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Optimize Pictures to Rank Higher May 15, 2019

Optimize Pictures to Position them High on Image Search

Pictures are the unacknowledged heroes that can generate traffic on your website. We all are well aware of the fact that SEO, high-quality content, and keywords can drive more audience. However, there are many ways of getting traffic. So why should you only stick with a few moves?

By the end of this article,

You will get to know several underrated techniques to boost your audience. You must not only revolve around the same old methods. Trying out new things is essential. Today we will discuss a new SEO strategy you might never have thought about.

It is all about using Google image search which enables users to search by image to increase the amount of traffic on your site. You will see that the majority of the internet articles keep a balance between pictures and text.

Text no doubt is significant and grabs a lot of attention. But on the other hand, images play a crucial part too. Many people easily ignore that pictures are vital for the content and are a necessary part of any content marketing attempt. Furthermore, if visitors look out for written material, then it is evident that they will search for visual content as well. This is where search by image comes into the game.

Similar to text, optimizing images is significant too. Here are some tips, you can follow and raise the audience to your page.

Ways To Optimize Your Pictures For Google

Learning the magic of optimizing your images according to Google will enable you to get more visitors through them. If you are similar to the term SEO, then you already have got it. Optimizing the pictures is quite like optimizing the pages on your website for search engines. Not only this, but photos also rank similar to the way sites do.

Similar to the written content

In Google search, images are ranked too, and some are considered better than others. But the image search is more populated with its results as instead of one five pictures are shown in a single row. People look and response to image search entirely different from the text results. The search engine result pages are super long for every picture, and you can find out hundreds of images for a single keyword. This means that the average visitor sifts through many photos.

Does this state that SEO of images are not valuable? As a user can find out your picture by scrolling even if your photo is not on the top results, right?

The answer to it is no, as your image might get disappeared in result pages if you don’t mainly optimize your pictures. Here is how you can optimize your images for SEO:

Edit the image file names

This is a minor but mostly ignored part of picture search engine optimization. Majority of the cameras do not provide user-friendly names to the pictures. Different images files, for instance, are by themselves titled something such as DCS__552.jpg.

Therefore, it is significant to rename the file names to display the material. For instance, you can name your image like “bake-cakes-2.png”. The name of the site will reflect that the image is related to the baking of cakes.

Always adjust the pictures alt tags

Alt tags are the bits of metadata which informs search engines about what your photos are about.

Editing alt tags will enable you to do two tasks at a time simultaneously. First, you will help the search engines to rank and index your picture better, and the second is that you gain a little improvement in search engine optimization through it. The ideal description of alt tag is that it should be rich in the keyword and should be short.

As the main aim of alt tags is to assist visually impaired visitors, hence you must create the alt tags which are perfect for that purpose.

Every alt tag of your image must be an accurate detail regarding an image. You must not attempt to take benefits of the search engine by flooding it from keywords.

Such as, if your image is about a person, then you can directly write “about (the name of the person).” There are no complications to do it as it is a straightforward task.

Compress your pictures

You want images to look as large as possible but at the same times does not want them to take much space or time to load, right? You can achieve this task by compressing your images and optimizing them before posting.