Image Compressor

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Up to 20 images, max 5 MB each.

Before we find out about image compressor, we need to know about the benefits and limitations of images that we deal with in our everyday life. Pictures usually are captured and saved in a format called JPEG or JPG also known as (Joint Photographic Experts Group). It is a format in which we can edit any type of photos and save them, but if the resolution of the image is not the same or is altered, the picture doesn’t remain the same as well. Increasing or decreasing resolution means increasing or decreasing the number of pixels contained in a photo.

If you increase the number of pixels in a photo as they are measured in (PPI) pixels per inch, you will increase the resolution/size of the image. If you try to lessen the size of the image using any software you don’t know about, you might accidentally decrease or increase the resolution resulting in a blurry picture. That is why online tools are mostly used in compressing photos. These tools compress photos with a minor difference in pixels which results in an invisible change.

Requirement for Image optimizer

Photo compressor (compress jpeg) is based on reducing the number of pixels contained in a picture which results in decreasing resolution as we know; mostly these images are required by websites with a massive amount of traffic. Because larger image files take longer to load whereas the lesser the size of the picture the lesser the amount of time needed to load the image. Also, some sites ask for a resolution of an image as a requirement for upload to fit in a banner or a box where the image would be placed.

Requirement for Image optimizer

Not at all! It’s a matter of choice… well, mostly. Some websites or applications give a certain size limit for uploading photos.

Now a day’s people are using different online photo optimizers to change the size of the image. These images when resized lose a bit of quality of the picture, but it depends on what size do you want for the photo. There can be a number of reasons as to why one would want to change the size of the image one of which can be uploading to a specific website requiring a photo in the desired size. Many sites ask you not to upload a picture larger than a particular size. Whereas compressing files can help you save a lot of disk space as well.

If you think you can get an image compressed anywhere and it would contain the same picture quality… Think again!

We are proud to introduce DupliChecker’s very own tool to reduce image size or crop it. The difference in the original and the compressed image will be unnoticeable. Our lossless size reducing method saves every bit of data contained in the original image. Our tools use the DCT or resize JPEG and compress png for PNG images. These are the primary modes used for the size reduction of image files and are the international standards. Compressing a file through software can be really exhausting for the people who don’t know anything about. Therefore, Image compression is available everywhere over the internet, but they use different algorithms to resize an image, making our online photo compressor the best one out there to resize image in kb.

Supporting formats?

At present, our picture compressor allows you to reduce image size online to compress png and JPEG formats. These can be compressed easily without affecting the image quality to a great extent, especially if you are trying to compress image that holds some vital information. We can assure you the safety of your information, and the size reducer won’t result in any loss. If you use tools of other websites, there will be a massive difference and this tool as you will find a significant difference in the quality of the image. uses strict means to not only ensure the safety of your data, but the difference in the compressed image will be invisible. That means the quality, as well as the security of your pictures, is kept intact at all costs. All the files uploaded on our servers for compression by you are 100% safe and assure. Rest assured the file uploaded will be compressed and delivered to you faster than any other website, without saving your uploaded image.

Online Photo Resizer

So, are you thinking about online photo resizer, next time you upload them on Facebook or Instagram? What better option than the photo compressor (Image optimizer).

Using the image compression tool is not a problem anymore and is quite simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you will have the image you require in no time.

To get started, compress jpeg or png.

  • After going to the tool page, you will see a dialogue box on the page like the one shown in the picture below.
  • Image compressor Upload Section
  • As you can see the box has an icon that says “Upload”, which means you can upload the image you want to be compressed by clicking the upload button.
  • There is another way of uploading images by dragging the image you want to edit onto the dialogue box which you might find a little hard to do. It also says you can upload up to 20 images at the same time which you need compressed.
  • After that our compression tool will start working and you will be shown the results like in the image below in no time.
  • Compressing Parameters
  • If you have uploaded one image, then this is the bar which you will see below the dialogue box where you can download the converted image. You can see the big difference made in its size by compressing it, with little or no difference in the image quality.
  • And if you have uploaded several images, then you will be given an option below the small bar as shown below to download all the photos at once. Which will save a lot of your time and also the hassle to compress image one by one?
  • Results of Image Compression

Feel free to try other free tools offered by DupliChecker such as reverse image search just to cross check for making sure the picture is unique of compressed enough as no other is available before.