Image Resizer

Our online image resizer allows you to resize image without losing quality. Just upload the image & click the given button to change image size instantly.

Max File size (5MB)

The below steps will enable you to resize image online with our advanced image resizer.

1. Choose Image

First, select an image from your device storage.

2. Adjust Image Dimensions

After uploading the image, adjust the dimensions you want (width and height).

3. Press Resize Image

Finally, hit the resize image button to initiate the process.

4. Download Your Resized Image

The tool will process your request and provide results in seconds. You can save the resized image on your device by clicking the “Download” button.

DupliChecker offers the best online image resizer that helps users quickly resize images without damaging the quality. This tool's features and quality results make it perfect among all other online image size converter utilities. This free photo resizer facilitates users to resize as many images as they want without imposing limitations. This online JPG resizer uses advanced algorithms that can resize photo by maintaining the quality and dimensions. Moreover, you don’t face convoluted procedures while using this online facility. Simply get your hands on this free online picture resizer and decrease your image sizes straightaway.

The free image resizer offered by Duplichecker comes with top-notch features. The most prominent features of this online photo resizer include the following:

100% Free

There are no charges you need to pay while using this free picture resizer online. This online utility allows you to resize photos without creating an account or paying a subscription fee.

Simple & Easy to Use

The user-friendly interface of this photo size converter makes the image resizing process easy for users. You won’t face any sort of trouble while using this image resizer online.

Quickly Resize Images

This online resize image tool provides you with the fastest image resizing conversion. This online image size converter makes the quality of your image intact while resizing it as per your given input. You will get the resized image in a few seconds.

Support Multiple Image Formats

Do you want to change photo size with different formats? Use our efficient online image resizer to decrease image size quickly. Our free online photo resizer supports various image formats, including JPG, PNG, and JPEG.

Resize Image in kb Without Watermark

This online picture resizer allows you to change the size of your large images to small sizes without any reluctance. Even if you have an image with a size in MBs, you can easily resize image online in kb using our efficient facility. This online tool doesn’t add any watermark on your image files after resizing, like most online tools usually apply. As a result, you can use the resize photo online on any platform without watermarks and with full authority.

Resize Image Without Losing Quality

The quality of the images is the biggest concern for everyone when changing their sizes. Most online resize image utilities are not good enough to provide high-quality resizing of your images. But our efficient online photo resizer lets you resize photo quickly without affecting its quality. You can easily adjust the quality of your image according to your requirements using the quality feature.

Resize Photo Online in Pixels

We know that the picture size may vary while uploading on social media platforms. So, it is essential to resize image pixels according to the required format to upload them successfully. Pixel (picture element) is the basic unit of image resolution. By using this photo resizer online, you can easily change the size of your images in pixels according to your requirements.

Bulk Image Resizer in KB

If you have many large-size images on your device and want to change the size of all these images, you don’t need to worry anymore. Our bulk image resizer lets you change the size of multiple images at once without any hurdle. You can upload and resize ten images at one time.

Fast and Secure

Our image size changer gives you fast and secure conversion. We don’t share or save the photos you will upload on this utility. Additionally, no third party can access your files in any case. The images you upload on our online photo resize tool will automatically be deleted from the servers after the resizing process.

Works on All Devices

This free online image resizer is compatible with all devices. Whether you are using Mac, smartphone, laptop, or desktop, you won’t find any difference in the working of this image size converter. You can access this free utility from any device without facing intricacies.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our online photo resizer is an entirely web-based service that allows you to resize images online from anywhere using any device. You don’t have to install any massive-size software on your device to use this photo resizer online. You only need a good internet connection to use this image resizer online.

The photo size converter can be used by people working in different fields of life, which include the following.

Graphic Designers

This image size converter can be a perfect utility for graphic designers, as they need to bring the visual assets in the correct dimensions. Graphic designers can easily adjust the width and height of the images they have created for clients.


The photographers also need to ensure their clicked pictures are in the right dimensions. If not, then their entire hard work can go in vain. An online photo size changer allows them to increase or decrease the image size effortlessly.


The bloggers have to update new blogs every single day. The inclusion of images is necessary for bloggers to support their ideas and present a topic in a better way. They usually use WordPress sites to publish content, and the size of images matters a lot when they upload them. The free image resizer can become a helping hand for bloggers as well, as it can allow them to change dimensions of image without spending much time and effort.


While preparing an assignment in PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, students need to find the right images that fit the space and make the document look attractive. With an image size changer, students can add imagery to their presentations by adjusting the images to the desired sizes they are looking for.

You might have faced a situation where you find difficulty in uploading a picture on the web due to its large size. There is usually a limit on the size of images uploaded on various online platforms. Resizing an image is not easy because it can damage the quality of the image. To overcome this issue, use an online photo resize utility to change the size of your images according to your requirements.

Furthermore, you may need to resize photos for various reasons, such as:

Optimize Images for the Web

The images need to be resized properly to optimize them for the websites. The larger the image is, the more time it will take to load, which consequently increases your page loading speed. If the page loading speed increases, it will increase your page’s bounce rate, which is certainly not a good factor for ranking.

Easily Post on Social Platforms

Small images are easy to post on social media platforms. However, the main reason behind resizing images is that many people use slow internet connections. While scrolling through social media, the attention span is minimal, and if an image is large, then people will simply ignore it because it will take time to load.

Make Images Responsive

Another important reason for resizing images is to make them responsive. These days, different screen sizes require you to make the images responsive. That’s why you need to resize images with proper dimensions for a better experience on these screen sizes.

Good Printing

For printing images on posters, flyers, banners, and other mediums, you need to ensure that they are in the correct dimensions to prevent a blurry appearance. Using an online photo size converter, you can easily resize your images according to your printing requirements.

One of the main reasons for developing this free online image resizer is to assist users in resizing their images without facing difficulties. DupliChecker strives to provide its users with the most useful and efficient online tools to assist them in performing their daily tasks more efficiently. Our main priority is to develop free tools to help students, professionals, and all those who can’t afford expensive premium software. Along with a photo resizer, we also provide an efficient image compressor and PDF compressor that can help you compress your files according to your need.

How to Change the Dimensions of a Photo?

After uploading the photo on this image resizer, the option to change picture dimensions will appear on your screen. You can easily change the width and height of your picture through the given options.

How Can I Resize an Image to a Specific Quality?

To resize an image to a specific quality, simply upload the file on this picture resizer and adjust the quality percentage by moving the quality slider per your requirements.

How to Resize Image Without Losing Quality on Mobile?

You can easily resize the image on mobile by following the below steps:

  • Access this image resizer online through your mobile’s default web browser.
  • Upload the image you wish to resize.
  • Adjust dimensions and quality.
  • Click the given button.
  • Hit the download button to save the resized photo on your mobile.

What Image Sizes Are Supported by this Photo Resizer?

The max size supported by this image resizer is 5MB. You can upload images of this size on this tool to resize them immediately.

Can I Resize Multiple Images at Once?

Yes! You can resize multiple images at once with this online picture resizer. It allows you to resize up to 10 pictures in one go.

Does Resizing Images Affect Quality?

Resizing images may or may not affect quality; it depends on the image dimensions you set. Generally, for web images, it is recommended to keep 72PPI, a standard resolution. The more you resize, the more quality will be affected.

Are Vector Images Resizable?

Yes! The vector images are fully resizable. You can infinitely increase or decrease their size without facing limitations.