Change Text Case

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Are you in search of a tool that can modify the text case of a single word or group of words? If so, then you are lucky enough! There is a superlative brand new tool known as Text Case Converter that will let you change the case of any text quickly and simply. Our tool is online, and that doesn’t matter what your text type is. It will modify the text to lower case, upper case, title case or even sentence case.

Dupli Checker’s Change Text Case Tool is something that you will certainly need to have no matter if you are a student, college professor, or a business owner. You will find it convenient. It doesn’t bother if you made a mistake and typed a paragraph in CAPS. All you need to do is paste all CAPS text in the form, click the button, and afterward, you have an instantaneously rendered text!

Our tool converts the string in line with the selection of radio buttons Change Case Tool offers a number of choices of modifying the case of your text that involve changing the string to lower case/upper case, capitalizing the very first letter of each sentence/word as well as randomizing text. The all you need to do is to enter your sentence or text in the provided text box and choose your desired option via clicking next to the selections. You will immediately get the text that has been changed with the suitable casing. Dupli Checker’s Case Change tool is 100% free to utilize.

The primary purpose of this tool is to work through incorporating in the content and working on only the specific parts of the text that are selected by hand and emphasized by the user.

The basic aim of our built-in online tool is to facilitate the users automatically maintaining and adjusting texts. Its function is identical to the inbuilt function of MS Word. If you ever work on Microsoft Word, you will notice that all words that you type will be either be corrected automatically, or they will be a highlight with a green or red line. This is to specify that these particular words are either misfit into the sentence or wrong grammatically. The same is the case for the converting text online tool. It is, indeed, a super replacement for Microsoft Word if by convert the auto-checker fails to rectify text. You don’t need to work on every single word and can save a considerable amount of time as the tool can work simultaneously on the whole document.

When you are utilizing our change case tools like "Pages" on Mac, there is no capitalization feature available. It will lead towards missing upper case or capital letter for the very first letter in a sentence. Under such a scenario when your article is not formatted properly, you can utilize our tool and select the option "Sentence Case" in order to make it proper readable format.

Amongst all other superlative tools, the best thing about this particular one is that it comes with a built-in plugin feature. Thus you don’t need to waste time in uploading the file online and afterward waiting for the results to be produced. There are several highlighted features of our change text case tool. Mentioned below a quick review of all the basic features of this tool:

  • Auto Updates To Text

    The first feature of our tool is that it highlights the text automatically and sends you updates for amendments and corrections while you work.

  • Invert Case

    Our invert case feature inverts case letters all through the content. All upper case letters will be changed to lower case and vice versa.

  • Title Case

    Our title case feature works on the headings and titles of the content. It modifies the first letter of the title in upper case while automatically changing the rest of the words to lower case.

Using our tool is actually very simple. There are basically two techniques of utilizing our tool in order to make corrections in your content. To use our Change Case tool, you can copy and paste the part of the text in content that you need to be modified. After the text for alteration is chosen, select the option of changing text and correction. Your content will auto correct and upgrade.

That is, actually very simple. All you need to do is copy/paste the text you need to make the correction, in the text field. Afterward, select the change text case type from the available options and click on the button. The text in the box will be auto corrected and changed with the new text. You can copy/paste the upgraded text in the doc. Furthermore, this user-friendly tool is absolutely free.

The basic objective of our tool is to change case, through preserving and adjusting the text automatically. The functionality of our tool is a lot like how you change lowercase to uppercase in word or modify case in excel. If you frequently work in MS Word then you should know how to change text case works in MS Word, all the words you type are corrected or highlighted automatically, which shows that particular words are either grammatically inaccurate or the word structure isn’t accurate. It is exactly what happens when you alter text case utilizing an online tool such as Dupli Checker.