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Overview of Margin Calculator

When it comes to describing margin, it has several meanings in different contexts. But in financial terms, the most common definition for margin is the difference between the selling price and the cost of goods sold. However, the calculation of margin isn’t that easy because of complexities involved in financial data. Therefore, we have developed this tool to make it easier for people to calculate profit margin.

A gross margin calculator is a vital tool for a company’s financial advisors as they have to prepare detailed reports that analyze the factors such as profit edge to prepare future plans of the business. Investors can also utilize this tool to figure out the companies’ profit edges in the industry before deciding to invest in any of them. The best thing about this tool is that the person using it doesn’t have to memorize the gross profit formula, profit margin formula, gross profit percentage formula, etc. You can get the results by merely entering the values in the given boxes of this profit calculator.

How to Use the Margin Calculator?

The margin calculator is a free online tool available for everyone on DupliChecker. Doesn’t ask the information the thing required from the users’ end is to follow the easy steps mentioned below after accessing this profit margin calculator.

  • As you will access this tool, you’ll have to decide whether you want to use a single or multiple margin calculator.
  • You can select a calculator from the drop-down list in the single calculator
  • In the multiple margin calculator section, you can use all three calculators in a single go.
  • After selecting the calculator and entering the values, click the calculate button.
  • In a matter of seconds, the results will be displayed on your screen.

Gross Profit Margin Vs. Net Profit Margin

  • Gross profit margin and net profit margin are the two measures used by the businesses to assess their stability over a period of time.
  • Gross profit and net profit are the amounts calculated by the businesses in their final accounts.
  • Gross profit is the excess of the revenue from the cost of goods sold that includes direct expenses, such as the direct raw material and labor involved in the production. In contrast, the net profit is calculated after the deduction of all overheads of a business, which also includes the cost of goods sold. The net profit margin shows how much of each dollar is the business’s profit, and the gross profit reflects how successfully a company is making a profit above its cost of goods sold.

Levels of Profit or Profit Margins

In an income statement of a company, there are four levels of profit. These are discussed in detail below.

Gross profit

The costs directly involved in the production or providence of goods or services are reduced from the revenue to get us the gross profit. The formula to calculate margin is:

Gross Profit Margin Formula = (Net Sales-Cost of Goods Sold)/(Net Sales) X 100

Operating profit

The operating profit is obtained by the deduction of all indirect costs, including administrative, general, selling, and operating expenses from the gross profit. The margin of the profit from ongoing operations is calculated with the following formula.

Operating Profit Margin Formula = (Operating Profit)/(Net Sales) X 100

Profit before tax margin

After getting the operating profit, deduct the interest expense and loss from discontinued operations and add the interest incomes to get the profit before tax. You can calculate its margin by:

Profit Before Tax Margin Formula = (Profit Before Tax)/(Net Sales) X 100

Net profit margin

The tax amount is deducted from the profit before tax value to get us the net profit. As you will calculate the net profit amount, use the following formula to calculate the net profit.

Net Profit Margin Formula = (Net Profit)/(Net Sales) X 100

How do I Calculate a 10% Margin?

If you want to calculate the selling price for your product at a 10% margin, you can follow the steps described below:

  • Convert the % value in decimal by dividing 10 by 100. It will give 0.1.
  • Subtract 0.1 from 1, which will become 0.9.
  • Divide the cost with 0.9. For instance, the cost is $90. 90/0.9 = 100.
  • $100 will be your selling cost.

Profit Margin Calculator Definitions You Need to Know

Markup percent:

It is the percentage difference between the selling price and cost of a product or service. For example, if your product costs 90$ and the markup is 10%, the selling price would be $99.

Selling price:

The amount at which you are going to sell your business’s product or service to consumers is the selling price.

Gross margin dollars:

The margin in dollars between the selling price and the cost is the gross margin dollars. If the selling price is 20 and the cost is 16, then 4 is the gross margin in dollars.