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This online favicon generator allows you to create a favicon for your Sites & APPs within a few seconds.

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A favicon is a small, iconic image that is used to denote your website and often found in the address bar of your browser. However, it can also be found in the list of bookmarks or feed aggregators.

The primary purpose of having this icon is to help the people to locate your website when they have multiple tabs open. Mostly, well-structured favicons are styled to match with the logo or theme of your website so that the users can quickly identify your site. The attractive favicons can be beneficial to grab the attention of people and stand out on the bookmark list of your visitors.

There are no hard and fast rules to create favicons for your site by using our free favicon generator. You can generate icons by following these simple steps

  • Get access to our efficient tool by clicking on https://www.duplichecker.com/favicon-generator.php.
  • Once you land on our page, you will see the "Upload" button. Click on this button to upload your image on our tool.
  • Hit the "Create Favicon" to make a favicon of your image.
  • You will get your favicon image as soon as the processing is over. Click on the "Download" button to save the file on your device.

Our tool also enables you to select the image dimensions for creating a favicon according to your requirements.

As we all know that the internet has millions of websites, and we usually browse hundreds of sites to get information daily. Now, just imagine that you have opened your bookmark list and see all the links are written only in the text, and there is no visual symbol to recognize a particular website. Then how would you find the required webpage? By going through all the list? Doesn't it sound like a hectic task? So, the favicon is used to avoid this unpleasant situation. You can easily generate Favicon with our free Favicon Generator tool.

As discussed earlier, the advancement of technology has made it easier for everyone to get access to the internet for performing their duties. Almost everyone is using the World Wide Web somehow. That's why it has become essential for websites to update their methods to facilitate their visitors more adequately to stay alive in the race. The use of favicon can prove as a game-changer and gives you a definite edge on your competitors.

But, how can we create an attractive favicon for our site without paying money to a graphic designer or a web designer? You might be having this question in your mind right now. Well, you can design a favicon for your site by using our online Favicon Generator.

If you are looking for a free online tool that can assist you in designing a favicon, then your search is over. Our Favicon Generator enables you to generate your website icon within a few seconds. Once you upload your image on this efficient online tool, it will start processing it and provides you with your favicon within a blink of an eye.

You might have seen many online tools that offer you to make favicons for your site. But, most of these tools are paid or ask you to make an account on their websites to generate a website icon. However, you can use our online Favicon Generator without any such restriction. You also don't have to buy any subscription plan for using our efficient online tool.

Moreover, our online tool allows you to make a favicon for your site without downloading any special software on your device. So, you don't have to get worried anymore, as you can create a favicon for your website by using our fantastic ico generator online tool without any hurdle.

There are countless favicon makers available online, but the following factors make the one available at www.duplichecker.com your best option.

  • Easy conversion to favicon

  • Web browsers allow their users to use favicons that have been saved as either GIFs or PNGs. The Internet Explorer still requires for the favicons to be saved as a Microsoft icon, "ICON." Our favicon generator has a simple procedure to convert PNG to ICON and also convert GIF and JPEG to it. The conversion of GIF, JPEG, and PNG to ICON simplifies things as all modern web browsers support these formats. It also makes it possible to create favicons from scratch thanks to its handy online editor.

  • Straightforward approach

  • With a vast choice of icons available, our icon generator erases your worries regarding which icon to choose and what to do.

    It takes care of not only the favicon size but also helps to take care of how many touch icons are required.

  • Quick and efficient

  • Having spent countless hours on design and graphics, usually, website owners are not left with much time to go for a favicon. But there's no need to worry as the Favicon Generator takes care of it for you, and because of its simple procedure and its ease of use, you are done in a matter of minutes and have created a favicon before you know it.

  • Unique, compelling designs

  • Different platforms have different design needs and requirements. Using the same picture for all platforms is a big no. Our icon converter allows the user to create unique individual icons for the respective platforms.

  • Immediate feedback

  • Are you having trouble regarding how your Android device is going to display the respective icon? Or do you want to know about how iOS is going to work around your touch icon? No need to brainstorm anymore. With our icon generator, you can see right there and then what your icons are going to look like.

  • Compatibility with websites

  • Favicons that have been created using the generator at www.duplichecker.com are compatible with all the browsers. They support the specifications of every web browser individually. Moreover, our favicon generator online tool displays website icons correctly in all web browsers' website icons.

If you want to use a favicon on your site, then you will need an image and a code that will be pasted in the head section of your webpage's main code. You can get the required favicon image from our efficient Favicon Generator, and you can paste the given code in your webpage to use a website icon for your website.

The primary purpose of making this tool is to help you in designing a favicon for your site without wasting massive money on paid software. We at DupliChecker strive to provide the most useful and efficient free tools to our valued users that can help them in performing their tasks more efficiently.