Resize PNG Online

Free and Most Reliable PNG Resizer Online.

Max File size (5MB)

You can resize PNG image online quickly by following the simple steps given below:

1. Upload Image

Click Upload to submit the PNG image you wish to resize.

2. Choose Dimensions

Select dimensions for your PNG image.

3. Tap Resize Button

Press the “Resize” button to start the process.

4. Download the Image

Download your resized PNG to your device with a single click.

Our advanced online PNG resizer has many features that allow users to resize PNG files quickly and easily. The main features of our PNG resize tool include the following:

User-Friendly Interface

Our online PNG size converter has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t make you come across any complexities. You can efficiently resize PNG images without the need for any professional assistance.

Fast Resizing Process

The free PNG resizer uses super-fast algorithms that take no time to process your request to change PNG size. As soon as your PNG is uploaded, the PNG resize immediately.

Maintain PNG Quality

You don’t need to worry about losing the quality of your PNG image, as this PNG size converter ensures to maintain it. The advanced resizing algorithms of this PNG size changer can efficiently resize PNG without losing quality.

No Watermark

Our online PNG image resizer won’t provide users with resized PNG files containing any watermark. You can get a watermark-free image with this online PNG size converter.

Data Security

Protecting users' data is our top priority, and we strive hard to do so. Our online PNG image resizer ensures top-level security of your uploaded images. Once you submit a file to this PNG size changer, it is automatically removed from the server after resizing.

How to Resize PNG Without Losing Quality?

DupliChecker’s PNG resizer is a web-based tool that helps you efficiently resize PNG online without losing quality. Its advanced algorithms will preserve the quality of the original image and present top-notch results.

How to Resize a PNG Image on Mobile?

You can resize a PNG on mobile by following these simple steps:

  1. Access the PNG resizer through the browser of your mobile.
  2. Tap the upload icon to submit the image.
  3. Adjust the dimensions and format for your image.
  4. Tap the given button to change PNG size.
  5. Click “Download” to save the resized PNG

Can I Resize Multiple PNG Images at Once?

No! The online PNG resize tool allows you to resize a single PNG image in one go. The PNG size converter allows you to select the image dimensions, quality and format, which you might not want to keep the same for all your images.

What is the Maximum Uploaded File Size Limit for this PNG Resize Tool?

The online PNG size changer has a maximum file size limit of 5 MB. You can upload a PNG photo of 5MB in size on this tool to resize its size.

Is This Online PNG Image Resizer Free?

Yes! The PNG image resizer offered by Duplichecker is a free-to-use utility for everyone. You aren’t asked to pay any charges for using this web-based tool.