RGB to HEX Converter

Convert RGB to hexadecimal color code quickly and easily with the free RGB to HEX converter.

  • #FF0000
  • RGB(255,0,0)
  • HSV(0.2,1,1)

You can convert RGB to HEX online by following the simple steps below.

1. Enter the RGB values in the given fields within the range of 0 to 255.

2. Alternatively, click on the color slider to choose your desired color and select its shade from the color picker.

3. Get real-time results of the HEX color code.

4. Click the “Copy HEX Code” button to fetch the result instantly.

DupliChecker's RGB TO HEX converter offers some amazing features that make it one of the best tools available on the web.

Completely Free

The RGB to hexadecimal converter doesn’t ask you to pay a single penny. It is a free-of-cost utility that allows you to convert RGB to HEX code without any restrictions.

Simple & Easy to Use

Our RGB to HEX color converter comes with a user-friendly interface. Using its simple interface, you can quickly get hex codes for any RGB value. Without any complicated steps.

Color Input

The color input feature of this RGB converter makes it easier for you to submit the RGB values. It allows you to enter the R, G, and B values in the distinct boxes from 0 to 255.

RGB Slider Input

Besides entering the RGB values, our RGB to HEX converter also provides a slider to select your desired color. You can scroll the RGB slider and find the RGB and HEX values for any color.

Color Picker

The online RGB to hexadecimal converter also consists of a color picker option. After selecting a color from the RGB slider, you can hover over the color picker to choose your preferred shade and get its HEX code.

Real-Time Conversion

With this RGB to HEX converter, you can easily convert RGB values into HEX codes in real time. As you enter the RGB values, the HEX code updates instantly.

Copy Functionality

After converting an RGB value to HEX code, you aren’t required to manually note down the hexadecimal code. Simply click the copy button to copy the HEX code from this RGB converter.

The RGB to HEX converter is useful in many different fields who need to convert RGB to HEX code online:

Web Developers

Web developers often use HEX values to specify colors for background, text, buttons, etc. As a front-end developer, you may not remember the HEX code used to add an element to a particular color. They can use an online RGB to HEX color converter and find the best representation of any color in HEX code.

Graphic Designer

When editing images, graphic designers also use HEX values for certain elements, such as text, shapes, and gradients. Using an RGB to hexadecimal converter, they can easily get the hexadecimal code and apply the desired colors.

UI/UX Designers

Just like graphic designers, UI/UX designers also need to use HEX values to apply the desired colors in the UI elements of a website or app. With the help of an RGB to hex converter, they can obtain hex code for any color in an instance.

Color Color
(R,G,B) Hex
Black (0,0,0) #000000
White (255,255,255) #FFFFFF
Red (255,0,0) #FF0000
Lime (0,255,0) #00FF00
Blue (0,0,255) #0000FF
Yellow (255,255,0) #FFFF00
Cyan (0,255,255) #00FFFF
Magenta (255,0,255) #FF00FF
Silver (192,192,192) #C0C0C0
Gray (128,128,128) #808080
Maroon (128,0,0) #800000
Olive (128,128,0) #808000
Green (0,128,0) #008000
Purple (128,0,128) #800080
Teal (0,128,128) #008080
Navy (0,0,128) #000080

Can I Convert RGB to HEX Using Linux, MacOS, Android, or iOS?

Yes! You can convert RGB to HEX using any operating system. Simply, access the RGB to HEX converter at Duplichecker.com through your device's default browser. Enter RGB values from 0 to 255 and convert HEX values instantly.

Are HEX Codes Always in 6 Digits form?

Yes! No matter what color you are finding the HEX code, it will always be in 6 digits.

Is There a Specific Order to Write RGB Values When Converting to HEX?

Yes! There is a specific order in which RGB values need to be written when converting them to HEX code. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue, and each of them needs to be in the range of 0 to 255. The RGB values are transformed into HEX codes in pairs of 2 and must be written in the right order.

What Happens If I Enter Incorrect RGB Values (Outside the Range 0 to 255) When Converting to HEX?

You won’t be able to convert incorrect RGB values to HEX. When you write incorrect values in the RGB to hexadecimal converter, the tool will automatically change it to a closer value in the actual range.