size of your page. For instance, you can optimize your images by appropriately scaling them. It is evident for a picture of 2000 X 2000 pixels to take a long time to load as compared to an image of 200 X 200 pixels. We recommend you to always scale your images before using them on your site. For this purpose, you can utilize DupliChecker’s free online image compression tool that will reduce the size of your images without comprising its quality.

Also, you are advised to set up browsing caching on the server.