Percentage Increase Calculator

The percentage increase calculator helps you to calculate the increase from one value to another based on a percentage.

How to Calculate Percentage Increase?

Our percentage increase calculator makes it easy to determine the percentage increase between two values. The following steps can help you to calculate percent increase effortlessly.

  1. Enter the current value.
  2. Enter the old value.
  3. Press the “Calculate” button.
  4. Find accurate results instantly!

The Percentage Increase Formula

The formula to calculate percent increase is as follows:

Percentage Increase = (Current Value – Old Value)/Old Value * 100

For instance, on the first attempt of an aptitude test, you scored 1200 marks. On the second attempt, you scored 1600 marks.

To calculate percentage increase in your marks, you need to follow the below steps.

  • First, find the difference between the two values, which is 400.
  • Divide this difference by your first attempt’s marks, which makes it 400/1200.
  • Multiply the answer by 100, which becomes (0.33*100) 33.33%.
  • Hence, the percentage increase in your aptitude test score is 33.33%.

How Does Percentage Increase Calculator Work?

The online percentage increase calculator offered by Duplichecker is based on advanced algorithms that quickly convert the values and provide accurate results. The developers of this online percentage growth calculator have incorporated the percent increase formula at the backend, which allows you to carry out this task smoothly.

You won’t have to follow intricate procedures to use this percentage increase calculator. You just need to enter the values you wish to find percent increase of. As a result, the online percent growth calculator will provide accurate results in a few instances. You can cross-check the generated results manually to make sure they are authentic. Moreover, the percent increase calculator allows you to calculate the percentage increase of values as often as you want without imposing any limitations.

How to Calculate Percentage Increase Between Two Numbers?

If you have come across two numbers and you wish to find the percentage increase between them, you can either use the online percent increase calculator or conduct this task on your own.

Let’s say a salesperson sold 10 goods in January and 15 goods in February. You can find the percentage increase in the units he sold with the following steps:

= (15 – 10)/10

= 5/10

= 0.5 * 100

= 50%

There is a 50% increase in the number of goods sold by the salesperson.

Percent Increase Calculation Examples

Here are some more examples of calculating percent increase to help you better understand the working of this methodology.

1. A Firm’s Sugar Production

A firm produced around 40,000 tons of sugar in 2021. Its sugar production rose to 55,000 tons in 2022. What is the percentage increase in sugar production?

= (55000 – 40000)/40000

= 0.375 * 100

= 37.5%

The percentage increase in this firm’s sugar production is 37.5%.

2. New Vs. Old Salary

Anna was hired by a company at $30,000 per annum. After a year, her salary increased to $36,000 per annum. What is the percentage increase in her current salary as compared to the old one?

(36000 – 30000)/30000

= 0.2 * 100

= 20%

The percentage increase in Anna’s salary is 20%.

3. House Rent

A house in Las Vegas was rented out at $2000. In the current year, its rent has risen to $2200. What is the percentage increase in this house’s rent?

= (2200 – 2000)/2000

= 0.1 * 100

= 10%

The percentage increase in this house’s rent is 10%.

4. Job Working Hours

Alex used to work 6 hours in his final year of college. After graduation, he started working for 9 hours. What has been the percentage increase in his job working hours?

= (9 – 6)/6

= 0.5 * 100

= 50%

The percentage increase in Alex’s job working hours is 50%.

5. Tree Height

In 2021, a tree’s height was 20 meters. Over time, its height grew to 25 meters. What is the percentage increase in its height?

= (25 – 20)/20

= 0.25*100

= 25%

The percentage increase in a tree’s height is 25%.


What is a Percentage Increase Calculator?

The percent increase calculator is an online tool that helps users to calculate the increase of any monetary thing in terms of percentage. It only requires you to enter the values in the given fields and you will get the accurate results in a matter of seconds.

How Can I Calculate a 20% Increase?

If you wish to calculate a 20% increase of, let’s say, $100, you can do so by converting 20% into a decimal by dividing it by 100. The result will be 0.2. After that, you need to add 1 in it, which makes it 1.2, and multiply it by the actual value, i.e., $100. You’ll get the outcome of calculating a 20% increase of $100 as $120, which is the final result of your query.

How Do I Calculate Percentage Increase Over Time?

The following steps allow you to calculate percent increase over time:

  1. Subtract the current price from the old price.
  2. Divide the result by the old price.
  3. Subtract the result from 1.
  4. Multiply the result by 100.
  5. Divide the percentage by the time.
  6. You’ll get a percentage increase over time as a result.

How to Calculate Percentage Growth Rate?

The percentage growth rate can be calculated as follows:

  • Take the current and previous values.
  • Subtract the current value from the previous value.
  • Divide the subtracted value from the previous value.
  • Multiply it by 100 to get the percentage growth rate.

How Can I Calculate the Percentage Increase in Excel?

You can calculate the percentage increase in Excel through the following steps:

  1. Enter the values in the distinct cells.
  2. Enter the percentage increase formula in Excel, i.e., =SUM(NEW – OLD)/OLD
  3. Press the ENTER key to get percentage increase results.

What is 10% of 50?

The 10% of 50 is 5.