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How to Use Duplichecker’s Percentage Calculator?

The following simple steps will enable you to calculate percentage of a number or more than one number using our online percent calculator.

  1. Enter the values for which you want to calculate the percentage.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to start the process.
  3. Get accurate percentage results within a few seconds.

What Makes Our Percent Calculator the Best Tool?

Our online percentage calculator provides the fastest way to calculate percentage of two or more values. While using online calculators, users need to register on the platform before using it. However, you don’t have to perform any registration to use our free percent calculator.

Also, you don’t need to download or install any application on your device to use this percentage converter. You can easily access this percentage calculator online through any browser with a good internet connection. Using our calculator, you can calculate percentages in two ways, first in the form of phrases and second in the form of fraction & decimal conversion.

1. Percentage Calculation in Phrases

Our calculator uses the percentage formula to calculate the values in the percentage calculation. For example, if you are looking to find 15% of 30, you need to divide the value 15 by 100, and then multiply the resulting value by 30. The answer of the calculation would be 4.5.

2. Percent to Fraction & Decimal Conversion

In percent to decimal conversion, you need to divide the percentage value by 100 to calculate the value in decimal form. For instance, if you want to find the percent to decimal of 15%, you need to divide 15 by 100, such as 15% = 15/100= 0.15

How does Our Tool Calculate Percentages?

Certainly, there are multiple ways to write percentage formulas, but they are mainly algebraic equations that involve three values:

P × V1 = V2,

Where P denotes Percentage, V1 is the first value modified by percentage, and V2 is the resultant value taken by percentage calculation on V1.

Our free percentage calculator uses the above formula to calculate the percentage of a value by converting the input percentage into a decimal to calculate the given solution.

If you want to solve the equation manually, the percentage formula will require the percentage in decimal form. It denotes that the result needs to be multiplied by 100 to convert it into a percentage value. That is what our calculator does, and it accepts inputs in percent and decimal form.

Who Can Use Our Online Percentage Calculator?

People from various fields of life can use our online percentage finder to overcome the issue of solving mathematical problems. Whether you belong to academics, research, business, or any other domain, you can use this percentage conversion calculator to reduce the chances of errors and get accurate results quickly. However, the following sectors of the professional world can get the best out of our percentage calculator.

Business Individuals

It is the most suitable option for business owners who are tired of making percentage calculations. They can do all this with the efficient online percentage calculator and get error-free calculations in no time.


If you are a student, then you must have to solve many percentage-related problems to complete mathematical assignments. The free percentage calculator will be a helpful option for you in this regard.


The percentage is an essential element of a result card. So, for teachers who are looking for an easy way to calculate the percentage of marks, attendance, or anything related percentage, the percentage converter is the best tool they can find over the web.

Banking Systems

Bankers often need to play with the digits and make calculations regularly to handle financial matters. An online percentage calculator is highly valuable in the banking sector, as it will make the computation process fast and more accurate. Moreover, using an online percent calculator will speed up the percentage conversion process and reduce the chances of errors.

Retailers Shop

Retailers often need to calculate the percentage to find the discount price on the original amount. Similarly, calculating percentages is also essential in inventory stores for maintaining the record available in the stock and the percentage of goods sold, etc.

Understanding Percentage Formula

Percentage problems can be solved through different formulas. The easiest and most used formula for calculating the percentage is X/Y = P x 100.

To understand the working of this formula, let’s take assistance from an example. In the following example, X and Y are the numbers where P is the percentage.

Problem: What is 20% of 100?

Solution: In this problem,

P= 20%


So, the equation will be: 20% * 100 = Y

We will start by converting 20% to a decimal by eliminating the percentage sign and dividing by 100, i.e: 20/100 = 0.20

Now, substitute 0.2 for 20% in the equation:

20% * 10 = Y becomes 0.20 * 100 = Y

Calculate the value: 0.20 * 100 = 20

Y = 20

Hence, 20% of 100 is 20.

Percentage Conversion Examples

Below are a few other examples of calculating percentages that can help you better understand the process.

Example 1:

Problem: 15 is 30% of what?

Solution: In this equation, Y = 15

P = 30%

So, the equation will be 15/30% = X

First, convert the percentage value to a decimal number by dividing it by 100.

30% into decimal: 30/100= 0.30

Now, Substitute this decimal value in the equation.

15/0.30 = X

Calculate the Value: 15/0.30 = X ; 50 = X

X = 50


Answer:The 15 is 30% of 50.

Example 2:

Problem: 18 is what percent of 78?

Solution: The formula for finding percentage: P% = Y / X


18/78 = P% Or, P% = 18/78

18/78 = 0.2307

Now, convert decimal value to a percentage value by multiplying it by 100

0.2307 * 100 = 23.08%

18/78 = 23.08%


Answer: The 18 is 23.08% of 78.

Example 3:

Problem: What is 80% of 2950?


Add values in the percentage formula (P% = Y / X)

So; it will become:

Y= 80% * 2950

Now, convert the percentage value into the decimal by dividing it by 100: 80/100 = 0.80

Enter the decimal value in the equation: Y = 0.80 * 2950

Y = 2360


Answer: 80% of 2950 is 2360.


How to Calculate Percentage of a Number?

Our web-based percent calculator allows you to find percentage of a number quickly. Simply add the value for which you want to find the percentage in the given fields and press the Calculate tab. The percentage calculator will automatically process your input and give you an exact percentage value.

How Do I Calculate Percentage Between Two Numbers?

The online percentage calculator offered by Duplichecker allows you to find percentage between two numbers straightforwardly. All you require is to enter the numbers in the given boxes. Then, hit the Calculate button, and that's all. The facility will provide you with exact percentage values in no time.

What is P Percent of X?

  • Use the percentage equation: P% * X = Y.
  • The 'what' in the question is Y, which we need to solve for.
  • Solution: Find Y using the percentage formula
  • Y = P% * X

How Do You Calculate 50 Percent of 1000?

Enter the values in the percentage formula (P% = Y / X)

Y= 50% * 1000

Convert the percentage into a decimal by dividing it by 100: 50/100 = 0.50

Enter the decimal value in the equation: Y = 0.50 * 1000

Y = 500

The answer is: 500