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JPG to Word Converter by Duplichecker is a web-based utility that allows you to convert from JPG images to editable word documents in just a few seconds

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The JPG to Word converter is an easy-to-use tool available for everyone around the globe. You can follow the steps mentioned below for converting JPG to Doc.

  • Upload the JPG files in the box given on the tool’s page.
  • After inserting the JPG files, click on the “Convert to Word” button.
  • In a few seconds, your files will be converted to Doc format. You can click on the Download option to get the files on your device
  • (Note: You can drag and drop multiple JPG files in this tool at once. It also provides the option of uploading files from the device’s storage or Dropbox.)

Importance of JPG, JPEG to Word Converter

The JPEG to Word converter is extremely important for the people involved in data entry tasks. Many times you have scanned documents or images, and you need to type the text in them to prepare files. The manual process can end up consuming an ample amount of time, but with the help of our online converter, the same task can be done within a matter of seconds. This advanced tool is helping people by saving them from investing time and effort in the conversion process of an image to Word.

Another advantage of using JPG to Word converter online is that the text becomes easy to edit. You might find it difficult and time-consuming to edit a JPG file, but when it’s converted to Word, editing becomes easy.

Convert Multiple JPG Images to Word Document

The JPEG to Word Converter on DupliChecker is providing users with the facility to convert multiple JPG files to an editable Word document in a single go. You’ll find this tool on many online platforms, but most of them will lack the feature of converting multiple files in a single click.

Convert JPG to Doc file without Adobe Acrobat

Now you don’t have to burden your device with large-sized software for the conversion of JPG to Word, as the same task can be done with our web-based converter. The JPEG to Word conversion doesn’t require the installation of any software or plugin; you only need an internet connection for getting access to our online service.

You might be wondering to purchase a premium version of Adobe Acrobat for converting an image to Word format, but there’s no need to waste your money when our online tool is providing you the same functionality without charging a penny.

Benefits of Image to Doc Converter

Unlike other online image to Doc converters, our web-based utility is providing top-notch features and benefits to its users. Some of the most significant advantages you can enjoy with our JPG to Doc converter are described below.

Quick & Easy:

Our JPG to Word converter is an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require any learning from the users for being able to operate it. It’s a super-fast service that provides results in no more than 5 seconds. You can save a lot of time by using this JPG to Doc converter.

Quality Remain Same:

Our online converter provides high-quality conversion from JPG to Word format. When our tool converting your image into an editable Word document, it makes sure that none of the words are skipped and provides intact results on each conversion.

Unlimited Conversions:

Unlike other online tools, our JPEG to Doc converter doesn’t impose a limit on its usage. Many free tools only allow a limited number of conversions in a specific timeframe. On the other hand, our online JPG to Word converter provides unlimited conversions to everyone.

Free of Cost:

There are no costs associated with our image to Word converter. No matter how many times you use our service, you won’t be charged a penny. All of its features are of top-quality available for free, and there’s no premium version.

Convert Files Anytime on Any Device:

Now, you don’t need to access a specific device for using an image to Doc converter anymore. Our JPG to Doc converter is a web-based service that is compatible with all operating systems and devices. You will not find any difference in this tool’s quality or performance, no matter what device you are using.

No Registration Required:

The DupliChecker is providing the safest and user-friendly JPG to Word conversion tool that doesn’t even require registration. For converting a JPG file to Doc format on our website, the users aren’t forced to sign up or make an account.

JPG and JPEG don’t have any technical difference, and the only difference is in the number of characters. JPEG was transformed into JPG because some versions of Windows only accepted the files extensions with the names of 3 characters. It’s the most widely used format for storing images in almost devices. JPG is the preferred format for uploading and sharing files over the web due to its compact size.

Doc is the document file format mainly used by Microsoft Word. This format is considered best for preparing, sharing, and editing documents. It allows the users to create documents from scratch or edit a previously created document without putting them into any nuisance.

Privacy & Security

When it comes to using online tools like JPG to Word converter, the thing that makes users reluctant from using them is the confidentiality of their files. DupliChecker is here with the safest platform for everyone, as it doesn’t compromise the users’ privacy. The databases of JPG to Doc converter on our website are designed in such a way that none of the users’ data is kept after the conversion is completed. You don’t have to worry about the secrecy of important files anymore, as our online tool is offering you the top-level security for the conversion of JPG files to Word.