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English is a language that is being spoken and taught worldwide. Learning a language is no doubt a significant addition to your Curriculum Vitae, but English is more required than any other language in this world. You can call English a global language because it is taught in every institution the reason is everybody knows that somewhere in their future, they will either need it while being interviewed or when they leave for another country.

Now, there are two basic types of English languages the only difference is vocabulary and pronunciation. Rest depends upon the community because every country has its national language and when they speak in English, their accent still shows which country they are from. They speak in English with a pronunciation similar to their national one which is why they are recognizable.

The two main styles of English are American and British. These two not only have different accents but their vocabulary differs as well. Not all the words are contrasting, so it is essential to learn as many words as you can especially the ones that are not alike.

Our English to English tool enables you to learn about your mistakes in the English language. We usually speak in American English but do you know not all of our words belong to the American dictionary they are found in British ones. What’s interesting is we are being taught British English in our institutions, but we use an American accent when we are communicating.

If you are in the middle of learning the English language and don’t know where to practice it, then you can let this page stay under your radar. Our American English to British English tool will take care of your practice in writing, rest all you have to do is speak what you read. When you are talking your mind will only concentrate on what you are saying or reading otherwise it is hard to learn the second language if you don’t practice speaking in it.

It is time for you to take a step closer to success with the help of our American English to British English tool. If you think you speak in English quite well then why not write a paragraph and find out if you really do. We talk with the vocabulary of both languages without noticing, the reason is what we read in our books included both of them. To fix those errors especially if you are a writer or planning to visit another country then test your vocabulary with our tool online by writing your favorite story and find mistakes by yourself.

English is the second largest language in the world with almost a billion speakers. Learning this language not only helps you in communicating with the rest of the world but also allows you to read the content present in various books easily. The reason is that not all the books are translated into your national language or mother tongue which is why it is necessary to learn English as your second language.

Anxious about learning English why don’t you start using our tool practice as much as you want, because it’s what makes a man perfect. You can use our tool for the following purposes:

WordStock: Increase the words in your vocabulary by learning and adding new words to this tool to find out which word belongs to which style.

Objectives: This tool can be used for examination/job purpose because we are being taught English tenses which belong to British English, this tool will help you find any errors you make.

Understandability: If you can understand one style then you should be able to understand the other, which is the primary motive of this English to English tool.

Words, pronunciation, people? Well, it has more similarities than differences. Both of these languages are not hard to learn although it gets a little challenging to understand British English if you are a Native American English speaker. With more words being added to the dictionary every hour almost, there is an addition of eighty thousand words each year in the English language. Let’s see how much the words differ; we use the word sneakers quite often which if you don’t know is an American, but in British it is called a trainer. We usually use the word sweater, jumper or pullover but do you know the word sweater is in the American language, and the other two are in the British language?

These are the small differences that tell a Native American or a British person to know where we are from on top of that our accent completes the story because people with English their second language pronounce words like their mother tongue.

If you have already landed on this page, then half of your work is already done.

  • To get started visit: Website
  • On this page you will find a text box which is used for writing purpose like the one shown in the below picture:
  • English to English
  • In the text box, you will be writing what you wish to change in either of the two language styles, you don’t have to think about which method you are writing in. All you have to do is write the way you have learned.
  • After completing whatever you are writing, you can convert to UK or US by just pressing the button that says “Convert to the UK” and “Convert to the US”.

English is one of the ways of communicating with people abroad because in every country you will find people who speak in English. This tool is specially designed for people who publish their article on US or UK based websites and for people who have English as their second language. It is to help them learn about the difference in words and practice content or story writing skills.