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The term favicon is a blend of two words, “fav (short for favorite)” and “icon.” It was introduced for the very first time with the Microsoft Internet Explorer in the end of the nineties. It is a small image icon that measures 16x16 and is located next to the URL of the website site in a browser's address bar, which makes it crucial for any website.

Usual places the favicons are displayed at are:

  • Within the bookmarks
  • The open tabs
  • On the cell phones (they appear as an app icon on your phones home page, e.g. the Facebook icon and the Hotmail icon, etc.).

The icons simplify it for the user to identify it easily amongst other websites. Since these images are what catch the user’s eyes before the content of the site, it is essential that the favicons are catchy.

Favicons make it easy for the users and customers to recognize the respective website. They appear as website/app icons on smart phones and tablets giving it recognition on the respective device display. In addition to making a website icon they use png to ico, the favicons also play an indirect albeit a significant role in the ranking of the websites in the search engines as they help in improving their loading speed. For this reason, you will hardly come across a site that will be without a favicon; those that are will surely look imperfect. Therefore, they are essential for all webpage masters as they represent the logo or initials of a brand.

App Icons are the image icon that you click on your Android device or iOS to start an application. The latest phones that are being released have a high resolution hence apps require a higher resolution to run on them. Having said that low-resolution apps are still available owing to the availability of older phones those have lower resolution. Therefore, when an app icon is created, the user needs to create different size variations of the same image as per the requirement of their smartphones or Android and iOS devices.

A Favicon Generator, as the name suggests, is a tool which allows its users to create favicon for their any favorite website. This online tool is simple to use and is, without doubt, the best way of not only branding the respective site but also for increasing its significance in the user's bookmark menu. One of the best tools to create a favicon is the favicon generator at https://www.duplichecker.com/favicon-generator.php.

There are countless favicon Makers available online, but the following factors make the one available at www.duplichecker.com your best option.

  • Easy conversion to favicon icon

    Web browsers allow their users to use favicons that have been saved as either GIFs or PNGs. The Internet Explorer still requires for the favicons to be saved as a Microsoft icon, “ICO”. Our favicon generator has a simple procedure to convert PNG to ICO and also convert GIF and JPEG to it. The conversion of GIF, JPEG, and PNG to ICO simplifies things as all modern web browsers support these formats. It also makes it possible to create favicons from scratch thanks to its handy online editor. No additional graphics are required.

  • No-nonsense approach

    With a vast choice of icons available, our icon generator erases your worries regarding which icon to choose and what to do. It takes care of not only the favicon size but also helps to take care of how many touch icons are required.

  • Quick and efficient

    Having spent countless hours on design and graphics usually users are not left with much time to left for a favicon. But there’s no need to worry as the favicon generator takes care of it for you and because of its simple procedure and its ease of use you are done in a matter of minutes and have created a favicon before you know it.

  • Unique compelling designs

    Different platforms have different design needs and requirements. Using the same picture for all platforms is a big no. Our icon converter allows the user to create unique individual icons for the respective platforms.

  • Immediate feedback

    Are you having trouble regarding how your Android device is going to display the respective icon? Or do you want to know about how iOS is going to work around your touch icon? No need to brainstorm anymore. With our icon generator, you can see right there and then what your icons are going to look like.

  • Compatibility with websites

    Favicons that have been created using the generator at www.duplichecker.com are compatible with all the browsers. They support the specifications of every web browser individually. Moreover, our favicon generator displays website icon correctly in all web browsers website icon.

Favicons at Duplichecker are absolutely free. After you have created a favicon all you need to do is click on the "Download" button and voila its saved to your desired location on your computer and can be incorporated into a website. The download is available for all favicons and app icons in different formats with the favicon size ranging from 16x16, 32x32 and 96x96 to 256x256 pixels and more. The procedure of creating a favicon has been explained in detail below.

The icon converter at DupliChecker is very easy to use. You just need to follow a few simple steps and you will have your favorite website icon pinned to the top of your website in no time.

  • The first step is to go to Favicon Generator. Upload the image in the bar as follows and click on “Create Favicon.” fav content images
  • Once you have clicked “Create Favicon” you will get the following results. fav content images
  • Next click on “Download” and you will be presented with the options of either “Open” or “Save or Save As”. fav content images

You can do as suits you and then you can add the favicon to your website by uploading the favicon to it.

While you are at DupliChecker.com do check out its other tools such as Image compressor. All of its tools are absolutely free. No payments and no signups required. Just click and enjoy the respective services.