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Format your unorganized HTML code with Duplichecker’s HTML beautifier Online. Prettify HTML with our HTML Formatter in seconds.

HTML Hypertext Markup Language is considered the most useful way to create webpages. Web developers from all over the globe prefer this language in managing and designing their websites due to its unambiguous syntax and easy to understand the logic. However, there is an issue while working on HTML, which is the length of the code. It becomes challenging to manage a lengthy HTML code, as it may include hundreds of starting and closing tags. That's why you may need an HTML formatter to arrange your HTML code in a neat and transparent way.

The HTML formatter available on DupliChecker offers you a great chance to format your HTML code without making any hard efforts. You can arrange your HTML code in a perfect way that any person who understands the basics of HTML can read it without any hassle. This formatter also enables you to format HTML online with your preferred indentation level. Moreover, this HTML formatter will preserve spaces between tags like div and span, as it's measured as useful content.

The formatting of HTML includes the removal of unnecessary spaces to make an HTML code neat and clear. You don't need to use CSS to format web text, as you can do it with HTML. You can use bold, italicized, heading, etc., tags to format your HTML.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand that tags are divided into two categories.

Physical tag: These tags allow you to give a visual appearance to the text.

Logical tag: Logical or semantic value to the text is added with logical tags.

The method of getting assistance from this HTML formatter is easy and straightforward. You can transform your unformatted HTML code to formatted using this HTML prettify tool. The set of instructions discussed below will enable you to beautify HTML through this online HTML beautifier.

  • You can upload your file on this HTML Formatter by clicking on the "Upload" button.
  • (Note: You can also enter your HTML code by copy/pasting, or writing it yourself. )
  • After entering the HTML, click on the "Format HTML" button to initiate the process.
  • Boom! You will get your formatted HTML data within no time.

Yes! Both the tools are the same and have the same purpose. HTML formatter online tool is a help for all those who don't have enough time to set their HTML code in an understandable format. You can simply paste your data and you will get your formatted HTML code.

A neat and clean HTML code denotes the professionalism of the developer, and also makes it easy to understand. The other primary advantages of beautified HTML code are discussed below.

  • The primary purpose of an online HTML formatter is to arrange an HTML code in such a way that all the open/close tags are appropriately managed and make your indent well-structured.
  • Clean HTML assists users in managing the code/snippet effortlessly. You can also optimize the formatting method for the best results.
  • This will also help a developer to find out his/her part from an extensively large HTML code.
  • Give your code a professional look that increases your credibility among other developers.
  • Using this HTML Beautifier makes your HTML Pretty and more readable for everyone.

An online HTML formatter provides you a chance to eliminate unnecessary spaces or characters from your code without making any efforts. The other significant reasons for using an HTML beautifier are as follows.

No Need to Install Any Application:

An online utility enables you to beautify your HTML without installing any software on your device. You can make your HTML clean from any part of the world by only having an internet connection.

Use From Any Device/Operating System:

You are not restricted to have a specific device to use an online HTML Formatter as this utility can be accessed through all devices. Also, it doesn't matter what operating system you are working on; this facility can be used from all operating systems, including Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Free Of Cost:

The HTML formatter available on the DupliChecker allows you to beautify your HTML code and you don't have to pay money to some professional to arrange your HTML in a standard format when you want to send it to your supervisor or teacher. This task can be done without spending any money through the utility available on this site.

Does HTML Formatter Online Tool save my data?

NO! This HTML online formatter doesn't save any data you will upload for formatting purposes. The code you enter on this HTML prettifier will be erased within a few moments from our servers. Also, your data's secrecy is our utmost priority, and we take serious measures to fulfill this duty. We don't share or use your HTML code in any case. So, you don't need to be worried about your information's privacy while using this online facility.