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Use this free grammar checker to review your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Quickly check grammar and all structural errors in any text with this online grammar corrector.


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How to Use Our Grammar Checker?

With our free grammar check tool, you can easily find grammatical errors in your writing. You can use our writing checker by following the steps below:

  • imgUpload the text file from your device or paste the text into the given box.
  • imgSelect a language and dialect on which your uploaded text is based.
  • imgComplete the Google Captcha (For Security Concerns).
  • imgClick the Check Grammar button.
  • imgThe utility will highlight spelling and grammar errors and provide suggestions to improve your text.

Automated AI Grammar Corrector for Accurate Writing

DupliChecker’s AI grammar checker is based on powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms that automatically identify and rectify grammatical mistakes to enhance content quality.

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How Does an Online Grammar Checker Help You Write Better?

An online grammar checker helps you bring betterment to the overall quality and readability of your text. Grammatical errors always remain a hurdle for people, and they struggle hard to bring improvements in their writing. An online grammar check tool will not only help you write better, but it will also help you in the following ways:

Fix Grammar Errors

Learning all the grammar rules of any language is difficult, even for professional writers. An online grammar checker helps you fix all the grammatical and style errors in your writing that affect its readability. Besides detecting and highlighting errors, it will also suggest possible solutions for correcting those errors.

Check Spelling Mistakes

As a non-native to any language, you may misspell several words while writing. Several words sound similar but have different meanings, which leads people to use them in different situations. With our online spell check tool, you can quickly detect embarrassing typos and spelling mistakes that affect your writing.

Correct Punctuations

When it comes to written communication, punctuation marks carry great significance. Without punctuation, the readers won’t be able to perceive the message conveyed in the content. Our English grammar check tool also works as a punctuation checker that helps you correct punctuation errors in your writing. The utility will inform you about corrections in your text, from missing periods to using comma splices, semicolons, and other punctuation.

Fix Capitalization Errors

Capitalizing errors commonly occur while writing. The rules for capitalizing words in a text are pretty simple, such as the first word of a sentence, and proper nouns should be capitalized in any case. However, people often forget to follow this rule while focusing on creativity. Our English grammar check tool will identify capitalization errors and assist you in correcting them immediately.

Word Selection and Terminology

An appropriate selection of words and terminologies is crucial to enhance the quality of content. Besides proofreading the content, an online writing checker helps you improve content quality by suggesting better words and terminologies. Some words don't match the context of the text, but a grammar check online tool helps you find context-based mistakes and fix them immediately.

Features of Online Grammar Checker

The AI grammar correction tool offers a wide range of features to make the grammar checking process easier for everyone. Some of its prominent features include the following:


100% Free

You don’t need to pay charges or create an account to use our English grammar checker. The utility is completely free to use. Moreover, there is no limit on the usage of the utility. You can check grammar mistakes in any text as often as you desire without restrictions.


Support Multiple File Formats

Besides copy-pasting, you can also upload the text file from your device to check grammar errors with our free grammar check utility. The utility supports multiple formats, including Doc, Docx, PDF, RTF, and TXT files.


Auto Suggestions

The grammar corrector uses AI-powered algorithms that automatically detect grammatical and all style errors and provide suggestions to correct the mistakes quickly.


Check Grammar in Multiple Languages

Besides English, people face grammatical issues while translating articles into different languages. They may need a grammar check online tool to check grammatical mistakes in different languages. Fortunately, Duplichecker provides the best grammar checker that can check grammar and structural mistakes in the English language and various other languages. The main languages include French, Italian, Dutch, Malayalam, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. You can select any language or use the auto-detect option as you desire.


One-Click Correction

You don't need to correct grammar mistakes manually, as the advanced algorithms of this free grammar checker highlight the errors occurring in the text and offer suggestions to correct them immediately. You can easily replace the mistake with its correction with a single click.



You won’t face compatibility issues while using the free online grammar checker. This utility is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems. Whether you use it on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, or Windows devices, the utility efficiently works on all devices.


Accessible from Anywhere

You can access this grammar checker online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Who Can Use the Grammar Checker?

DupliChecker’s grammar corrector is a useful tool for domains directly involved in formal written communication. The professionals who can use this online tool include:


Content Writers

The content writing field has observed massive growth in demand and supply. The job gets quite tricky for non-native content writers, as they usually don’t have a good grip on applying grammar rules correctly while writing content. An online grammar check utility can help them proofread any text and eliminate all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes within no time.



Freelancers' work is entirely online, and they don’t get into in-person meetings with employers. Therefore, they must possess strong written communication skills to gain more clients. As a freelancer, clients might be reluctant to acquire your services if your pitches contain minor or significant grammatical mistakes. Using an English grammar checker, you can fix your pitch's grammatical and spelling mistakes to portray a positive image and get more orders.



Webmasters are required to post updates on an urgent basis several times. In such a case, if you’ve written a headline or any text and need to upload it immediately, then make sure to proofread it through an online grammar check tool. The utility will help you fix all style errors to save yourself from embarrassment in front of the audience.



While creating copies for marketing or advertising campaigns, copywriters need to produce flawless text without grammatical errors. Using an online grammar correction tool, they can ensure that there are no typo errors in the copywriting.


Students and Teachers

Students have to prepare a lot of assignments regularly. Similarly, teachers have to check a large number of documents submitted by students on a daily basis. An online grammar corrector will be a helpful utility for both teachers and students in this regard. Students can use this tool to make their assignments errorless and gain good remarks and grades. At the same time, teachers can use the utility to save time on checking grammar mistakes in assignments submitted by their students.



Organizations need to prepare documents, presentations, and other forms of textual content from time to time. The existence of grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes in these textual copies can negatively affect their brand image. Therefore, organizations can use grammar check online tools to verify content and ensure it is free of all grammatical mistakes.


You can check your text's grammar and spelling mistakes using our grammar checker free. This online utility deeply scans your text and displays all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

No! You need to connect your device with an internet connection to use this free grammar checker online. It is a web-based tool that can only be accessed online.

This grammar corrector doesn’t save your uploaded text or files. After completing the grammar checking process, the uploaded data automatically vanishes from its databases.

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